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Chapter I-Birth of a New Warrior

Long ago hundreds and thousands of years ago when the earth was young and land was filled with so much life and everyday was a journey for a single soul. When the earth was ruled by the Gods and mankind was young.

There was a mortal, who was special very special unlike any mortal the Gods have ever seen before. This mortal has the eyes to see truth and judgment able to create powerful abilities through the sign of his hands his abilities were God-like, the mortal become one of the Gods through many challenges and has proven to the Gods to become one of them.

By defeating a powerful beast and seal this beast away into nine different parts. With the help of the Gods the beast was sealed away for good.

However seeing that this mortal's strength and will power was far more powerful then the Gods themselves and will sooner or later overpower them the King of the Gods, banish the mortal turn God and his people to a world a world that was created for the mortal God to live with his people in peace.

To this day the Ninja God's world still remains sealed close off from the world of the Gods.

But every seal is always meant to be free.

And every legend has a hero through death may that hero be reborn as anew.

Our story begins with one of our heroes a boy by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. Young brave and a bit foolish he is but pure at heart. And one of the finest and strongest heroes of his world but Naruto Uzumaki will find out his history his fate as the hero of Konoha will change by meeting one person.

Naruto's wish is to have a true friend but, what is a true friend what is the true meaning of a best friend? Those words haunt Naruto's mind in his dreams as his world will awaken to a new problem.

But none of that matter now for our hero was dead. He had died in mortal combat with Sasuke Uchiha. And with a demon seal within his soul heaven wasn't Naruto's reward in the afterlife.

The young ninja fell downward through the red blood clouds. Falling into hell where all bad souls goes where those who have done horrible deeds unspeakable acts. None of this Naruto truly wanted at all he wanted to live he wanted to become great.

His eyes were soulless as he fell into hell's mouth.

In Naruto's eyes the memories of his past flash through his eyes from birth to death.

'I have lived as a Ninja. I have died as a….' Naruto pause he didn't died as a hero but a failure a failure that be failing all his life left and right. He didn't know anything about his family history at all he was just an orphan alone in this world.

Then it hit him the more he thought about it the angrier he got rage started to filled his eyes. Hatred burn within him and the cursed look of Sasuke Uchiha and those words those damn words that hunt Naruto's mind again and again.

"You're a loser Naruto face it I'm always and will be better then you. What does a loser like you know you never had anything to begin with! You don't know what it's like to lose a family you never had it to begin with your just a loser and always will be. Naruto you're such a loser your weak, what a matter scary-cat." Sasuke's words hunt Naruto again and again.

An image of Sasuke Uchiha laughing at him for being a loser, failure, and outcast, orphan and for being a fool who believe in the friendship he thought he had with Sasuke. Then from nowhere within Naruto's mind a voice spoke to him.

"After all you have sought. After all you have sacrificed. It ends in another stunning failure!"

Naruto's eyes shot open wide his eyes become malice red. Naruto saw a cliff below him Naruto summoned the red chakra he reached his right arm out as the red chakra of his right arm grabbed the edge just in time.

Naruto pulled himself upward on the edge.

"No your wrong Sasuke…I'm not a loser I'm not a fool and I'M NOT A FAILURE!!!!" Naruto roared out loud in hell. Naruto was pissed off his anger has reached a new level he never felt so filled with rage such anger burns within his heart.

He couldn't take it no longer everyone knows who Sasuke was and wants him. Jealousies, anger, fear all mixed within the boy. He wanted to take it on someone somebody anybody he wanted to prove he wasn't a failure the only thing Naruto can do is screamed in fury.

"I…I…will have my revenge Sasuke I won't forgive you for what you've done to me." Naruto turned to see the world of hell he was in, then rising from the ground were Hell's demons about five big strong looking demons. Kyuubi's chakra left Naruto's body as an image of the demonic fox was sucked out of him as this was Hell Naruto's evil was strip from him.

Out number and weaken Naruto could not win this battle at all. But he wasn't going to end like this. No! His mind he wanted revenge he wanted to prove everyone that he was strong, undefeated the best there ever was.

"I will not fall and you will not stay in my way!! I WILL NOT FAIL!" Naruto yelled with raw hatred within his voice. Then suddenly something happen as if someone heard him Naruto was now cover in blue flames these flames did not bring harm to Naruto but the five demons feared it.

Naruto held his hands apart the blue flames around his arms took a form of a chain a silver color chain. The chain at the very bottom had a large two hooks and the beginning of the chain there was sharp end a big sharp blade end.

