'She was his mother.'

Her two former teammates and favourite science geek looked at her shocked, expecting any other reaction other than the one given.

'But if his mother is evil, how do we know…' the words died on Daisy's lips once she saw Rose's reaction. She had seen Rose in all different lights, but none involving her angry. 'Sheesh, I just thinking out loud.'

'The man almost died to save my life; he has risked his own countless times for complete strangers. Don't you dare suggest that it is even possible for him to commit such a betrayal, after all you weren't exactly all innocent were you Daisy?' Daisy opened her mouth to retort but closed it right after; she knew what Rose was referring to. The other people in the room looked at Daisy confused.

'I got to go, call me if there are any improvements.' Daisy just mumbled it and walked out, Blane and Stewart followed just a few moments after; both realising that their primary aim (i.e. helping Rose through the event) would not be accomplished now. The other four remaining people watched the drama develop with an increasing concern. Soon – although Daisy and the others had left the room- the tension that remained became too unbearable to handle. The head of MI9 and Stark left ten minutes or so after, Frank another half hour and finally Carrie who after placing a consoling hand on Rose's shoulder, walked out roughly three hours after the others. Rose however just remained in the room holding Oscar's lifeless hand, watching, hoping, praying for any improvement with the man.

None occurred.

A few minutes, hours or days had passed since the event and Rose still hadn't moved from her position at the side of his bed. Fatigue was a battle that she was facing, but she refused to sleep; the guilt would gnaw at her soul every time her eyelids closed. She had the ability to sleep, but she also had the ability to wake up, unlike Oscar who was forced into this state of limbo wandering the blurred lines of life and death in his coma. Who was forced into this state by her. Had she not executed the move more efficiently, had she not been so confident with herself, had she been able to take care of herself one of this would have happened. He wouldn't have dived down there; he would have never saved her life. Her hero, her saviour, her soul mate. And he could die because of her stupidity.

Every time she closed her eyes the scene replayed in her mind and she couldn't stop it. It felt as if she was transported back into that situation; being forced to endure the same pain over and over without the ability to do anything. Tears began filling her eyes at the thought of the event and when she heard the door open, she couldn't make out the shapes that were entering the room. It wasn't anyone she knew intimately; the voices were familiar though. Wiping the tears away from her eyes she saw someone she never expected to see in Oscar's room. The head of the Department Of Internal Espionage was standing at the door, waiting silently for her to notice him. When he saw her looking at him quizzically he decided to introduce himself.

'Hello Rose, I am Henry Lewis, I am just here to ask you a few questions.' The man was clearly in his early thirties and was an experienced agent, but the way that he looked at her made her feel as if he were the kindest, most sympathetic person in the agency. He probably was… his history was not that happy.

'Hi Henry, what is this about?'

'I just want to ask some questions about a week ago.'

'A week ago?' Rose was confused; a week ago was the reunion at St Hopes, she knew that she went into HQ, but there was no one watching and no hidden security camera's. Whatever happened to involve this department she had no idea.

'The incident on the rooftop, the one that occurred when you were supposed to be at the ceremony.' The shocked look on Rose's face alerted Henry to a problem. 'You do know that it has been a week since the incident?' Rose shook her head slowly, trying to process this new information. It has been a week, an entire week and it just floated by without her even realising. 'I realise that you are experiencing shock but I need to know exactly what happened on that night. Security cameras can only reveal so much; you on the other hand, an actual eye witness can be vastly more informative.' Rose nodded slowly.

'What do you want to know?'

'Oh the basics, just recount the events and I'll pause you if I want any further information. It will all be recorded so I won't pester you about anything after this.' Rose just nodded, the pale green eyes she was gazing into seem to comfort her; the sadness and empathy was present, but the desire to do good was there and that is what motivated Rose to think about everything… everything not related to how nice he smelt or the way he looked at her before he fell off the roof. 'Do you want to do it here, or do you want to go to my office. Anywhere is okay with me but if it will give you bad vibe here than I am open for suggestions.'

