Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Special

Interview with Agent Diana Prince – DOMA and Clark Kent – Star Reporter

By Lois Lane, Features Editor, The Daily Planet

Photographs by Jimmy Olsen, Photographer, The Daily Planet

Project L.O.V.E.

They seem the most unlikely couple. He is quiet and likes to keep to himself, he's scared of his own shadow. She is full of life and bubbly, with a never say die attitude, an icon for women everywhere.

Diana Prince, Agent for DOMA, has never let gloss conceal her natural exuberance. Making public appearances with élan, she is simply herself, wondrously every woman's ideal, every man's dream

Clark Kent, Staff Reporter for The Daily Planet is a quiet, no nonsense type of guy. The type you should never let get away. The one to opt for, the substantial over the shallow.

Diana and Clark are equally unconventional in their personal equation. Refusing to convince the world about how great the going is between them, the duo care little about making public appearances for the flashbulbs. Confident about belonging to each other, they consider space a pre-requisite for growth.

The romance between the grey-eyed Agent and the deep-as-still-waters Clark hit off, reportedly, when the reporter interviewed her about her role at DOMA.

Unconventional, even while they met each other (dating is too plebian a word to use for their relationship), Clark recalls, "We never resorted to the usual 'I Love you,' routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.'

He continues, "Diana is vivacious, vital, rejuvenating, while I'm an introvert. She is all that I would ever want to see in a woman. In our differences, we complete and complement each other," says the proud husband.

Diana echoes Clarks's sentiments, "Living with Clark is like living with your best friend. There are no barriers between us. I love sharing my experiences and joys with him. Marriage has been an enriching experience," says the Agent about the companionship they share.

Who would have ever thought that it would be love at first sight for Clark Kent, farm-boy from Smallville, and Diana Prince, Agent for the Department of Meta-Human Affairs?

The moral of the story – Never judge a book by its cover!

Diana put down the paper and frowned at Clark over the breakfast tray set up in their bedchamber at Themyscira House. "Lois Lane had no call to describe you so badly, sweetheart. I'm going to sit her down and have a talk with her."

Clark Kent smiled at his wife. "I don't really care. It's better for my image to be seen as a sparrow and you as a hawk! A Lady Hawk."

"Little do they know that you are actually the Eagle who inspires us all."

Before she could say anything more, he reached out and ran his finger across the swell of her breasts beneath her nightgown, and then all sensible thought left her as physical sensation took over. He hooked his finger over the neckline of her gown and drew her toward him, slowly, inexorably.

He cupped her breasts, pushing them up, and bent to plant openmouthed kisses on them through the cloth. She trembled as he unfastened the nightgown and slipped it from her shoulders, exposing her upper body to the cool morning air drifting in the window. Her nipples peaked and hardened, and he bent and took one of them in his mouth. She caught her breath, stroking his hair with her fingers, drawing him closer.

Then his fingers were sliding up her thigh smoothly, and then he cupped his hand between her legs, stroking her slickness, brushing back and forth against her swollen bud while she clung to his shoulders, trembling and trying not to scream with pleasure.

He watched the sensations on her face, gentling his touch, angling his hand, fingers moving up inside her, filling her.

The newspaper fell to the ground as she wrapped her arms about his neck and clung as her knees buckled, shamelessly opening her legs to the delights he offered. His eyes glittered red-hot.

"Tell me you want me." It was an order.

"I want you," she answered, her mouth seeking his.

He broke the kiss with a quick laugh and picked her up in his arms, carrying her to the bed.

The mattress dipped beneath them.

Diana's hands ran over him, feeling the velvet steel of his body. She made a sound in her throat, a purr of anticipation, and his warm flesh quivered in her hand. She wanted to pleasure him as he pleasured her. She bent close, breathing in his musky scent, and licked the tip like a cat lapping cream. She licked again, and made a murmur of pleasure. He cupped her head in his hands, and she opened her mouth and took him inside.

He jerked and groaned, as if she'd hurt him, but when she made as if to stop, he said, "Ah, Diana…" in such a husky, pleasure-filled voice, she ached with desire.

Gently he lifted her head and kissed her deeply. He lowered her backward onto the bed, his body following hers down, and entered her with a single deep thrust. Her body spasmed, clenching around him, and he stilled, letting her settle, before he moved again. He was drawing out the pleasure, building the sensations, making her wait.

She could feel his naked body sliding against hers, hard where she was soft, rough where she was smooth. Her breasts ached, her nipples incredibly sensitive, and when he clasped the globes of her bottom and tilted her slightly, so that he could go deeper still inside her, she knew she would feel this way forever.

"Not a sparrow, now?" he whispered in her ear.

"Perhaps, horse would be better than eagle," she whispered back.

The clenching spasms took her then, the pleasure so great she lost awareness of everything but her own body and his. She felt him thrust once, twice, and then arch above her, his head thrown back, his mouth open as he cried out.

Diana watched Kal sleep.

She was thinking how lucky she was that it was Kal and not Ares next to her. It could so easily have been Ares.

She thought about what Hal had told her. Kal had been very happy with his Kryptonian family and was loath to leave them. It was a measure of the Superman that he was, that he was able to rise above the temptation and fulfill his destiny. It was no small measure of the love he bore for her as well.

She put her hand on Kal's back. Very lightly—She had no wish to wake him. His skin was smooth and warm under her fingers. She felt the power of him. And yet he could be so gentle.

He stirred in his sleep and, rolling over, took her in his arms.

Diana's last thought before she fell asleep was, "This is what it means to belong to someone. I don't think it even frightens me anymore. It is, quite simply, a fact of my life."

On Olympus, Erato reported back to Aphrodite, "Mission accomplished."

Aphrodite smiled. She had granted Kal's request of Athena. Now, it was left to Athena to ensure that Diana's request for the ability to bear a child was granted.

(Author's Note: That brings me to the end of this fanfic. A big thank you to Imfanci being such a wonderful beta, and to the SMWW fan group for their constant encouragement.)