Chapter 28: Tale as Old as Time

Then his lips gently and finally landed over hers, and she instantly knew that this was the real deal. She felt as if she had broken all earthly bonds and was soaring somewhere… higher than the birds and clouds… up towards the sun and the moon and the stars… this kiss wasn't what she had expected… no, it was 100 times better than she ever dreamt off. It was more than heavenly…

It was cosmic.

Now, okay she knew that she read a lot of romance novels but she didn't know how else to explain how she felt?

She closed her eyes and pushed herself closer to him, reaching her arms up and around his neck. He responded by wrapping his free arm around her back, firmly holding her against himself.

This was the real thing this time. At last, the moment Kagome had been dreaming about had arrived. The moment when nothing else mattered… not the curse… and certainly not pain…

All that mattered was that they were together. They loved each other.

Yes… she loved Inuyasha… and she wouldn't change it for anything.

She wasn't planning on telling anyone about her special moment to anyone. That precious feeling of his lips and the memory would be safely tucked away for her and her alone.

At least until…


Did they have to ruin the moment?

The two lovebirds broke apart to see a young human child, a man, and a woman running towards them. Kagome, feeling the blush on her face, cock her head to the side and stared at the newcomers. "Who are you?" she asked confused.

"Kagome? It's us!" Sango's voice yelled in joy from the woman.

Kagome felt her jaw drop open when she got a closer look at her. She left the warmth of Inuyasha's arms and stepped forward towards the newcomers. The woman who sounded like Sango was definitely human that looked no older than 16. She was very pretty teenage girl with long dark hair, brown eyes with pink eye shadow. She had a kind and gentle face and Kagome could tell that she was humble but she had a warrior's spirit.

The young man standing next to her looked no older than 18. He was handsome, with black hair tied back in a small ponytail, he was dressed in the purple and dark robes of a monk… and Kagome couldn't help but notice a strange binding on his right arm. He was also carrying the same staff and had the prayer beads that Miroku also always carried with him.

His purple and black robes were modest enough for any person. And yet this man had certain… almost regal air to him. Not snotty and in your face regal like that some people can be, but it wasn't wild and free regal, either. More like calmed, collected, and when angered a force to be reckoned with regal; the type you'd expect from a strategist general or lord of legends.

The boy on the ground came up to about waist-height with flaming red hair and a sweet face. But his eyes shined with the same kind of mischief that you would expect from a natural born trouble-maker and prankster. All three of them were grinning from ear to ear, and staring at her as if she was the answer to all their prayers.

"S-Sango?" Kagome stuttered as she walked close to the woman and stared at her long and hard. "Is that really you?"

The woman smiled brightly, "Yours truly."

Kagome blinked once, twice, three times before she and Sango let out loud shrieks of excitement and began to hug each other tightly. While the girls began hugging each other and Shippo, who was crying tears of joy, Miroku walked forward to Inuyasha and said, "Glad to see that you're still with the living Inuyasha. And that you finally swallowed your pride."

Inuyasha gave him a dirty look, "Yes, I'm still alive; why wouldn't I be? And what do you mean by swallowing my pride?"

"'Cause you didn't come out after the fight?" answered Miroku as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What? You thought I get killed by some demon?" Inuyasha said outraged.

"I have to admit Inuyasha; you had me worried there for a second," Miroku said.

"If I wasn't in such a good mood, I'd kill you right now," hissed Inuyasha.

"Wait. You? In a good mood?"

Inuyasha shook his head then turned to Kagome who was hugging Shippo, "Um… Kagome? Are you alright?"

Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around Inuyasha crying tears of joy, "Inuyasha, I was so worried about you! I'm so relieved you're alright!"

The golden-eyed half-demon blinked once in surprise before it was replaced with a smiled as he wrapped his arms around the woman that he loved, who in turn leaned into his touch and didn't ever want to move from there. As they stood there in bliss, Inuyasha shot the other 3 a dark look that clearly said, 'One word… and you die.'

