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Background: This takes place in the Percy Jackson/Twilight universe. For those of you unfamiliar with PJ, it's a series of five books that follow the adventures of Percy Jackson who is the son of the Ancient Greek Sea God Poseidon. The Harry Potter world itself (though I love it to bits and am saving up to visit the wizarding world of HP in Florida) will not be used. Some of the characters (Harry being one) will make appearances but magic will only be through whomever I choose the God or Goddess parent to be. Parings and such will be given at bottom of the page.

WARNING: this story will contain the following: Boy love, meaning that yes two male characters will eventually be trading some form of bodily fluid. If you don't approve be so kind as to remove your self from this page at this moment. A crossover of characters and out of character moments will happen! Reason being that I am only borrowing the names and some attributes of the originals, it's a fan fiction meaning that as the writer I can make Harry giggle or faint whenever I want, don't like it please remove yourself from this page at this moment. We will also have a few dirty jokes here and there along with a naughty word or two! Thank you for reading now please enjoy. (One last thing: I don't beta so excuse any mistakes!)

2nd A/N: I changed Harry's God parent from Hermes to the Goddess Hebe to make things fit better.

Ancient Promises

September 1917

Two boys lay wrapped in each others arms under the shade of a giant maple tree. The summer breeze caressed their hair as they shared light kisses and feather soft touches. The younger of the two brushed his hand through the other boy's hair before pulling him in for a heart wrenching kiss. As they pulled away the older of the two put a hand under the others chin and looked him straight in the eyes, "Not that I'm complaining, but what was that about Harry?"

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath working up his courage. He shifted himself and moved to straddle his boyfriend's hips. The other moved back so that he was resting on the tree bark while holding on to Harry's hips.

"Edward I need you to promise me something," Harry said as he caressed Edwards face as if he were trying to memorize ever dip and curve of the boy's features.

Edward's brow furrowed. He placed a hand over the one Harry had on his face and studied the younger boy before nodding, silently asking him to continue.

"If one day….I don't come back…if one day I finally run out of luck…promise me…promise me you will move on, and please I beg you not to look back." Harry blurted out before he could change his mind.

Edward stared in alarm. He didn't understand why Harry would ask him to do such a thing.

"Why are you…."

"Just answer me please…promise me you will live on and grow old and fall in love again. Please promise me." Harry said as he buried his face in the crook of Edward's neck and held on for dear life. He could feel himself loosing his nerve. Edward always did that to him. If only the monsters knew that the "strong" and "brave" son of Hebe had a weakness more deadly than that of Achilles' heel.

"Harry why are you…."

"Please I'm begging you…please promise me…" Harry pleaded as he felt tears stinging at his eyes.

"It would be an empty promise." Edward finally said as he held on to Harry like a life line.

"It wouldn't be the first one made to me." Harry mumbled as the tears finally freed themselves. He clutched Edward harder still as silent sobs racked his body.

"Then I promise, but I don't guarantee." Edward said softly as he held Harry in an iron grip, tears falling down his own green eyes.*

"Thank you." Harry whispered as he pulled away and crashed his lips onto his lovers lips. He knew that Edward was confused, but details would only make his situation more real and right now all he wanted was the fantasy, the myth, the escape from reality, and the heavenly bliss that was his love for Edward.

August 1918

Harry stood at the border between Camp Halfblood* and the mortal world. His eyes were hard and cold like steel. It would be the battle that won it or lost it all and he knew he would not return from it alive. So many strong and brave Heroes, some his own kin, had fallen. Soon, he knew, he would follow, but not without one last stand. Was he scared? Hell yeah he was, but for the safety of his loved ones he would stand.

"Hey Harry? If you had a chance to choose between Elysium and Rebirth, what would you go for?" a boy with dark hair and sea green eyes asked him as they waited for their enemy to make the first move.

Harry gave a faint smile as he took a final glance at a picture of his boyfriend, "Rebirth…a second chance to be with him would be nice."

"You know you will only come back as a demigod again." The boy said as he uncapped his weapon.

"Hopefully an ignorant one."* he replied as he brought out his own sword, similar to the one his fallen cousin used.

"That's what I told Luke." the boy laughed bitterly as he gazed at Harry's blade.

"What did he say?"

"'Ignorance is bliss Percy, that's why I love you.'" Percy chuckled out as he tore his gaze from the weapon that reminded him of his fallen lover.

"An insult and a last chance to get into your pants?" Harry asked as he quirked an eyebrow.

"Yeah…that crafty bastard." Percy said as he clutched a silver ring that hung around his neck. Luke had given it to him before the battles began and it was the only thing that kept him from following Luke to the grave.

"It's time." Percy said with a slight glint in his eye. His thirst for revenge was growing. They had gone against his father. They had taken his first and last love and now they were going to pay.

"See you in the next life Percy." Harry said as he got into a fighting stance and took a deep breath, "Edward…I love you." he whispered.

Thunder rolled overhead as the enemy approached them. Both boys no longer felt fear. This would be their last battle and they would make sure to win it, no matter what the cost.

A loud horn went off and both sides charged. The last thing any the survivors remembered was the sound of clashing blades and the screams of fallen heroes.

Two days latter found victory to the Gods and the residents of Camp Halfblood. On the third day they mourned the dead and burned them as custom.

"Chiron," a daughter of Aphrodite said before the last two bodies were burned, "They carried these with them."

She showed the centaur a silver ring and a photograph, "Luke gave this to Percy and I believe this was Harry's boyfriend." she whispered.

Chiron took the items and looked at them with sadness.

"Let them burn with their owners," He said as he placed the items with each respective body, "So that the memories will go with them." He placed a hand over the eyes of both bodies before placing the gold drachmas and said a final blessing. He moved away and allowed the cremation to begin.

"May you both rest in peace Harry son of Hebe and Percy son of Poseidon." he whispered as the flames engulfed the bodies of the two young heroes.

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* So I am not 100% on the original eye color of EC soooo I went with what I have read on other FF. I've only read the first book and that's it so yeah help on that would be cool unless you don't mind me messing with the Twi-facts.

*What Harry meant by ignorant was that when a halfblood realizes he or she is a halfblood they are more easily found and killed by the monsters that hunt them.

*Camp Halfblood is a fictional summer camp in NYC where the children of Greek Gods and Goddesses find refuge from all the mythical creatures that try to eat them the moment the realize they are Demigods or Halfbloods as they are more commonly named.

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