Naruto felt a new feeling as he held this chain in his hands this new weapon this chain this chain of hope. When holding this Naruto wasn't afraid, anger nor jealous he felt he can do anything with this hope burning inside him this flame of hope he now carries within him.

Naruto giving the five demons a serious glare he felt as a different person as if there was another person beside him inside him he didn't know why but Naruto said this while walking toward the five demons.

The five demons saw from their eyes a spirit of man possessing Naruto's body as Naruto's voice was mature as the boy spoke to the demons "The hands of Death could not defeat me; the Sisters of fate could not hold me. The gates of Hades have never held me and YOU will not stop me!" Naruto came at the five demons. Naruto swing his chain at one of the five demon's neck and easily ripped its head using the hook part of the chain of hope.

Naruto then toss the blade part of the chain around the fourth demon's right leg and pull his chain drag the demon toward him. Naruto stomp the demon's head in with one forceful stomp. Seeing the remaining three demons jumped off the cliff in fear.

Breathing heavy with blood on his face of his enemies Naruto felt different he felt strange he didn't know who or why someone helped him. This chain his new weapon these chains of hope prove to be a great and deadly weapon.

The chains of hope then transform into another form of weapons. The chains end transform into two beautiful pair of blades that glove with an awesome power within them as the blades glove bright flame blue. These Blades of Hope will Naruto on his journey to escape hell or shall we say Hades.

"What is this power I'm feeling?" he spoke to himself but Naruto quickly silence himself after shaking his head 'What's more importation I need to escape this.'

As Naruto walked on the path to escape this place Naruto was under the watchful eyes of a great warrior Naruto felt it. As the boy looked around he felt he knew where to go too as if he been here before but this being Naruto's first time in Hell.

Pit of Lost Souls:

Naruto discover a large area where he saw from above he saw people falling down into a deeper abyss of hell. Naruto walked near a cliff to look over the cliff but someone grabbed Naruto's right leg this caught Naruto off guard for a moment.

Naruto saw the person who grabbed hold of him was a female with long dark pink/red hair color. Her eyes were brown her eyes gave Naruto an angry glare.

"I know you." He said to her as the girl known as Tayuya one of the sound four/five Orochimaru's top deadly ninjas from the village hidden in the sound. It was because of her and her friends that Sasuke was taken from leaf village it was mainly her and her friends fault for all of this.

"I could kick you off me." Naruto said with a normal stare.

"You…wouldn't you pussy." Tayuya grin her teeth in anger. But it wasn't her fault no she wasn't the one to blame she was only a tool of Orochimaru's nothing more. It was Orochimaru's fault Naruto knew it, because of him Sasuke became this backstabber and also Sasuke's fault as well for being a fool.

"What's your name?" Naruto asked Tayuya.

"Why would you want to know?" She asked.

"Tell me your name or I'll let you fall." He told her as Naruto started to move his right leg.

"Tayuya," she said quickly.

Naruto grabbed Tayuya by her arms and carry her over his right shoulder "Let me down damn it."

"With a bad leg like that?" he saw how bad her legs were crushed "Even for a dead girl your wounds are serious. Now Tayuya if you help me get my revenge on Sasuke I'll help you as well." He told the red-head.

"What in it for me?" she asked.

"Orochimaru left you to die you're in hell just like me. If he did care he would have revive you by now wouldn't he?" Tayuya was silence for five minutes with a sad frown on her face "We both were left to die by someone we cared about. Help me and I'll help you get your revenge."

"Deal." Tayuya said "Now let's get the hell out of here."

"No there something I need back." Naruto told her.

"What do you need?"

"My other half," He said with a simply tone of voice.

"Wait a minute your that Kyuubi-kid that Orochimaru spoke of." Tayuya said with a surprise gasp "How did you die I thought the Kyuubi heal all wounds even fatal ones?"

"Guess I wasn't lucky that one time. I can't go back without it."

"You're better off without that damn thing."

"I know but it's a part of me you been here longer then I was where you think it is?"

"I don't know first time in hell why would I know where your demon soul is?!" Tayuya yelled at Naruto as the young ninja sighed for a moment he closed his eyes to think then suddenly Naruto felt it the raw energy of the Kyuubi.

It was near by the boy felt its chakra. Naruto turn back and walked off while carrying Tayuya. Tayuya notices Naruto's new weapons beautiful and deadly the blades of hope were.

