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Chapter 1:


She stirred in her sleep, flipping her body over to stuff her head into her pillow; hoping to drown out that sound of monotony. But the buzz of the alarm clock grew louder and louder, alerting her that it was time for school. Another day had arrived.

Flapping an arm out to one side, she smacked down onto the small silver item, putting it out of its misery and silencing the room completely. She then lay there with heavy eyes, just enjoying the few moments of relaxation before all hell would break loose yet again, but the serene moment was abruptly cut short, and a sudden bash on the door forced her to wake; her body twitched, startled at the sound.

"Alright alright, I'm up!" she called out with impatience, dragging her sleepy body into an upright seating position and releasing a long, soundly exhale. She glanced at the diary she'd recently bought which sat on her bedside table, before deciding to hide it under her pillow, ready for the next time she needed to spill her guts out.

With two bare feet landing on the fluffy beige carpet, she made her way towards the bathroom.

And that's when she saw him. His bare back was on show to the world as he wore only his dark blue sweat pants. She knew it was all for her benefit no doubt, everything he did was always for her benefit, and it never went unnoticed; she couldn't help but be slightly mesmerised by how toned he was.

"See something you like?" he smirked through the reflection of the mirror, as he noticed her lingering eyes; a cheeky grin of success now spread across his face at her interest.

"I need the bathroom, are you done yet?" she quickly snapped out of her state of admiration, as she stood at the doorway, hands on her hips un-amused. Never a morning person, especially when faced with Edwards smug comments. She was like a can of fizzy pop come 8am; always at risk of exploding.

"Hold your horses!" he exclaimed, "You know a face this attractive needs to be taken care of" he added, as he smeared cream all over his skin.

"Yes well, I do realise some of us need longer bathroom time than others just to look half decent. But I'm going to be late for school! Now hurry the hell up!" yelled Bella, grabbing the towel off the rack before throwing it at him in frustration. It hit his back before sliding downwards onto the tiled floor.

"Hey hey!" said Charlie as he tried to make peace. "What's with the racket Bellz!? We all need the bathroom, just wait your turn … sorry Edward, Bella's never been much of a morning person" he gave him a pointed look before grinning and walking away. She glared back as she watched Edwards smirk of delight reappear in the mirror. Always the golden boy in Charlie's eyes.

"Don't I know it" muttered a smiling Edward, as he cocked an eyebrow at her before turning around. "Right, I'm all done. Bathroom's yours".

"Bout time" she said in a whine, as she entered the bathroom, pulling the shower curtain open before turning back to face him. "You could give Jessica Stanley a run for her money. She practically lives in front of the mirror as well!"

"Jessica.. Jessica?" he thought for a moment, scratching his head. "Oh yeah, blonde hair, great rack?"

She responded by slamming the door in his face, to which he just laughed in amusement. Oh how he loved to get under her skin…


"Bellz, I've given Edward the keys to the truck, he'll be driving you to school today ..." said Charlie as he hauled a pile of books and papers onto the dining room table, "I'd drive you myself, but I've got a mountain of paperwork to do," he added, as Esme' walked passed, mumbling something under her breath about how she 'must ring the caterers'. In a way, school was actually a godsend for Bella, it certainly got her out of the whole wedding drama, and for that she was eternally grateful.

"Fine. Let's go" she gave Edward a blank and laboured look before stomping out towards the car.

"Don't get too excited, will you" sniggered a delighted Edward, giving Charlie a pat on the back before following her out…

"Drive safely!" Esme' called out prior to Edward closing the front door. And after a few steps down the driveway, he jumped inside of the truck beside an awaiting Bella.

"Right. Let's get this show on the road shall we" he said as he rubbed his hands together. "So, how'd you even drive one of these things anyway?" he asked casually as they sat in the front seats ready to set off.

"You're kidding me" she looked at him as if he had two heads.

"What? I've only ever driven cars. A trucks a totally different animal" he answered in his defence.

She rolled her eyes, shaking her head. "Brilliant, just brilliant" she muttered through gritted teeth. "Just make sure you double pump the clutch. After that, it's pretty straight forward".

He nodded, taking a moment to suss out the mechanics of it all, but an anxious Bella had no time for pleasantries. "Well come on then!"

"Geeze. Keep your panties on! What's crawled up your ass today!?"

"You! You're annoying me".

"Yeah, you wish... Maybe later though," he gave her a teasing sideways glance, before winking at her.

She huffed in irritation, her face turning red in a fluster. Looking down at her watch it ticked to 8.50am. It was no use, she was already late. "Just drive Edward, and for god's sake, get me there in one piece!"