They could only smile.

"Okay you two, enough with all the mushy stuff," Shippo began, "Can we get outta of this creepy place now?"

"Yes, my dearest," Miroku began as if it was Sango who asked and he suddenly took her hands in his own. "And now that we have both regained our human forms and the curse is lifted… will you bear my children?"

Sango opened in her mouth to reply, but Miroku suddenly went on quickly, "Please hear me out! Sango my love… I'll stop loving you when diamonds never sparkle and flowers cease to grow. When thunder never echos and rivers don't flow. When hearts no longer wonder and hands are never held. When smiles are only memories and hope is never felt. When trees no longer blossom and stars refuse to shine. Only then will I ever stop loving you. So … will you bear my children?"

Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo all stared at the couple. They never knew that Miroku was capable of such romantic and sincere words. They then looked at Sango who was staring at Miroku as if he suddenly spoke another language.

Miroku then went on, "I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out. You brighten my day with the sound of your voice, you bring so much laughter and love you are everything to me and I feel that I've never been more blessed when you were sent here from heaven. And if I ever hurt you then you have all the rights to push me over a cliff and make sure that I never walk again! Just please… will you bear my children?"

Sango's face looked like a tomato as Miroku went on with words of undying love and devotion.

"I-I-I-I I don't…" was all Sango could stammer. Seeing that she was struggling to give him an answer, Miroku seized his only chance and put a hand under her chin before saying, "Maybe this will answer your question," Miroku captured Sango's lips with his own.

Her eyes widened at what was happening, while the other 3 stared at them in amazement. They were waiting for Sango to push him back and to punch his lights out… but what she did next shocked them to the core… she closed her eyes and returned the kiss as she put her arms around the monk.

Kagome's jaw dropped.

Shippo's eyes bulged.

Inuyasha thought, 'What do you know? 1000 times was how many marriage proposals it took for her to finally say yes.'

Suddenly feeling as if Miroku was stealing his spotlight, he said, "Hey Kagome?"

"Yah?" she answered absentmindedly as if she could barely hear him. Her eyes glued to the couple, trying to figure out how this happened.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha said again and this time she looked up at him.


Inuyasha didn't say anything else. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her back into a kiss. She was stiff at first from surprise but quickly relaxed and was all too happy to return the kiss.

Seeing everyone kissing, Shippo started making gagging noises. Not that any of them noticed.

*1 month later*

"How could you forgive me so easily?" he asked quietly.

His voice had floated down to where she was walking, though he had to be rather loud to get her attention, she had already started in his direction.

"This again? Inuyasha, there really isn't anything to forgive you about. You didn't tell me because you had no choice," Kagome responded while sitting down on the fountain.

It's hard to believe that it had already been one month since the curse had been broken. When they finally returned to the castle that night to an excited crowd of people, they had found that their home had been completely transformed so that they barely recognized it. The dark, haunted-looking castle had been replaced with a shining, white-marble palace that sparkled over a clean and well kept courtyard.

The crowd, it turns out that all the servants that had live there had been turned into household objects and been cast into a deep sleep; and only the ones who were the most loyal to Inuyasha had been turned into demons. But now with the curse lifted, everyone has been restored and set free.

And they were all waiting in front of a faultless fountain with a stone angel replacing the gargoyle while clear water flowed and flowers were floating down from the blossomed trees that bloomed every few feet. It was like a horrible nightmare was finally over, and everyone could start living again.

Everyone had celebrated with a party that lasted 3 days before Inuyasha finally told Kagome what the only way to break the curse was.

"Really," said Kagome as she dipped her hand into the fountain's water and lifting a water lily to her nose. "I understand now why you never told me the truth. I had to fall in love with you without knowing about it. You don't have to keep going on about it."

"Still a lousy excuse," he stated rather angrily, angry really for nothing.

"What are you so angry about then?" Kagome asked as she looked up at him.