'No, no. I am happy here.' Rose shook her head, trying to focus only on the events of that night. 'Well I remember most of the night, but I'll stick to the parts that you need.' She smiled, reminiscent of the events that she wasn't going to tell him about.

'Any time you are ready.' He prompted as Rose had drifted off into her own little world.

'Oh sorry,' she apologised while blushing 'I remember that when we were up there he was very tense, I had asked him why and he said that he thought he saw his mother… I think it was three times: one as a civilian, again as a waiter and once more as a spy invited to the ceremony ball… you know what I mean.' He nodded. 'Well I heard a helicopter –the helicopter- but I brushed off my paranoia. I could tell that it was coming closer to us and thought it going to attack, but I remembered that the location was top secret and changes every year so it would be impossible for an outsider to find it.' Rose let a caustic laugh out. 'I guess we were both correct.' She paused for a second before continuing. 'Well, I thought it would be impossible unless they got inside help, but the chances of that are even smaller.' Doubt was flooding her head, the words that Daisy almost said were repeating themselves in her head. 'Well, they flashed a high voltage light in our eyes which temporarily blinded us. The THIK logo was plastered on the side of it, but that was obvious because Jade Dixon Halliday got out.'

'And what is her relation to THIK?'

'She was the founder. She is the leader.'

'And her relationship with Oscar?'

'She is his mother.' He nodded, knowing the information previously.

'And what happened after you received your eyesight?'

'Well three men and one woman -her- jumped out of the helicopter. The men all singled me out, but she stayed a distance away, taunting Oscar to come closer. I thought it was planned for him specifically, but she didn't know we would be up there, or maybe we were up there so long that she was able to exit the building and return on a helicopter.' Rose realised that he didn't want her speculations, but rather pure facts. 'Well, I took out one of the males and went to a corner so that the other two couldn't attack me from both sides. Oscar came closer which made the fight more difficult because I didn't want to get involved in his fight as well. I thought I had knocked one of the men out and I focussed on the final one. But it seems that it wasn't that strong as he crept up from behind me and attempted to throw me over. However Oscar noticed what the guy was going to do and he… he…' He breath became slightly laboured, she was struggling to speak; the memories were too strong for her to take.

'Rose are you okay?' Henry asked concerned 'Do you want to pause the interview?'

'He did it for me.' It came out so lightly that Henry couldn't hear it. 'He did it for me, the thug was going to take me over and to stop him Oscar risked his life. For me.' Henry realised what she was saying and paused the recording. Some things were never meant to be documented. 'I sometimes think of what would have happened if he didn't jump. What he would be doing, whether THIK would have escaped from the roof, whether he would care that I died- because there is no way I would have survived that fall. The momentum of the push would have been too strong for me to fall straight down; because he pushed the guy off the roof as well as fall himself the lackey took most of his momentum, hence Oscar in this coma state and not in a coffin.' Henry put his hands on Rose's shaky ones, and smiled. She looked him in the eye and attempted to return his smile with a watery one of her own.

'He would have been mourning you as strongly as you are mourning him. But he is going to survive Rose– and you will both get your chance at happiness.' And in an instant Henry had left the room; his own past bringing up some painful wounds.

The discussion had felt relieving in some odd way; those feeling had been kept inside of her, manifesting itself in some poisonous way. By telling Henry – by telling anybody- she felt like the poison had been diluted, it wasn't the concentrated acid she worked with daily… now she might actually be able to survive. This being said it didn't mean she was going to leave Oscar's side any time soon.

And that is why Stewart ended up there again three days later.

'Come on Rose, you've been here for weeks; you need to eat something, you need fresh air, vitamin D, water. Do you need me to continue?'

'I need him alive.' She didn't turn to Stewart, but she acknowledged him. That was a start. Then he thought of a tactic, one that might have disastrously high consequences for him later on but it was urgent.

'Rose, if you continue acting this way, you might not be deemed an appropriate agent to plan a counterattack.'

