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Ryoko sat across from Torimu, sipping thoughtfully at her tea. "So, tell me bout your past... A famed space pirate, I hear, sounds very interesting," she said, grinning. The conversation was dying; Torimu seemed almost... shy...

"Huh? Me?" asked Torimu, startled. He looked at her, flushing. "Sorry ta disappoint ye, jist a few minor felons and a couple bank jobs, that's really all there was ta my pirating. I was more a freelance explorer and mercenary."

"Ah, so you were a hired assassin, interesting," Ryoko said, grinning. "Ever get anybody important?"

"Nah, twas mostly fer a family feud thing. I'd play sniper and pick off a ship, then the ones I'd gotten'd hire me and I'd get th'other back, and so et continued. Et got so stupid I jist left et. That's when I went ta pirating, even though I was a pretty failure at et."

"Ah... Sounds like it was pretty monotonous," Ryoko said sympathetically, grinning. "Stupid feuds, always getting in the way of something."

"True that, aye... So how aboot yerself, now? Ye told me ye were a pirate once yerself, what've yer time in space?" Torimu replied, smiling at her.

"Me? You don't wanna hear about little old me," Ryoko said, winking at him. He'd probably realize who she was if she went into the whole spiel about her time spent in Kagato's control, her destruction on Jurai, and her entombment on Earth. She shuddered slightly, remembering the cold, dark, wetness of it all.

"Somethin wrong?" Torimu asked softly, noticing her shiver. Ryoko shook her head. "Ye sure?"

"I'm fine, just a few bad memories," Ryoko said shortly. Torimu looked a little hurt at her curt reply. She sighed. "Sorry, I just don't like remembering the majority of my past. It hurts, a lot..." She looked down at the table. /I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry.../ she chanted in her mind, wishing that the tears would just go away. The next thing she knew, a strong pair of arms had enveloped her in a hug. She leaned up against the form, against Torimu, and the tears began to flood down her cheeks. Soon she was sobbing uncontrollably, her body heaving at the outpouring of emotion.

"There, there, now, tis all right, ye're safe now, nothin from th'past can hurt ye," a soothing voice chanted, one arm wrapped protectively around her, the other stroking her hair reassuringly. Slowly Ryoko's convulsions ceased, and she leaned quietly against Torimu. She could hear his heartbeat, steady and comforting. Exhausted from the release of the emotions that had built up over the years through her steadfast refusal to show any, she drifted into dreams of a comforting voice and warm blue eyes.

Torimu looked down at her, surprised. She was asleep? /Oh great, now what?/ he thought. Ryo-ohki miowed unhappily. "It's okay, Ryo-ohki, she's fine... Just tired. Can you show me where you guys live so we can get her to bed?" Ryo-ohki nodded, and bounded off the table, headed for the door. Gently, Torimu slid one arm behind her back and the other under her knees, lifting her clear of the table as he stood up. "I'm coming, Ryo-ohki, just wait up..." he said, following the brown and tan cabbit. Ryo-ohki... why did that name seem to ring a bell? He pushed it aside as unimportant at the moment, and went off down the street, following Ryo-ohki.


"AAAAGH! LOOK OUT BELOOWW!" a voice yelled over a PA system. Tenchi looked up from his work in the fields, Sasami looked out the kitchen window, Ayeka looked out from the living room where she sat watching a soap opera, Katsuhito looked out the window in his office, and even Washu flipped on a visual in her lab to see what was going on. A large red ship they all recognized was headed for the lake, and that could only mean one thing...

"YAAAY! KIYONE AND MIHOSHI ARE BAACK!" Sasami cried, abandoning her kitchen to go greet them. They had left to go file their progress report about a week ago, and the Yagami was currently headed for the lake that served as Mihoshi's landing field.

"I SWEAR, this is absolutely the LAST TIME I EVER let you land the Yagami! I mean it this time!" Kiyone was yelling, shaking Mihoshi by the shoulders. They were standing on the lakeshore, Yagami in the water behind.

"I'm sooorrryyyy!" Mihoshi wailed, her large blue eyes watering up already. Kiyone sighed, and released her partner.

"Well, at least you didn't destroy her again," she said, staring fondly at her red ship. At that particular moment in time, the Yagami let out a beam of bright light and exploded. Kiyone deadpanned, staring at the lake water settling back into place as bits of the Yagami rained down. "MIHOSHI I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" she yelled, turning around to find the blonde bubblehead had already taken off running, wailing as she went.

"I'm sorryyy! I forgot I left the heater on!" she yelled as she headed for the hills.

"YOU ALWAYS FORGET!" Kiyone howled, in hot pursuit. As they passed by the carrot fields where Tenchi was 'working,' Mihoshi ran to him and hid behind him.

"Don't let her get me, she's real mad this time!" Mihoshi wailed. Tenchi looked at her confused, then yelped in surprise as Kiyone seemed to appear out of nowhere and they began a chase all around Tenchi.

"Girls, girls! Calm down!" he yelled. The two stopped, and to their credit managed to look contrite. Well, Mihoshi looked sorry, but Kiyone was still glaring at Mihoshi while pretending to look sorry. "That is enough, we don't need to start a war over every little thing. I am tired of all the fighting!" Tenchi said, almost shouting.

"Tenchi, is something wrong?" Kiyone asked softly, forgetting her anger at Mihoshi instantly. It wasn't really that important anyway; the bubblehead always did stuff like this and she always forgave her after about an hour, why was Tenchi getting so upset?

"That's right, you guys left after dinner that night, you never heard the announcement," Tenchi said distractedly, running a hand through his hair to help him sort out his thoughts. "Ryoko and Ryo-ohki are gone, they haven't been back since you guys left... Washu said she doesn't want to come back."

"Really? That's terrible..." Kiyone said. Mihoshi, due to a lack of interest and relief that Kiyone wasn't chasing her anymore, had left to go watch soap operas and Space Police Policeman with Ayeka. "Do you want to talk about it?" Kiyone asked.

"Okay..." Tenchi said, feeling it might help him feel better about it if he talked it out, and Kiyone was the only unprejudiced one, not to mention the most level-headed. They made themselves comfortable on the stairs, and Tenchi started to talk...

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