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Chapter 6: Accidental Find

It was cold. It was oh-so-very cold. Edward blinked awake, looking through unfocused eyes, wondering why it was so cold. Did they forget to turn on the heating? Or did he fall asleep outside again?

Then he remembered.

He had run away because they were going to close the place down and they'd make him go away. And he did not want that. He had wanted to stay with Gracia but, for all he knew, she didn't want to take him… Even though she was really friendly and even motherly, so much so that he was reminded of his own mother.

He shook his head and looked around. It seemed that it had snowed during the night which explains why it was so cold perfectly.

He stood up but quickly stopped in his movements. His side hurt and he could on whimper. The wound was long and, luckily, it wasn't too deep. But still it hurt.

With a grunt and a push he was up and he walked away, eager to get moving to warm his cold body. He had to get out of the area or else he would definitely be tempted to go back which would surely result in disaster for him. It always would.

He trotted through the park, keeping well away from the more popular parts of the park; he didn't want other children to play with him, he didn't want anyone kicking or hitting him and he wanted to get away as fast as possible.

He made it out of the park quickly, running across the road; completely forgetting his mother's advice to 'look both ways before crossing the road' and it cost him.

Something cold and hard slammed into him and it sent him flying. He crashed onto the sidewalk, his ribs aching horribly, pain racking through his dog body and he couldn't move.

He panted, his breaths appearing as puffs of white clouds and his vision was blurred, his mind clouded with pain. What had hit him?


Maes was sitting on the couch, his hands clutching paper while his mind was miles away. After he had calmed his wife down she immediately got to the details of what had happened at her work place and that Edward was nowhere to be seen. The boy had just disappeared.

He sighed, feeling like crap. Sure, he wasn't that close to the kid but it hurt to know that the kid had disappeared and that because of that it had cause his sweetheart grief.

Where had the kid gone? Why did he leave in the first place?

He sighed heavily. He couldn't tell the police that the kid was missing and had run away because they would say that kids (or anyone for that matter) were officially missing after forty-eight hours.

He needed to get out and look for the small boy, so that his sweetheart would stop crying and worrying herself.

He shrugged on his coat, tugged on his boots, stuffed his keys into his pocket and walked out, making sure that he left a note to inform her of his intensions and that the door was looked. After double checking it was locked properly, he turned on his heel and walked onto the snowy path.

The cold air bit at his exposed face but he ignored the bitter cold and kept walking, his green eyes looking for the blonde head of a small boy named Edward. He looked into shops, cafes and he even went to the zoo looking for the boy but still no Edward.

He sighed heavily, a frown etched on his face as he scrubbed a rough hand over his face. Now, if he were a kid that was on the run where would he be?

He was ripped out of his thinking when there was a loud 'crash!' that came from the left and a car, a red one with the front dented badly, sped out. Maes jumped to the side, startled by the fast moving car.

He stared at the fleeing car and wondered what had caused the car noise. His curiosity reached its peak and he walked around the corner expecting to see what the car had crashed into but he stopped and stared, frozen on the spot.

A small blonde boy was on the side of the road; his right arm was coated in red scarlet, his face pinched in pain as he lay there.


The boy flinched; glazed eyes looked at him as he reached the boy. The boy looked confused as he just stared at him. It looked like the boy didn't recognise him.

"Ed, come on. We've got to get you out of here," Maes said gently as he slowly placed his arm on the boy's back and the other under the boy's sprawled legs.

The boy just stared at him, blood trickling from his nose and his mouth parted as he panted for breath. Maes pulled the boy close to his body and hefted him up. The boy whimpered, his left hand shot out and gripped his shirt with pale fingers.

"Sh, it'll be alright kiddo. We just need to get you to the hospital so that they can patch you up," he told the dazed boy gently.

The small blonde shook his head, a pain whine coming from him.

"You don't want to go to the hospital?"

He gave a small, bobbing nod as he panted harder.

"But we can't just leave you like this! You have to see a doctor to patch up that arm of yours," Maes said quickly as he strode towards the hospital.

The boy suddenly lunged forward, his face on his shoulder. Maes stopped, wondering what the boy was going to do when…

"D-d… don't… N-n-not th-the 'ospital…"

"How 'bout a family doctor then?"

There was a pause then a small nod and the boy slumped back against his body, eyes closed and breathing shallow and fast.

Alright, he was going to have to go to his family doctor then… For the sake of the kid who hadn't talked since they had known the small blonde.


Gracia woke up to a very quiet house and her eyes puffy red and swollen from all the crying. She was really worried about the boy. She had called neighbours, friends, family and even her colleges but they had not seen hair or hide of the boy.

She walked downstairs and found the living room in the same mess she had made it the previous night so she would have to clean up. Then she noticed the small note her husband had left on the side table. So he was out looking for Edward.

She decided that when he came back, she would go out with him to look for the missing boy so she got back upstairs, washed herself and got dressed in a plain blue sweater and a black pair of jeans. After she was done with herself she started tidying the living room, stacking the papers into neat piles but she stopped halfway when she heard the door jingle and Maes stepped through the door.

And in his arms was Edward.


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