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Esme smiled as she watched Harry rush out of the Pizza shop. He really was as adorable as Alice had said he would be. She waited a few minutes before walking out to join the rest of her family in the convenience shop next door.

She spotted Edward, Jasper, and Emmet by the lunch bags. The boys seemed to be exchanging a few words she chose to ignore for the time being. She continued on and found Carlisle and Rosalie in the back of the store looking at the different types of thermos the shop had to offer.

"Any luck?" she asked as she approached them.

Carlisle smiled at her and nodded, "These would work perfectly. We just need to get everyone on board." He gave Rosalie a pointed look at this and Esme sighed.

"Dear, its only for one day." She said as she placed her hand on Rosalie's shoulder.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "We have nothing to prove to anyone! Who would believe that stupid bitch anyway?"

Esme gave her a look, "That may be true sweetheart, but we can't risk it."

"Besides Rose," Carlisle added, "Edward rarely asks for help and like Esme said, its only for one day."

Rosalie looked away and turned to go find Emmet, "Fine," she said, "But only because I really don't like that slag."

Esme let out a sigh and rubbed her forehead as Carlisle put an arm around her and shook his head. Really, that girl was something else.

"She'll come around," Alice said as she came around the aisle carrying a basket full of makeup.

Both Carlisle and Esme smiled at her as she joined them, "Seriously, she's gonna be the first to say yes!"

Carlisle raised an eyebrow about to ask what it was Alice had seen when his children's voices suddenly became less of a whisper and more of a yell, "DAMMIT EDWARD I WANTED GREEN!"








Alice giggled as Esme and Carlisle exchanged an amused look, they quickly loaded the basket Alice was holding with the needed containers and went off to join the "children" in the lunch bag aisle. Carlisle went up ahead to make sure the boys weren't at each others throats or more like to make sure Rosalie wasn't strangling one or two of the boys.

Alice quickly pulled Esme to side, "Did you meet him?"

Esme nodded and smiled, "He is adorable! A bit on the jumpy side though. Are you sure he's the same young lady that performed with Edward?"

Alice nodded, "Yep, same person. I'm 99.99% sure of it. He's the same person that kissed Edward on stage and at the club!"

Esme grimaced as a distressing thought came to mind, "but is it him, the boy Edward remembers?"

"I don't know," Alice whispered, "I…what I saw backstage…it was strange. It made Edward happy but, I can't be sure."

"Sweetheart, what did you see?"

Alice glanced behind Esme and whispered as quickly as she could, "They were together at a dance, smiling and laughing. There was however something I didn't show him. I saw it when we were at the club. Esme, I saw flashes, heard yells and metal hitting metal. It was like a battle, something fought in the dark. Then finally a yell. Two people yell and then nothing. What scared me though, was what came after."

Alice got a faraway look in her eyes before she closed them, "He was crying. Edward was crying and yelling at someone. Telling them it was their fault and there was…I don't know exactly what it was but, I think it was blood. It was gold, but red."

Alice shook her head and looked over at Esme, "There are still quite a few decisions to be made though. Maybe it will change…hopefully it will change. For both their sakes."

Esme grasped Alice's hand and nodded, "It will work out in the end sweetheart, for better or worse. We'll be there for Edward."

Alice smiled and squeezed Esme's hand before running off to claim her lunch bag. Things were about to go from interesting to epic.

Jacob pulled Draco deep into the woods. It was almost noon so falling into a ditch was hardly something he was worried about at the moment.

He was brought out of his musings when he felt Draco tug on his sleeve, "You gonna ravish me behind a specific tree or are we walking till the soles of our shoes disappear?"

Jacob let out a bark of laughter and leaned down to give Draco a quick kiss, "wait here," he murmured against the blonde's lips. Jacob smirked as Draco remained with a dreamy look on his face.

As Jacob disappeared behind a tree, Draco snapped out of his stupor and scowled. Since when had he become a docile fairy princess doing as told? He was a bloody hero damn it! Warrior of the Gods! He stayed for no one! He could make people look old for crying out… Draco stopped mid mind rant as he heard the sound of Jacobs zipper being undone. Ok so he would make an exception this time around.

He stood stock still, listening for any more signs of clothing removal, "Jacob?"

The seconds ticked by and nothing. Draco slowly moved toward the tree Jacob had hidden behind. The sound of a breaking twig was all Draco got as a warning as a giant wolf sprung out from behind the bushes to his right.