'Hmm?' Rose sounded more interested.

'If there is ever a mission to avenge the attack, you'd never know because you'd never leave this room. You would spend all your time worrying about him and none of your time helping him.' She looked at him, the first person other than Oscar to be seen in three days.

'But he needs me here.'

'Rose, listen, if you don't leave this room, you'll never help him. His mother is out there, are you going to let her win, crippling MI9's best couple.'

'Are you sure it's necessary?'

'Certain.' He could see her hesitantly get up from her chair; she touched Oscar's face for the last time and joined Stewart. Once she reached him she almost turned back, but a firm hand on her shoulder pushed in the right direction and out the door. 'Next time you see him, he'll be awake and we will have crushed THIK.'

'For Oscar' she added, whispering to herself. And with one final glance she walked out of the room.


The next few days went flying by, every time someone went to view Oscar to see whether he was improving they would glance instinctively at Rose. But she remained oblivious to the looks people were giving her; the determination that the next time she saw Oscar THIK would be destroyed and he would be awake motivated her. She worked on things when she was there, the thought that there could possibly be a mole in MI9 or any MI Unit was something that would not leave her alone. This occupied her for days at a time, but she wasn't getting anything significant; she was going to ask Stewart for help but he was oddly enough never available.

It was when she realised that Carrie, Frank, Blane, Stewart and Daisy were disappearing more frequently that she got suspicious. They claimed that they were checking his improvements, but none of them came back with any information for Rose. Stark was never around, on some crazy mission or in a meeting with the Head of MI9. Anyways, Rose deduced, he wouldn't tell me if something was happening even if he was here. He always liked holding the cards close to his chest. That is when she came up with the plan; it was rather ingenious and required a lot of skill to execute perfectly. That way, they can't claim that my spy skills are being affected because of the accident. Besides, the mission was supposed to fail.

It was not supposed to succeed.

It was not going to succeed. Because her mission…

Her mission was to get evidence of secret operation taking place with members involving Daisy, Blane, Carrie, Stewart with a team supervisor of Frank. And their mission which she so desperately wanted to prove was not occurring…

Their mission was to take down THIK.

The bug she planted on Carrie was to dissipate any worries that she had. The idea's that kept on recurring in her mind, the thoughts that unsettled her at every moment – they needed to be gone, and that was the only way how.

She never though that they would only confirm her fears.

She never thought that her mission would succeed.

But it had and that only meant one thing: they had begun a mission, THE mission… and had left her off the team.

She couldn't even think of a reason. Okay – lie; she could think of multiple reasons, but none were legitimate excuses. The first reason she could think of is conflict of interest; like how Frank was kept of the mission because of the 'disappearance' of his cousin Charlton. But, crush aside, she was just as involved with Oscar as Frank and Carrie and they were involved in the mission, so that clearly wasn't a reason. Sure she may have been an emotional wreck for the past fortnight, but she was improving… she was staring to socialise again and given another few weeks she would have made a dramatic improvement. Which leads to another reason conjured, in order to not rush her grieving process they decided to postpone her involvement in the mission. But that was stupid because MI9 agents were strong, physically, mentally, emotionally. Whether she was grieving or not would never affect her performance in a mission and delaying her involvement would run a higher risk of them failing because she may not have had time to familiarise herself with all the minute details.

After an hour and a half she was able to think of approximately thirty reasons for why she was kept off the mission and they were allowed on it.

Within the same hour and a half she was able to discredit every single reason.

And that is when she decided that the team would never be complete without a certain Rose Gupta.


She saw them leaning over a computer, discussing a plan in hushed tones; it was then Rose decided that revealing herself would be a good time.

'So what are we working on?'

'Rose!' They all exclaimed, jumping and turning to face her, hiding any evidence of what they were doing. The last person to turn around was Stewart – he was the one on the computer discreetly getting rid of what they were doing and placed minor mission information up instead (because it would be too obvious if Rose saw nothing on the computer).

