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This is a new story I've been contemplating posting for a few weeks now – so here it finally is. It's a lot different to my other fic and won't be as long either. It will consist of mostly 3rd person chapters, with the occasional diary entry from Bellas POV.

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Now on with the chapter…

Dear Diary,

This is the first time I've ever written in one of these. But it's doing my head in. I need to vent so here goes…

I hate this. And I hate him. I hate that my life is changing and I can't do anything about it. I hate that every time I wake up for school nowadays, there's a queue for the bathroom. I hate having cold showers, and I hate that the milks always gone when I come to eat my cereal. I hate it all, full stop!

But I can't stay mad for too long, not when I see how happy he is. Not after 18 years of watching him plod along through life completely alone. No pillar of support or shoulder to cry on. Only mine, and there's only so much one can do for their father, before it starts getting kinda weird, you know?

So when he told me he was getting married, I was overwhelmed with happiness for him. Finally something good was coming Charlie's way, and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

I'd always known they were pretty serious, well, as serious as one couple could be in a long distance relationship. But I'd never expected marriage, and all that comes with it… I say that with slight vexation, as things are a lot more complicated now than ever before.

Let me take you back to the beginning…

You see, it all started when they'd met some 6 years ago, in a hotel in New York. Charlie and I had taken a long weekend away there, I was 12 at the time and on my school summer holidays.

I remember the moment when they'd first met like it was yesterday, it was at breakfast on the morning we'd arrived, and they'd both gone for the coffee pot at the same time. You know how it is, hands connect, electricity sparks fly and suddenly you're in it for life.

To say it was incredibly uncomfortable for me to witness, was an understatement. No 12 year old should ever have to endure their own father using cheesy pick-up lines with some random chick. So imagine my surprise when they actually worked! I guess in a weird way I was really quite proud of him, if you push aside all the cringing.

So a weekend away of father-daughter bonding turned into something very different. Sight seeing for one went right out the window, and the best view I had all weekend consisted of the Hotels Garden and Swimming Pool. Not exactly what I'd hoped for, but oh well. I couldn't complain as I watched from a distance, as my father and this stunning woman grew ever closer.

If I'm honest, it was everything I'd ever wanted… to see him happy.

Well, almost everything. You see I've missed out one minor and extremely complicated detail, I suppose I should probably mention it, considering it is now the bane of my existence. Because whilst I was overjoyed with welcoming another female into the household, I had never anticipated she'd be a single mother.

Now here lies the complication.

Edward Cullen. Potentially the cockiest man I have ever laid eyes on. But also the handsomest, sexiest and most charming one as well - I'd never openly tell him that though, he's already got me wrapped around his little finger as a consequence of my distinct lack of restraint.

5 years ago, when we'd first met, it hadn't been much of a problem. He was 14 at the time, and barely had the patience for a silly 12 year old girl. He mostly teased me and pulled my hair, whilst our parents went off to do god-knows-what in the bedroom.

When we played together, he would cheat, when we swam together, he would splash my face with water until I cried.

I think it toughened me up though, because as time went by, I gave as good as I got. And with every splash he threw at me, I would splash right back. I even kicked him a few times, just to get the upper hand. It worked and he backed off, never attempting to kick me back… clearly that was a line that Edward would never cross, and I was pretty happy about that.

As the years have gone by though, he's started to mellow out.

Well, to a certain degree. He still teases me now and then, apparently that never gets old, but no longer does he pull my hair or chase me around the room. No. He uses other tactics to get one up on me now; that being his smile, his charm and of course, his body.

I should tell you that this little escapade of ours is still relatively fresh. It was only this year in fact, when they'd visited for Easter vacation, that he'd first kissed me... We were at some house party for my friend's birthday, and we were both slightly tipsy following a fair few drinks. It was around 2am by the time we'd walked home in a dreary daze, somehow managing to get back in one piece.