Draco instinctively jumped back and reached for his sword. Unfortunately for him, Luke had taken the thing from him when he tied him to the back seat of the fucking car!

"Bloody wanker," Draco hissed out as he and the wolf circled around each other. It was clear the wolf had an undisputable advantage, but he had to at least try to go down fighting right?

The wolf growled lightly and lowered its head and torso while its tail swished back and forth. Draco stopped and stared straight into its eyes, "What do you want?" he whispered.

The wolf seemed to understand him as it made a yipping noise and settled itself on the floor. Draco continued to stare, something clicking into place but not quite painting the picture yet. He tilted his head to the side and the wolf did the same. The hell?

"You want to play?"

The wolf gave a low whine and crawled towards Draco. The half-blood knew this would be the only opportunity he would have to hightail it out of there, but something in the damn wolf's behavior, something in its eyes, wouldn't let him move. Then Draco did something so stupid it should never be done at home, he knelt in front of the approaching animal and held out his hand, palm up and prayers on his tongue.

Draco shivered as the wolf finally reached his out stretched hand and gave it a quick lick. Draco carefully moved his hand forward and stroked the side of the wolf's face, never once breaking eye contact. The wolf leaned into the touch and stared at Draco with a look that said you know me.

Draco gasped as the picture finally downloaded in perfect pixel visualization, "no," he whispered, "Jacob?"

The wolf backed a away to place a bit of distance between the two and nodded.

"Jacob Black?"

The wolf nodded again.

Draco stared eyes wide and mouth open. A lifetime passed by before the young hero finally found his voice, albeit slightly higher than usual voice, "Well yeah, of course its you. I mean why not right?"

Jacob tilted his head as if saying yeah why not. Draco continued to ramble on, "I mean we are the spawn of Gods. There's really no reason why you can't turn into a gigantic wolf with soft fur. I turn people old when I'm pissed and food tastes fantastic if I pass by a bloody pot on a stove! Nothing to worry about there right?"

Jacob nodded, seeming to figure it would be safer to just agree with everything Draco was saying.

"Ok," Draco breathed out then promptly moved to sit right in front of Jacob nose to snout, "So Draco Malfoy you are a 17 year old half-blood with an affinity for trouble and an unclaimed werewolf half-blood for a better be boyfriend. Not to mention the gender confused brother, the sister with the killer right hook, the klepto cousin, and tsunami causing second or somewhat cousin to name a few…it's a wonder I haven't been put away isn't it?"

Jacob merely nudged Draco with his nose and got up.

"Where are you going?" Draco quickly stood and made to follow. Jacob turned to the tree where he had left his clothes behind and tilted his head towards it. Draco nodded and waited for the boy to return.

Jacob quickly re-dressed and peeked around the tree. Draco motioned for the boy to come to him. Jacob nodded again and stopped right in front of his imprint.

"So," he said, "Surprise?"

Draco waited a beat then dug his hands into the taller boy's hair and tugged him down to eye level. Jacob held his breath, unsure of where this was all going. Draco continued to stare him in the eye as if looking for something. Then finally the blonde smiled and gave him a chaste kiss.

"You are house broken right?"

Jacob laughed and pulled the cheeky half-blood in for a fierce hug.

Luke watched Billy and Embry's mother carefully. Both seemed at a loss and he couldn't really blame them. His own mother had gone almost completely insane when it was his turn to leave and mind you he was only a about 10 years of age. These two had kept their children safe through the red zone years. To be honest he's surprised the two boys were even alive to begin with. Time, however, wasn't on their side. All three half-bloods had to be extracted. They were relatively safe for now, but due to their age an unexpected claiming could send them all to Hades in a hand basket with a pretty bow.

"Ms. Call," he said as gently as he could, "We need to take Embry tonight."

The woman paled, "But he's safe here! This is home, I can protect him."

Luke placed his hand over hers, "Ms. Call, he needs to be with his own kind. He has a powerful aura about him. If he is claimed outside the camp there will be no power in heaven or hell that will keep him safe. The chances of him making to New York alive…"

The woman choked back a sob as Nico spoke up, "If he leaves with us today I will personally see that he makes it to the camp. Annabeth, Luna and I will keep him safe, but that can only happen if we depart tomorrow morning."

