What we heard when we eavesdropped!

After "Nights in Shining Armor"

"London…Papa Bear is not happy that you made fun of one of his cubs."

"We weren't making fun of the cub…Papa Bear. We just had a bit of a laugh, shall we say."

"London…That was a totally appropriate and reasonable request. Besides, it's not polite to laugh at the messenger."


"You are correct Papa Bear. Please extend our apologies to the messenger."

"Apology accepted. Now about my request!"



"Sorry, Papa Bear. We are serious. You asked for a plumber."

"That is correct."

"To be dropped into Germany, and quote, unquote, processed into your den?"

"Exactly. You have the means."

"Look. We can supply a forger, metal worker, a miner... sorry, no engineers...and a movie star."


"Sorry. Why in heaven's name do you need a plumber? Do you have any idea what they charge?"

"Licensed plumber."

"Sorry. Licensed plumber. Don't they have a maintenance team servicing your den?"

"Affirmative. But their plumber was transferred East."

"Most of our contractors are in service to the Army Corps of Engineers. They don't take kindly to being pulled off a job, you know."

"London. We have a sink problem."

Audible sigh. "What kind of sink problem?"

"They're disconnected. And covering up tunnel entrances. Let's put it this way. There's no running water in a lot of caves, and some other places I won't mention. If someone who shall remain nameless decides to give the sinks a tug….we're up a creek without a paddle."

"So you started a job, but couldn't finish it?"

"Well, London, it's jobs, plural and it is complicated. And our cub was only a plumber's helper."

"Uh huh."

"All that money you've invested in us and our little circus!"

Sigh." Acknowledged, Papa Bear. We will endeavor to fulfill your request."

"Good. And now one more thing."


"We've got stove problems. Can you send someone from heating?"

I always wondered about the sinks. And the stoves. In "Nights in Shining Armor" The Stalag 13 plumber was transferred to the Russian Front. Kinch mentions he was a helper one summer, and so he is able to cause a problem in Klink's bathroom. But I recall seeing sinks hiding tunnel entrances in more than one episode. Stoves as well.