"God, there fucking beautiful!" Tayuya was stunned by the blades of hope "Where the hell did you get these bad boys?"

"I'll tell you later." He said.

Sometime later:

Naruto enter a very large chamber purple mist on the ground. Naruto stop and put Tayuya on the safe ground. Naruto walked toward a large river that was filled with lost souls. Naruto felt Kyuubi was near but didn't know where?

"I can smell you little one. Were both in hell it's your fault for being such a weakening but, ah it isn't so bad for me. I never felt so powerful little one. But I think it's time for us to settle this bad blood between us."As Kyuubi's demonic voice echo out through this place "I have been waiting for such a long time."

Then suddenly a loud quake was heard near-by as the ground shook. Naruto took his blades of hope out ready to face the next threat. From the river came out a giant red-fur claw that nearly grab Naruto. Out from the river of the dead was Kyuubi staring down at its former host.

"So small little one from where I stand. I could eat you now I am free from your cursed seal." Kyuubi laughed at Naruto "So what your free doesn't mean a damn thing I'm going back and I'm taking what's mines Fox."

"I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Now I can crush you now mortal! Finally I can have my revenge but first I shall start with my former jailer." The Fox laughed.

'Damn I can't mess up now if I screw up both of us are dead meat.' Naruto's crystal blue eyes flash blue as the hidden strength within Naruto has given him the courage he needs to win this battle.

"Your Soul Is Mine!" Kyuubi smash its right fist at Naruto, but Naruto quickly rolled to the side. He jumped on Kyuubi's right arm and ran toward the Fox only to be blow away by Kyuubi's roar.

"Your soul will be mine!" Kyuubi grab Naruto with its left hand while crushing its former host Kyuubi laughed. Naruto bite down on Kyuubi's left hand. Once free from Kyuubi hold Naruto jumped at Kyuubi only to be eaten whole by the demonic fox.

Kyuubi's mouth open wide as Naruto held Kyuubi's mouth using his strength. He stab Kyuubi's upper mouth with his left blade and stab Kyuubi's bottom mouth with the right blade. Once Naruto jumped from Kyuubi's mouth Naruto pulled his chains that made Kyuubi's mouth close shut.

Naruto then ripped his blades of hope from Kyuubi's mouth slipping Kyuubi's mouth in two.

"Holy shit," Tayuya was shock to see what Naruto has done to the fox. Kyuubi roared in pain its mouth was in four wide pieces. Kyuubi holds its mouth with its hands it only took ten seconds for its mouth to healed fully "Damn you brat when did you get so powerful!"

Kyuubi grin its teeth in anger as Kyuubi's malice filled eyes glare down into Naruto's now fearless eyes. Naruto roll side to side to avoid Kyuubi who was trying to crush him with its fox claws "Hold still you DAMN MORTAL!"

Kyuubi then grab Tayuya holding her in its right hand "I'll crush your little friend!" Kyuubi said, Naruto didn't think for a second thought he needs to save Tayuya she couldn't fight in the way her body is now. Naruto saw a large rock he stab it with his blades of hope and use his strength to swing the large rock around and let go of it to smash it into Kyuubi's face.

Kyuubi land down on the ground face first. Naruto ran over to Tayuya he slice off Kyuubi's fingers to free the red hair ninja.

"I wonder how much your ability to heal can can last fox maybe I should keep cutting you to find out?" Naruto asked the Kyuubi. Kyuubi roared at Naruto "I will not be bested by a MORTAL AGAIN!"

Naruto toss his blades of hope into Kyuubi's eyes which case the beast to roar in pain. As Naruto rip Kyuubi's left eye out. And then rip out its right eye blinding the fox.


Kyuubi recover ability was going to be a huge problem Naruto couldn't win a fight against someone who can recover after every fatal attack. Kyuubi attack wildly as it didn't have any eyes for the moment. Giving Naruto some time to think how to beat Kyuubi and escape hell.

"Where are you?" Kyuubi asked as it could smell Naruto "I can smell your soul mortal!"

Then the river of dead souls Kyuubi was. Were now feeding of it the dead souls smell the powerful evil and chakra of Kyuubi this unlimited energy. Then it hit Naruto yes the souls of the dead they can help then that means!

"The souls of those who have died during the night of the Kyuubi come and claim your revenge on the evil beast!" Naruto's voice echo through out Hades at first there was nothing until a very powerful quake shook the ground so hard.