"Who is Annabeth and why tomorrow? Can't it wait until he finishes school?"

"I'm sorry Ms. Call," Charles said, "But it is safest for all of us if Embry leaves tomorrow morning with Nico and Annabeth. Both of them have trained and are extremely efficient in a fight. They need to travel in small groups as well. Its faster and safer. They will have a direct shot to California and from there a pretty decent underground trip straight to New York."

Embry's mother said nothing. It was done, her son would leave her to become what he was born to be, a hero. To live and die by a sword.

"What of my son?" Billy finally asked, "when will he go?"

Luke sighed, he really hated being part of an extraction team when parents were still involved, "It would be best for him to come with us tonight as well so he can get use to the people he will be traveling with. The plan is to get Embry out, wait until he reaches camp, then take Jacob and one other we found in Forks a week from today. That is assuming neither gets claimed within the next seven days."

"But you said you had to travel in small groups!" Ms. Call exclaimed

"We will be," Charles explained, "Draco, Grover, and I will be taking Jacob. Luke, Percy and Harry will be taking the girl we found in forks. We will travel as far as the town borderline as a whole then split up. We are all trained for this kind of thing, trust us with your sons."

Billy looked like his age had finally caught up with him and Ms. Call was still as pale as white board, "They need to be with us," Nico said, "They can't fully develop here. The dyslexia and ADHD, its something they can learn to dominate without the medication. For the first time in their lives they will owe explanations to no one. They will learn to live. Don't you want that for your sons?"

"Of course," Billy said in a gruff voice, "He's my son, I would give my own life to keep him safe."

Ms. Call, not trusting her voice, nodded in agreement.

"Keep them safe boys. Do what ever you can to keep those two boys alive."

Luke smiled, "Will do Mr. Black, this ain't our first time on the dance floor."

Luna smiled as she admired the flowers on a near by bush. She was waiting for Embry to come back from behind a tree. They boy had been a bit tense when he left so whatever he was up to she knew it would take time for him to work up the courage to come out with it.

She was a humming an old song she remembered her father enjoyed singing as he work when a slight rustling made her look up. She smiled as a giant wolf sat only a few feet away from her.

Luna crawled over to the wolf and petted its head. The wolf leaned into her touch and made a soft whining noise. Luna giggled, "You're beautiful Embry," she whispered, then wrapped around the giant wolf's neck.

Embry sat still, perplexed at what had just occurred, then relaxed and rubbed the side of his head to Luna's.

Harry was in the kitchen throwing random food into a giant bowl and mixing it all together like his life depended on it. Was he freaking out? No, not necessarily. Concerned? Well yeah a bit. It wasn't everyday you kiss your lover from a past life…in the present disguised as a woman, then a man, then run into the guy's mother at a pizza shop. So sue him if he might have looked like a bit of a creeper…Oh Gods he was a creeper!

"Umm. Is it done?"

Harry looked up then back down to his creation and noted he had stopped churning. He looked up at Percy who had taken a seat in front of him, "Perce…I think I may be a creeper and this needs pickles."

"Why are you a creeper and pickles?"

"Too sweet and I said I may be a creeper not that I was."

"It does look a bit on the diabetes causing side. Now why may you be a creeper?"

Harry sighed and dumped the pickles in the bowl and got back to business, "Because! Look, I am practically stalking a now vampire boyfriend from another life. I make out with him as a he/she, then again as well me and now I meet his mother in a pizza shop! It's creeperish! I am a creeperish!"

Percy stared at him for a while then scooped up some of the gnarly looking paste thing in the bowl, "You are a creeperish?"

"Yes, I am a creeperish."

"Uh huh, so your vocabulary sucks, this is actually awesomely good and yeah you sound like the basic format of a creeper. Congratulations Hare, you are a creeper."

Harry groaned and pushed what was hopefully a side dish towards Percy and covered his face with his hands.

Annabeth walked in just as Percy scooped up some more of Harry's side dish surprise.

"What is that and what's wrong with him?

Percy swallowed and pointed to the bowl, "This is creeper paste and he just discovered he's a creeper."

Annabeth rolled her eyes and removed Harry's hands from his face, "Harry, you aren't a creeper! And Percy that looks disgusting."

"Its actually really good, try it. The pickle gives it a good kick."

Annabeth took a bite and her eyebrows went up in surprise, "It is good. Now why do you believe you're a creeper?"

