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Rose honestly had no idea what she was doing there.

So what, if she had gone there every year for 6 years, and that she was the student that all the teachers loved, adored, possibly worshiped. That was still no excuse for having to back there, to St Hopes, for a 2010 reunion. Seriously though, it was 5 years ago and she didn't talk to any one there. They all thought she was a nerd, which she was, but that was beside the point. The only people that talked to her were spies…or Stewart, but with all his "knowledge" on spies, he should be considered as one. But she had to, Daisy, Blane, Oscar AND Carrie were on missions, one of those missions she was supposed to be there, as the technological person. But M.I 9 forced her to go; she had to, to keep up appearances. St Hopes were already suspicious of the fact that during school Daisy, Blane or herself was not there. If not that then it was Oscar, Carrie or herself. She could definitely held her own in the battlefield, but she disappeared the most so she had to go.

'Stupid logical thinking' she muttered getting out of the taxi. Typical British weather meant that it there was a 5 percent chance the sun actually appearing today. The dark clouds threatened to unleash the worst it could, but were restrained for now. But as she stopped to actually look at the school, she was pretty sure she had the wrong address. She had predicted a 7 out of 10 possibility of the school remaining as it was, with a 3 out of 10 possibility of it getting worse. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that the school would actually improve. She started to wonder around in awe, just taking in the new facilities, improved sporting field, and the science labs that were just calling out her name. But her thoughts, as they usually are, were interrupted by a male, thirty plus years her senior.

'Ahh Rose Gupta' exclaimed My Flatley. 'Admiring the new buildings aye. Well, we have no one to thank but you.'

'What sir?' She had heard on the spy grapevine that the St Hopes School and M.I. High headquarters were under the extreme threat of being shut down. But that was all solved…somehow. It all happened too quickly and easily for Rose to have any real interest or feel a challenge.

'All I had to do was tell a few important people that Dr. Rose Gupta, PhD went to St Hopes High and the money came flowing in'

'Ooh' that explains why it ended quickly. Rose was smart and easily put two and two together. The pay rises that never occurred and the shut down of the school didn't occur either. While Rose was reminiscing on the memories she had on that very spot Mr Flatley continued speaking.

'…And that's where I got the name for the new gym Flatley's Emporium ' Rose had to cut him off before he continued any further. Some people never change.

'Well sir, I got to go you know…' Rose had never been good at excuses. '…The , umm, reunion.' And before Flatley could utter another word she had left, but not because she wanted to go to the reunion, but rather to get away from Flatley. She began to slow down when she thought that she was far enough away, but silently cursed her misfortune, because she could clearly hear Mr Flatley coming from the behind. As she turned the corner she prayed she would see someone, anyone just as long as Flatley wouldn't start talking. It seemed that hope was truly lost and Rose started to think of excuses early. 'I lost my way, I was admiring the interior design…'

But then she found herself bumping into someone, and as she looked at this someone's face she couldn't be anymore relieved.

So who is this stranger, someone unknown or someone we know very closely all will be revealed in the second instalment of 'May I have this dance!'

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