After clambering into my PJ's, I went down into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. And that's when it happened. Taking me off guard, he pinned me up against the kitchen sink and told me how badly he wanted to kiss me.

I was stunned at first, but having had very little action lately (my last boyfriend, Jacob, I realise now was a bit of a pansy in the bedroom department), and enjoying the feeling of his domineering body pressed hard against mine, I didn't really protest, and we spent minutes upon minutes feeling parts of each other we'd never quite imagined.

It wasn't until the next morning, when it hit me that I'd kissed my father's girlfriends son, that I felt I'd committed an awful crime. That led me to the bathroom, where I chucked up the majority of the previous nights booze.

I spent the following few days trying to ignore him. But it was virtually impossible, given he was staying in the same house as me. And then the ball started to roll… and I honestly couldn't believe my ears when he said it was the best thing we'd ever done. And later, even propositioning me to some no-strings-attached-sex. Claiming I wanted it just as much as he did!

What a load of piffle!

Of course he'd been right on the mark, and deep down I would honestly comply with every word he'd said. But how could I agree to it, when our parents were in a loving committed relationship. It seemed so very wrong, despite the ache down below, which I tried to ignore, as it screamed at me, telling me it felt so right!

And then it happened, a week later on the eve of them leaving. Charlie and Esme' had gone out for a meal, leaving us alone and with half a bottle of their red wine. I was far too comfortable and ridiculously confident following my first large glass of wine. And before I knew what was happening, we were sprawled across my bed, clothes flung recklessly around the room, and our bodies interlocked like tiny magnetic puzzle pieces.

That's the speeded up version of it anyway. The next day they left and went back home to Philadelphia, and we spent the next two months texting each other, Edwards texts more often than not reeking of sexual innuendo's, whilst we planned a date for our next visit.

If I'm honest, at first it had all been rather exciting. Yes, we were breaking the rules to a certain extent, but we both knew where we stood. And the thought of getting some incredibly hot casual sex at every visit, had me tingling with anticipation.

But then the worst happened, or the best, whichever way you look at it.

Charlie announced they were getting married… Great for him, not so great for me though. And to my horror, the people around me started using the 'B' word. I was not amused.

'So when's your brother coming to stay again Bella?' Alice, my oldest best friend asked me one school day.

Jessica, another one of my friends, but slightly more irritating, came out with – 'Oh Bella, maybe next time your brothers in town, we could all go out. I have to admit, he's totally gorgeous'.

I wanted to punch her.

But when Charlie said it one morning… 'You know I've always liked the thought of you having an older brother; someone to look out for you when I'm not around. I think this will be good for the both of us Bellz, I really do'. I smiled in return, but inside wanting to die.

So now here we are. It's early June and Esme' has taken two weeks out of work to come and stay with us. They're trying to arrange the details for the wedding, which is scheduled for early August. She's brought Edward along with her of course. He's finished uni for the Summer Break, so he'll be around a lot now he doesn't have much work on. I'm still at school, unfortunately, as I don't break up until mid July. So I'm having to force myself to concentrate on my work, whilst trying my best to ignore all that retched wedding talk.

I guess I should get used to having other people around now though, because our new house, a mile away from here, is almost ready for us to move into. We'll be moving in a few weeks after the weddings all sorted. I'm pretty sad to be leaving my childhood home, but excited at the prospect of getting a bigger room.

It's just the thought of everything changing. I'll have a step mom; I've never had a mother before... that should be interesting! Edward will constantly be around, as we'll all be living in the same house together… I'm not sure how that one will work… no doubt he'll create a life of living hell for me. And there will no doubt come a time when we'll be forced to put a stop to it; the sex I mean. It's already getting a little to intense for my liking as it is. Every time we're together I fear for getting caught. I guess one of these days we'll just have to talk it out. But for now…

"Bella, dinners ready!"

"Ok dad, coming!"

Right, that's my dad calling me, I better go! Until next time…

Bella Swan xxx

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