No other words were spoken after that, the car simply filled with a tense and bitter atmosphere, and it wasn't until they'd reached the school sidewalk that they even acknowledged each others presence.

"Thanks" she said with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

"Oh stop, you're making me blush" he mocked, rolling his eyes before looking at her, but all he received was a glare from Bella, whilst she unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed her school bag from where it lay at her feet.

"Right, I'll be here to pick you up at 3.30. Don't be late!" he told her sternly, his hands still on the steering wheel.

"I can always get the bus if it's such a problem for you. You know I wouldn't want to put you out or anything" she said sweetly, forcing a fake smile as she looked at him.

"Oh Bella, we both know that's not true" he teased her, a small smile now playing on his own lips, and she knew exactly what he was referring too.

She snickered under her breath, trying to stifle it; her head shaking a little as she clambered out of the truck. Slamming the door behind her she lingered through the window. "Like you'd have it any other way Edward". She said with a smirk, her eyes growing bigger as she looked at him, before she turned on her heel to hurry up the main school steps; feeling rather smug as a grin of delight spread from cheek to cheek…


As agreed, well, ordered to be precise, Bella was sat on the steps by 3.30pm, waiting for Edward's arrival. He'd turned up some 5 minutes later, claiming he'd taken a wrong turning which led to him being late. But she shrugged it off with minimal words. Not feeling in the mood for much conversation… hormones, no doubt.

By 5pm, Charlie and Esme' were still not home, they'd left a note saying they were off Wedding cake shopping and wouldn't be back until late. So the house was relatively silent. A perfect opportunity for revision, if only Bella's pesky brain would kick into gear.

Following several minutes of staring at the same page, the words all merging into one meaningless blotch on the page, she threw it aside. Making a pact with herself to finish it later when she was better focused, whilst her feet led her wandering towards 'Edwards room'…

She tapped lightly on the door, hearing a mumble which she assumed was from the TV. When he welcomed her inside with a distant, "Come in," she nervously opened the door.

She stood like a sore thumb in the entrance, while she waited for him to look at her.

"So how's it going?" he asked as he spotted her at the corner of his eye. He was laid out across the bed, his arms tucked beneath his head to prop himself up as he watched some random TV show.

She shrugged, "its algebra, it's barely going at all actually".

"Hmm" he mumbled, "maths was never my strong point. Physical Education..." he gave her a nod as he looked at her, "...now that's my kind of subject," his eyebrow cocked up on one side.

She couldn't help but smile through disbelief, always astounded by how utterly smug he was. And with almost every sentence that came from his mouth, it was underlined with some sort of sexual connotation; meaningless to everyone else, but blatantly obvious to Bella.

She chose to ignore it and stepped further inside. "So, what did you do today?"

"Nothing much" he shrugged, pushing himself upwards. "Went up town, met a friend from uni" he said as he walked over towards the TV to flick the off-switch.

"Really? I didn't know you had any friends around here".

"Yeah, just the one" he nodded, "Tanya, she lives a couple of blocks away".

"Oh …" Now that caught her attention; another female was in his life? She tried to act natural and remember their no strings deal. "Ok. How come you never mentioned her before?"

"Why should I?" he asked with a shrug, before his expression changed into something else, and he stared at her a little harder, "…Are you jealous?"

She scoffed feebly, "as if".

"You know, it's ok if you are" he looked at her with a straight face, but there was a hidden smile that glazed across his eyes; clearly in love with the idea of a jealous Bella.

"I'm not" she spoke more firmly this time. "I was just… curious, that's all".

"Oh. So curiosity led you in here, did it?" he asked lightly.

"I don't know. I just, wanted to talk" she huffed, getting tired of his questions.

"Well we both know that's not true. You coming in here had nothing to do with us talking" he gave her a pointed look.

She felt her hands clench into fists through aggravation, never having met someone that could become so infuriating, so fast. She huffed, "Ugh. I can't be around you when you're like this…I'm going" she said as she went for the door. But a hand on the surface of the door slammed it shut, preventing her from leaving. She jumped a little, startled by his actions.

"No you don't" he hushed into her ear, feeling his smile against her skin causing her to shiver.

She was trapped. His arms either side of her, enclosing her in as she now stared at the white wooden door in front of her. His hand at her waist then encouraged her to turn around to face him. She sighed; her back leant against the door as she helplessly looked into his eyes. She'd found herself in this position far too many times, always with that little voice at the back of her mind, telling her how wrong it is … but the fact that she liked it, that she craved it more than anything else in the world, was the reason she didn't slam him in the gut and run a mile.