Then out from behind Kyuubi a giant hand that was form from the souls of the dead that seek their revenge on Kyuubi came out and attack the Kyuubi. the giant hand of souls push Kyuubi down into the river of souls from there the souls of the dead feed on Kyuubi's energy making Kyuubi weaker and smaller as the size of Kyuubi become smaller and smaller.

Naruto high jump in the air after summoned one shadow clone to help him use Rasengan. Naruto strike Kyuubi down into the river fully by using the Rasengan attack.

The battle was over there was no sign of Kyuubi at all nor was there any sign of Naruto as well. But Tayuya saw four dead souls from the river push Naruto out of the river and thank him for giving them the justice they so seek for so long.

Naruto came too to see Tayuya looking down at him "I would never think I see a kid like you take down the nine tailed fox. If you were alive the fox would have murder your ass."

Naruto chuckle "Yeah but I'm dead and so are you now it's time to leave."

"What about the fox?"

"When I hit the fox with my Rasengan the fox's soul was absorb into me. So I'm whole again Tayuya." He told her with a friendly smile "What's with the change of emotion a second ago you were cold as hell and kick that fox's ass like nothing."

"I'm not sure Tayuya it must be this place." Naruto told Tayuya while Tayuya didn't believe him it was something else but she was grateful he saved her not once but twice now.

Naruto carried Tayuya in his arms once having her in his arms bride-style. The question lends now is where is the exit out of hell?

"I know the way." Said a friendly voice Naruto turn to see shock to see in his own eyes it was the third Hokage Sarutobi.

"Old man, what are you doing here in hell?"

Sarutobi smiled at Naruto "This is the world of the dead this isn't hell Naruto. When you die you come here however I live in the peacefully side of this dark underworld. I was the one who added you in battle."

"You mean it was you who gave me these blades?"

Sarutobi shook his head "No I didn't give you those weapons but I have a very idea who did. But I did help you defeat the Kyuubi remember the will of fire is always with you Naruto. Now I will open a gateway for you Naruto it is not your time to die just yet. Konoha needs you and I know you can do it without fail."

Sarutobi wave his left hand as a gateway out of Hades was made "Naruto when you step through this gateway you will be in the land of the living once more but when I am not sure."

"When you mean like time traveling?" Sarutobi nod "Yes I do not know the date of your death I pray it will lend you to the right time."

"What about Tayuya?" Naruto asked as he grew a liking to her.

"She will also be alive you both will remember your journey in Hades. Now go Naruto your village needs you." Sarutobi vanish leaving the two ninjas alone "Come on lets go." Tayuya told him. Naruto step through the portal once through the portal close behind them.

"The great-great-great-grandson of a God and a Titan is the savor of our world." said Sarutobi voice "Naruto good luck my boy I believe you will find a new path on your journey."

Next Time-A Hero returns?

After Playing God of war III(fucking sweet and best of the three main games) I came down to revive a small old project I did two years ago. But never came to the light and now with GOW III out and people are playing it or watching it on Youtube or whatever. I can finally do this without worry here and there.

Now here and listen up. Naruto will wake up during the event that change his life at best, the wave arc mission.

Naruto have Kratos's blood thus making him half God Half Titan and Half Human and Half Demon with the Kyuubi.

Kyuubi's sex is unknown for now I hadn't made up my mind if Kyuubi is male or female in the story.

Will Naruto meet Kratos? Yes he will but for now Naruto will have moments of Kratos's memories like he did when he went to Hades.

And Now since Naruto is from Kratos's bloodline. Naruto feelings will change as the story goes on will Naruto be burtal in combat like Kratos? Will he be a player with the ladies like Kratos? And will Naruto keep his new weapons when he return to the past?

In combat Naruto has grown and will be burtal in combat when he needs too. Mmm yup Naruto gotta be a player like Kratos with the ladies but like Kratos, Naruto will have a family, and yes Naruto will keep his Blades of Hope, yeah I know it didn't sound kickass or cool ect ect but hey Naruto got his own Blades so there yeah.

I will give Naruto one weapon from GOW III will it be?

The Claws of Hades?-The power to rip your enemy soul out and use it to beat your enemies.

The Nemesis whip?-The power of lighting to stun or destory your enemies.

The Gods and Goddesses: With Naruto's return the flow of time change and everyone's path gonna change a lot and those will gain new strength and power and also titles.

Note-Someone of the Gods may have been born as these chosen ones. I say may because its not all of them alright.

Sakura: Antheia, Greek Goddess of Flowers, Chosen cause of her love for Flowers.


