Femme Fatale Extra:

Ms. Monika Vladislav was booked by the FBI and several items of interest were found on her person. The first and most interesting one was a set of what appeared to be "salad tongs" but with a set of fangs attached. This was apparently how she had killed both her partner and attempted to kill Neal Caffrey.

The second item of interest that made forensics gawk was a set of false incisors in the thief's mouth. They were the kind people used for movie sets and professional costumes, made of the same kind of enamel used for fake nails. These were hollowed out though with a small needle and capsule that held a potent drug. She could bite her victims as if she were a vampire and inject them with enough of the toxin to allow them to think she was anyone they wanted her to be.

The third item was what she used on Agent Burke before biting him. It was a set of accupuncture needles dipped in the same toxin that was found inside her false fangs.

Unfortunately, one of the agents who was booking her was pricked by the needles in one of the teeth while examining them and helped her escape. He wasn't prosecuted but an investigation as to where she may have run to is still under way.