A soft smile lay across his face, and she melted in his arms; his lips going straight for her neck. It wasn't rough at first, it was passionate, yes, but all rather tender for someone like Edward.

His hands slid down the sides of her back, cupping her butt cheeks in his palms as he lifted her up. She was rather thankful she'd chosen to wear a skirt today, as her legs entwined with ease around his waist. Her mouth now searching to meet his.

They connected, lips touching, tongues tasting, and the moment turned to a blur. One second she was upright, pressed against the door in his arms, the next she was parallel, laid out across his bed, and his hands were already flush up her back, pushing away any restrictive material and tossing it to one side.

She lay beneath him; her bra still covering a little of her modesty whilst she squirmed at the pressured sensation below. She needed this, she needed him, now.

In an anxious hurry, her hands leant down to fiddle with his buckle, but she stopped at his unexpected chuckle, his soft laugh a hot breath in her ear.

"Were a little impatient today, aren't we?" he smirked in a husky voice as he looked down at her. Her wide eyes stared straight back at him. "It's usually the other way around" his eyebrows rose and fell in his amusement, before he unlatched his buckle and forced them down. His jeans soon finding their way to the floor.

She moaned as he released her from her underwear, the cool air riding upwards, making her tremble with pleasure. That was quickly replaced by a warm body closing the gap, as he slipped inside her like a silky glove.

They rode it out then, with her hand on his back, her fingernails almost digging into his skin, pushing him further towards her with every plunge, as she placed her legs out wide, flat against the mattress.

She was almost completely lost in the action, about to reach the highest of the high, stars in her eyes, when the sound of a car pulling up onto the driveway caught her attention.

She jolted at the sudden sound. "Edward" she breathed, her face in a panic as she grasped onto his shoulder to alert him.

"Don't, you dare stop!" his strained voice managed to order, well aware of the situation, but it was doubtful he'd stop if a meteor hit him, as he continued to pound into her body, his hands at her waist and hip, guiding her with every movement.

She reluctantly let her eyes flutter shut as his hand pulled her leg further around him, trying to immerse herself in the moment as they finally reached their climax; the ache in her lower body finally massaged to release. The sudden stress of the situation had made it even better than before, and they were both limp with relaxation after he'd pulled himself away from her and collapsed like a lump onto the bed by her side.

Sheer bliss…

It was the sound of the front door slamming shut that forced them back into action, and Bella was the first to spring to her feet, hurrying in pulling on her clothes, as she feared for getting caught.

"Don't stress alright, they wont come up here" he tried to calm her, as he zipped his jeans and threw his top over his dishevelled hair.

"How do you know!?" she fired back in a high pitched tone, as she tried to keep her voice down. Her hands rushed in straightening her skirt which was all askew, before they were both left startled as the door abruptly swung open.

"Oh, here you both are," Esme' smiled, as she poked her head around the doorframe, whilst Edward and Bella both stood awkwardly side by side. "Charlie… they're in Edward's room, I think they were hiding from us!" she chuckled as she called back to her fiancé who was down the stairs.

"No. Of course not" Bella tried to smile, but slightly distracted by her pounding heartbeat. "We were just, erm…" she ran a sweaty hand through her hair.

"Watching tele" Edward added, as Bella struggled to answer. She flashed him a look of thankful relief as he answered for her.

"Oh ok, well we've got some samples for the Wedding Cake downstairs, thought you'd fancy a taste."

"Great. I love cake" she exclaimed like a dork, immediately hating her response, whilst becoming even more aware of how heavy her breathing was, and hoping it wasn't too noticeable. She swallowed hard, clearing her throat as she tried to calm down.

Edward nodded in response, "Lead the way mother" he said, his hand showing her the way out.

They shuffled out the door, a look of resigned exhaustion passing from Bella's eyes to Edwards. He frowned as he tried to decipher her expression, sensing from the look in her eyes, that she was now contemplating giving this up.

A few risks were certainly a nuisance for Edward, but were never problematic enough for him to want to put a halt to their little agreement, for Bella on the other hand, it was all getting too much, and despite how much it grieved her, she was quickly starting to realise it. Never would she want to see the look on her fathers face if he ever caught them together; the upset, the disappointment and confusion. The thought of it had her stomach curdling.

So both made their way down the stairs with completely different thoughts; with Bella determined to put a stop to things before they got anymore out of hand, and with Edward, adamant to show Bella that quitting was definitely not an option…

The question was … who would have the upper hand?

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