Roman goddess of blossoming and flowering plants. She is the wife of Zephyrus
who gave her eternal youth. Also known as Chloris [Greek]

Neji: Ananke, Greek God of Fate and Destiny, Chosen cause of his strong believe in fate

Lee: Hebe, Greek God/Goddess of Youth, chosen cause of lee's constant ramblings of youth.

Tenten: Athena, Greek goddess of war, chosen cause of Tenten's abilities with weapons.


Virgin Warrior Goddess. Maiden Goddess. As Minerva Medica, she is the patroness of physicians. Patroness of craftsmen. Goddess of wisdom, medicine, women's rights, freedom, the arts, dyeing, science, trade, protection, writing, music, the sciences, sculptures, potters, architects, skills, renewal, prudence, wise counsel, peace, embroidery, horses and oxen, snakes, pillars, trees, medicine, war, schools. Ovid called her the "goddess of a thousand works." Her Greek mythology counterpart was Athena, and Minerva too sprung fully grown, and fully armored, from the head of Jupiter.

Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. She is the daughter of Zeus, born by springing
forth fully grown from his forehead. It is believed that she was conceived to
carry out deeds that Zeus could not do but would want to.

Her name, "Pallas Athene", is representative of her dual nature. She can be seen
as "Pallas", goddess of storms, courage, strength, battle, war, chivalry, and
victory. She can also be "Athene", the goddess of peace, beauty, wisdom,
creativity, education, science, and the arts.

She was responsible for teaching mortals natal care and healing. She also
invented the flute, created the olive tree, and showed men how to train horses.

Athena is the patron of craftsmen and the protector of cities. Her animal
symbols are the cock, snake, owl, and olive tree.]

Chouji: Adephagia, Greek Goddess of Gluttony, Chosen cause of Choji's Eating habits.

Shikamaru: Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep, chosen for Shikamaru's love of sleep.


Greek god of sleep. Brother of Thanatos (death) and Dreams. Son of Nox (night)
and Erebus.]

Ino: Aphrodite, Greek goddess of Love, beauty and desire, Chosen cause of her looks and constant desires.

Moon Goddess. Vegetation Goddess. Patroness of vegetation, gardens, vineyards and flowers. Goddess of love and beauty, the joy of physical love, fertility, continued creation, renewal, herbal magick. As the goddess of love, Venus is the "queen of pleasure" and mother of the Roman people. Possibly the daughter of Jupiter, she was the daughter of Dione. Venus was the wife of Vulcan, god of metalwork, but she was often unfaithful to him. Among her many lovers were Mars, the god of war; and the handsome shepherd Adonis. Venus was also the mother (by Mercury) of Cupid, god of love. She was the goddess of chastity in women, despite the fact that she had many affairs with both gods and mortals. As Venus Genetrix, she was worshiped as the mother (by Anchises) of the hero Aeneas, the founder of the Roman people; as Venus Felix, the bringer of good fortune; as Venus Victrix, the bringer of victory; and as Venus Verticordia, the protector of feminine chastity. Venus is also a nature goddess, associated with the arrival of spring. She is the bringer of joy to gods and humans. Venus really had no myths of her own but was so closely identified with the Greek Aphrodite that she "took over" Aphrodite's myths.]

Shino: Mellona, Roman Goddess of Bees and Bee keeping, Chosen cause Shino is a living bug hive.

Hinata: Fides , Roman goddess of Trust and Loyalty, Chosen for her loyalty to Naruto and her trust to him.


God of trust, faith, and loyalty.]

Tsunade: Asclepius, Greek God Of Healing and Medicine, Chosen for her immense capabilities in healing

[Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts, while his daughters Hygieia, Meditrina, Iaso, Aceso, Aglæa/Ægle and Panacea (literally, "all-healing") symbolize the forces of cleanliness, medicine, and healing, respectively. He was associated with the Roman/Etruscan god Vediovis.]

Jiraiya: Dionysus, Greek God of Vine, Wine and Merriment, Chosen for his love of pleasure and fun. He also specializes in Illusion.


Roman god of fertility, mirth, merriment, revelry, wine, wisdom, and

Bacchus was born of Zeus and Semele's union against the will of Hera, Zeus'
wife. When the jealous Hera learned of Semele's pregnancy by Zeus she angrily
plotted against them. She disguised herself and came to Semele, telling her she
should ask that Zeus appear before her in all his glory as the god of thunder.
Zeus swore to grant whatever wish Semele might have. Forced to abide by his
oath, he appeared to Semele as a display of lightening and thunder, which
killed her. As Semele died, she gave birth to Bacchus, who died as well. Zeus
restored life to him and sent the child to be raised by the nymphs, out of
Hera's jealous eye.