Harry continued to sulk so Percy filled her in, "Well to sum it up, he's stalking his vampire boyfriend from like ages ago so he's a creeper."

"Vampire boyfriend?"

"Well casual make out buddy really. No solid relationship has been initiated."

"Eward is a vampire?"

Percy nodded, "Whole family is apparently. Bit of a shock really but you kinda have to just roll with the punches these days. Think on it too much and you may discover you are a creeper."

"Percy, Harry is not a creeper. We'll discuss the whole vampire boyfriend thing later, but right now we need to finish getting everything ready. Percy the pizza and sandwiches are ready for pick-up. Take Harry and the car with you while I set up. Grover is on his way back from Angela's and Nico called in and said they would be here in about an hour."

Percy nodded and took on last bit of Creeper Paste, "Come on Harry, some pizza might negate your creeperness. And besides your vampire mother in law probably went home already!"

Harry grabbed his keys and wallet, "With my luck I doubt it. Back soon Annabeth."

When they entered the car, Harry started it up and waited for it to heat up a bit, "For what its worth," Percy said to break the silence, "Creeper or not, I still like you."

Harry smiled and elbowed Percy, "I like you too puddle lord."

Percy laughed and Harry backed out of the drive way.

An hour and a half later, the party was in full swing. They had the bonfire lit up and the music louder than was legally allowed, food covered an entire two tables and Jacob and Embry looked a bit…shocked.

"Come on guys it's a normal party! Loosen up a bit!" Harry yelled over the music.

"Normal?" Jacob said, "You were a girl last I saw you, Grover had crutches and Nico didn't smile as much!"

Harry laughed and put his arms around both boys, "It was the mist, trust me I was born male. Grover is a Satyr so goat legs are his thing and Nico, well Annabeth is the only one who can actually make him smile in public from time to time, so that is actually the rare sight of the night. Now last I heard you and my brother had a thing going so go get him and dance! And you Embry got yourself a nice girl so go and impress her with some moves!"

Both boys just continued to stare. Harry rolled his eyes and let them both go, "MOVE!" They got up and went off to find their respective partners.

Harry laughed and sat down. He looked up when he felt foot falls stop in front of him, "Charles!"

Beckendorf lifted an eyebrow, "How many have you had?"

Harry gave him a sheepish smile and lifted two fingers. At Charles' look he amended to five.

Beckendorf shook his head and took a seat next to Harry, "What are you planning?"

Harry clicked his tongue and smirked, "What makes you think I'm planning something?"

"Well lets see, Luke managed to get you to agree to leaving Draco with the team taking Jacob a week after the first team leaves when you specifically said you wanted him out ASAP. Then you arranged it so that Angela would arrive by sea with Percy and Luke in charge, why do you suddenly become superfluous to the plan?"

Harry took a swing of his beer and leaned back, "It all depends on next week."


"Next week…Charles, I'm going to gamble with fate next week."

"Is this about the prophecy?"

Harry snorted, "It's more than that."

Charles gave Harry a look that said don't fuck with me and lent forward, "I'm not letting you run to your death Harry."

Harry looked him in the eye and let out a bark of laugher, "Relax Beckendorf, I'm not on a suicidal mission! Its fine look the whole thing with Draco, well Jacob is obviously most comfortable with him and you and Grover can keep him safe on land. Angela will be kept one hundred percent safe on a boat with Percy, Luke and me. It's strategy, that's all. I got life left in me still! I'm almost done with my M.D. course work, there's no way I'm tossing that away. Relax, I know what I'm doing!"

Harry stood and patted Charles' shoulder, "Enjoy the party!"

Beckendorf shook his head and watched as Harry joined Grover at the food table, "I wasn't born yesterday Potter."

Needless to say Sunday morning was greeted with hangovers and upset stomachs. Harry watched from the porch as Draco left with Charles, Luke and Jacob. He would be staying on the Reservation until it was time to leave. Annabeth, Nico, Luna and Embry had left a few minutes earlier with Percy and Grover accompanying them to the town border.

All the pieces were falling into place. He would have to be careful though. Charles was on to him and if the looks Luke was giving him meant anything, he was going to have to sharpen his acting chops for it all to work out.

"I'll be denied Elysium for this," Harry whispered. He closed his eyes and smiled as he recalled the sound of Edward's laughter from a time long ago, "But I will fight for my paradise."

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