She was a glutton, she always wanted more. More clothes, more friends, more attention, more boys.

It's this reason that prevents girls from liking her, it's this reason that boys like her so much.

She has it all, a great guy, a few good friends, a spot on the Spirit Squad, but she isn't satisfied, and she fears that she'll always have this aching hunger in her chest.

Will she go all her life wanting more, more, more?

Deep down inside, she truly is a great person. She doesn't want to hurt others, but it happens anyway. Every time.

So don't kill me, but this will be the final chapter of Bits and Pieces. -Ducks behind chair.- I had a lot of fun writing this fic, but to be completely honest, I no longer have the interest in this fic that I used to.

Don't fret, I plan on dipping my finger in the Degrassi realm in the future, this isn't the last you'll hear of me ;)

Also- I want to give you all a round of applause. Without the support and feedback from you guys, this fic wouldn't have made it as far as it did. I plan on catching up on review responses as soon as possible, so bear with me.