"No, I'm not really angry," the truth was he wanted to get her alone… away from his servants who never gave them a moment's peace. The whole presentation thing would wait, he wasn't angry but he did have choice words, "Close your eyes."

"Inuyasha I don't feel like playing close your eyes games!" Kagome said as she folded her arms.

"It's not a game just close your eyes," Inuyasha said in his usual grumpy tone.

Suspicious, she closed her eyes and unfolded her arms to simply clasped her hands together as she waited.

Making sure that she couldn't see anything, Inuyasha dug into his pocket and pulled from it a small square box. The outside was a dark azure, like the depths of the sea just before it blackens. It had shimmering sparkles and golden lining that separated the lid from the base. A diamond swivel is what held the two pieces together, making sure they don't burst open and drop its contents. He carefully pulled on the link to open the box; he tenderly lifted the box's lid open to reveal the silk interior and something far more precious than any prized possession of his past life that was left.

His fingers slithered gently around a ring that had a band made of the most beautiful gold, with a jewel that was, not only the color of a rose, but it was also shaped like the flower itself. He stared at it for a moment before he quirked his lips and placed the box back into his pocket. Taking the ring he then took one of Kagome's fingers and slipped it on gently.

Inside he snickered as she took a deep breath when she felt the slight weight of the ring lightly placed on her finger.

"Kagome?" he asked quietly while wrapping his arms around the woman whose eyes were stilled closed, he rested his chin on the top of her head and took a deep breath.

"Mm?" she responded while pulling her hands up to meet his.

"Marry me?" his question was light and it was like a feather breeze that fluttered in the wind.

She let it dance in the air before opening her eyes, "Yes. What took you so long to ask?"

He smiled, because one she said yes…and two he already knew she would say yes, so he hadn't worried what her answer would be. "Good."

"Oh Inuyasha!" she breathed out while finally looking at her hand.

He quirked an eyebrow before looking down and smirking as he watched her fingers stroke the jewel that he knew she would never take off. "Do you like it?"

"It's the most beautiful thing…" she couldn't speak more for no words could describe the dancing speckles of light that floated around the mauve sphere that made her fingers glow its pinkish color. The band reflected the prismatic lights and bent them to create new found pigments.

His hand caressed her cheek before he let his head tilt to the side. "It was my mothers."

"Your mothers?" he'd barely spoken about his family…even to her and though she knew he would tell her eventually she never pushed it.

"Yeah," he nodded absent mindedly looking upwards before smirking. "So what do you think your family's gonna say when they hear you're marrying the person who kept you imprisoned?"

Kagome let out a strangled cough which really sounded like a suppressed laugh. "Well… Sota I'm sure is gonna be fine with it. And as for my mother… she's wanted me to get married for a long time now. Gramps on the other hand…"

"Keh," he stated while holding back his laughter, not noticing someone watching from the front gate.

*At the gate*

She watched quietly with a little smile gracing her lips.

He had finally done it. After all these years, Inuyasha had finally learned to love. By learning to love another… Kagome turned around and changed his life…

No… she gave him his life back… that no amount of riches or power could do… she truly was his miracle.

"Inuyasha…" Kikyo whispered so quietly that no human could ever hope to hear.


Inuyasha paused from his ever coming happiness to have his eyes glance upwards over Kagome's head and to the front gate. He blinked in surprise, not expecting Kikyo to be there.

But she was. And when they made eye-contact, she smiled at him. That smile caused everything to flash in a second before him and all he could say to the woman that cursed him…

'Thank you,' he mouthed to her. She smiled again before she turned and disappeared into the forest.

"Certain as the sun,
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast."

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Sango and Miroku did get married and wasted no time in starting a family. 5 kids and counting…

Koga and Ayame got married and are thinking of starting of a family soon.

Sota was happy to see his sister so happy and is thrilled to have Inuyasha for a brother-in-law. He and the rest of the family have moved into the castle with the lovebirds.

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The End