'What are you doing here?'

'I haven't seen you in ages!'

'How is Oscar, you should really check up on him.'

'Don't bother yourself with this; it is just routine inspections.' They were all avoiding something and she knew it. Stewart, Daisy, Blane, Carrie and Frank. She had spent almost half her life with them all, she had befriended them all. She knew when they trying to deceive her.

'Why are you hiding the fact that you're working on a Level A mission against THIK?'

'Pfft, what are you talking about Rose? We are not doing that.' Carrie seemed convincing, but the look on Rose's face indicated she didn't believe it. 'Why would you think that?' Carrie's voice had dropped a few notches in volume, the more natural caring side starting to emerge.

'I bugged the computer to see if there was a mole within the MI Unit, after all how… would… she…' Rose held the offending receiver in her hand as she spoke and the looks on her friends' faces worried her than anything else. 'What is it?' She was growing concerned, the looks they gave each other wasn't helping.

'We'll work on this later guys.' Said Blane walking away, his other two team members followed suit muttering 'see ya later' and 'ciao' leaving a confused Rose turning to Frank and Carrie for answers.

'What is it?'

'Rose,' started Frank, thinking of the best way to approach this potentially volatile situation. 'There is a reason why we didn't tell you about the mission.'

'I know.' For a second Frank thought she truly understood – but then she continued, 'I get that you wanted me to grieve, clear my system of any trauma or fear and I respect that decision, but I thought it was clear I had passed the traumatic stage of seeing your best friend jump off a roof in order to save your life.' She had started strongly, but just thinking about his face as he dived down, it almost brought tears to her eyes. Almost. She did not wasn't to seem weak though, so she fought them back.

'No what I mean is, there was a reason you didn't know about it.'

'I thought of that too and you don't need to explain, I understand that you felt that by alerting me to the mission at hand I would lie about my recovery, you didn't want to rush things with me and so by not informing me I would come to terms with what happened at my own pace.'

'That's not it Rose.'

'You didn't want me to do anything irrational then, you thought that if I hadn't accepted what happened I would act in a crazed manner, potentially ruining any chance of us catching THIK… or possibly kill us.'

'No Rose.'

'But don't worry, I am fully in control of my emotions and my espionage skills have not been affected. Hence the reason why I was able to bug Carrie and the computer so easily.'

'You bugged me!' For the first time Carrie entered the conversation.

'What?' started Rose defensively, 'you weren't supposed to actually be a part of a mission behind my back. I just wanted to get rid of my worries and that was supposed to get rid of them.'

'I can't believe you bugged me. I can't believe I didn't notice.' Carrie began grumbling to herself so Rose turned back to Frank expectantly.

'So, will you add me to the team?'

'Rose, you were left off this mission.'

'A clerical error can easily be fixed, you know that I deserve to be on this mission – you can fix it for me now.' Rose understood she was clutching at straws with that comment, the sorrowful looks on Frank and Carrie's face gave her an inkling early on, but she didn't accept it –she refused to accept it- until now.

'Rose, you were purposely left off this mission.'

'But I don't understand. Why? We are a team, and I need to be on this mission.' Rose's agitation was reaching a critical level and it was obvious to Frank. He muttered with Carrie and Rose was sensing a secret has being held. She knew that something was being hidden from her and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

'We are MI9 for goodness sake, we do everything for reason. So can one of you please tell me why one of MI9's greatest technological and strategic minds is not being allowed to work on one of its toughest cases!' The long glance Frank gave Carrie worried Rose, she was so confused but she still demanded answers.

'Rose,' Carrie started calmly, there was a smile on her face to calm Rose down but it was having the opposite effect. 'Don't take it as an insult, but it is because you are involved with Oscar.'

'I don't get it? We were all involved in his life, we were his family. Why am I being stopped but you are all allowed to continue?'

'It's not like that Rose.' Frank insisted.

'Yeah, when I said involved I meant romantically involved.'

For the second time since the accident Rose fainted.

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