As the god of spring, he is Bacchus is said to be in terrible pain during winter
when the flowering plants and vines wither and die.

His followers were called bacchants. After reveling and overindulging in wine,
they danced around in a craze often trampling and tearing people and animals to
pieces. Bacchanalia was a festival held which involved excessive drinking and
drunken orgies. Also known as Dionysus [Greek]. ]

Orochimaru: Hades, God Of The Underworld, Chosen for his ability to resurrect the undead as servants

Sarutobi: Sancus, Roman God of loyalty, honesty and oaths. Chosen for his loyalty to konoha and his love for it as well.

Gaara: Mania, Greek Goddess of Insanity, Chosen cause of Gaara's insane nature.

Kankuro: Apollo, Greek god of Poetry, Music and The Arts, Chosen cause Kankuro's use of puppets.

Shining. God of the sun, prophecy, music, healing, medicine, oracles, reason, inspiration, the arts, magick.]

Temari: Aeolus, God of the Winds and Air, Chosen for Temari's affinity with Air and Wind.

Zabuza: Poseidon, god of the Sea, immense control of Water jutsu's and high chakra reserves.

Sea God. God of the sea, ships, earthquakes, horses, bulls, lakes, storms, rivers, fishermen. Son of Saturn, and brother to Jupiter and Pluto. Usually shown carrying a trident and rising from the Greek mythology counterpart was Poseidon.)

Haku: Triton, Messenger of Poseidon, Chosen cause of Haku's loyalty to Zabuza

Yugito: Fulgora, Roman Goddess of Lightning, Chosen for her affinity with Lightning.

Yamato: Nemestrinus, roman god of the Woods and Forests, Chosen for his affinity for Wood Jutsu.

Akamaru: Cerberus, Guard dog of the gates of hell, Chosen cause well, It is funny and he is a dog. (Ceberus has three heads.)

Kyuubi: Orcus, Roman (God) of the Underworld and Hell, Chosen cause the Kyuubi is the Lord of Hell. (As you saw in this chapter, Naruto had luck on his side)

Kin: Euterpe, a Muse of music and musical inspiration.

Tayuya: Bia, Greek Goddess of Force and Violence. Because of Tayuya's strength and well her violence

Kabuto: Charon, the Ferryman to Hades, ferries people to the underworld or back From the underworld. Chosen for his abilities to get Orochimaru people.

Madara/Tobi: Vali, Norse God of Vengeance.

Danzo: Loki!!

Pein: Tyr, Norse God of War; Ukko (Finland) The god of sky and air who controlled the rain. He replaced Jumala as supreme deity. His wife was Akka.

Itachi: Hoor, blind Norse god who was tricked by Loki into killing his own brother.

Kisame: Njoror, the Norse god of the sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility

Konan: Freyja, Norse goddess of love, beauty, and death.

Hidan: Berserk, Berserker, (Norse) Grandson of the eight-handed Starkadder and Alfhilde. He always fought ferociously and recklessly, without armor. That's the origin of berserk for a savage fighter, or one with the "fighting fever".

Isarabi: Ran, (Norse) Ran is goddess of the sea and storms, and wife to the sea god Aegir. She collects the drowned in her net and takes them to her hall located at the bottom of the ocean.

Chiyo: Yabme-Akka (Scandinavian) Death goddess who appeared as an old woman.

Anko: Pythia, Greek serpent and snake Goddess, daughter of Gaia.

Jirobo: Atlas the Titan.

Sakon/Ukon: Janus, the god of beginnings and endings. Two sides of the same coin. Also known as the God of Chaos, ruling over corrupt minds.

Hidan: Jashin Incarnate.

Kimimaro: Blackheart, son of Hades.

Kidomaru: Titanes, six armed titan.

If you don't like the titles for everyone well let me know then alright everyone.


Naruto pairing is a Harem but only one will be the first to be his wife and bare his first born.

Kratos had a lot of women in his life but only one caught his eyes and was able to bare his anger and burtal nature that was his wife, But I have made my choice Tayuya will be Naruto's wife because she can handle his new behavior she just as violence and hot headed and loud like Naruto. And I truly love NarutoXTayuya pairing and it fits so well with a GOW crossover with Naruto every time I think of one or least something to it.












Later everyone!