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A Lucky Star

Chapter 1

Tokyo, Japan. The country known for it's advancements in science, untold history and culture, the country which blends both ancient customs and modern life to shape something unique and beautiful for those foreign to the land. Anyone who comes here would of course do all the things that a tourist would do but, this one moved here due to his parent's job and has decided to look around the city by himself. This young boy with silver hair and blue eyes, wearing glasses, a simple black shirt and jeans and shoes was looking for a specific place he wanted to go was known as the Otaku Mecha for all things anime, games and others and also known as the greatest electronic shopping area in the world, well, that's what he thought anyway. The name of the area was Akihabara. It was everything he had wished. Shops full of manga, figurines, games, Cafes having specific themes, maids, cat girls, you name it! Amazing electronic stores full of the most updated programme, monitors, even the consoles!

He was already given the money for some of the things he wanted to buy, and by buy, he bought just about everything he could never get his hands on, the games, manga, even the animes! He was just happy that most of them were at a decent price for him to get and still have enough for a snack and train ride.

"Guess I can head to one of those cosplay cafes." He said to himself and with the bags in over his shoulder, started looking for a place to eat.

He browsed the cafes in the area, hoping to find something that would catch his interest. Something did catch his eye alright. A cute looking young girl with short lilac hair with a ribbon tied in it, with blue summer eyes and a face mixing terror and embarrassment and wearing a simple one-piece dress with sandals, was being harassed by other guys with cameras in their hands. To him, he got angry. He hates seeing people in danger and jumped right in to stop the group of guys.

"Get away from her you punks!" Of course, he's not civilized when he does it, kicking one of them in the face. "Anyone else wants a piece of me?!" With that said, the group just ran in fear of the boy. He turned around and saw the girl still slightly shivering of what just happened. He offered his hand to her "Are you ok?"

"Err… Yeah, I'm ok." The girl reached and grabbed his hand and in that instant was pulled up, with a squeak of surprise. "Um…T-thank you for saving me."

"No probl-"He was cut off when someone ran in between him and the other girl.

It was another girl with the same lilac hair as the other and same coloured eyes except, this one's hair was long and done in twin pigtails, wearing a blouse, overalls from the thigh down and with a tie. Her face showed seriousness and hostility, much different from the girl standing behind her yet, looked beautiful in his eyes.

"Get away from my sister!" The girl screamed at the boy, which confused him.

"Wait, onee-chan-" The other girl tried to talk but was stopped halfway.

"Tsukasa, are you ok? He didn't try to bully you or anything?"

"But onee-chan…" The girl called Tsukasa was completely flustered and was unable to speak.

"Can I have a say in this now?" The boy on the opposite side of the girls finally spoke.

"Let me guess, you where planning to take pictures of my sister because she looked like A**ra Ka****shi from To H****t right?"

"Hey, don't lump me in with those people!"

"Oh? Than what are you carrying?" Kagami said, pointing at the bags in his hand.

"Just because I'm an otaku, doesn't mean I'm the same level as them!"

"Like I can believe that. The last time I came here, several guys wanted to take my picture. All of them are otakus."

The boy got angrier from this argument. "You want a piece of me little missy?! It's against my morals but, I can make an exception!" The boy said, going into a stance.

"Fine then!" The girl also got into a stance.

"WAIT!" The girl known as Tsukasa screamed, stopping the two from fighting. "Onee-chan, he saved me from a group of those people! He just helped me up and made sure I was fine."

The elder sister turned back and forth between the boy and her sister. "Is that what really happened…?"

"Yeah." The boy answered, breaking his stance. "I was just walking by and saw your sister in trouble. I jumped in and got rid of them. I helped your sister out and you just jumped in. You jumped into conclusions as well, which led us to what's in front of us now."

The elder sister began to get embarrassed and ended up endlessly bowing apologetically. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I just thought… well, you know… I really am sorry!"

The boy blushed himself in embarrassment. "Y-you don't need to apologize. I should have explained myself instead of getting into a fight like that." The boy sighed from everything that happened. "All I wanted was to find a place to eat."

"Oh, we were going to stop by a place to eat as well." The younger girl said. "How about joining us, seeing that you don't know this place."

"Tsukasa!" The other girl snapped at her sister for making such an offer.

"I wouldn't mind. Don't worry; I'll pay my share of the food." The boy was completely nonchalant about it. "Think of it as a proper way to apologize to me."

"If you put it that way, fine." The pigtailed girl agreed to this. "I'm Kagami Hiiragi by the way and that's Tsukasa, my sister." The finally introduced both herself and her sister to a complete stranger.

"Jack Rassler. Nice to meet you." He bowed towards the two girls.

As the three started to walk, Kagami wanted to know something. "Where are you from because, you speak really good Japanese but, you barely look like one."

"My mother is Japanese while my father is American. When I was younger, I would end up visiting my mom's relatives, seeing that they can't really speak English, and end up learning Japanese. My mom thought me to speak it properly since then."

"Oh. I thought it was something like that. Then what brought you here to Japan anyway?"

"My parent's was transferred here for business reasons. The other reason was that, they wanted to return here. They really love Japan. Ah, I'm also going to be studying here as well, to a school called, Ryoo High School."

"Hey, that's our school." Tsukasa spoke out hearing this. "What year?"

Jack thought about the slight difference between the America school system and Japans. "I guess I'll be in my third year when I think of it in Japan's schooling system."

"Oh, the same year as us, quite the coincidence." Kagami was quite amazed how everything started to fit.

"There is no such thing as coincidences. It was inevitable for me to come to the school same school as you as well as meeting with you all, whether you know it or not."

Kagami was quite amazed about what he said there but, why did that sound familiar?

"What's wrong onee-chan?" Tsukasa saw that her sister was in deep thought.

"Nothing but, that sounded really familiar, where have I heard it?" Kagami kept thing about it without much luck.

"It was an anime reference. My way of thinking has been altered slightly from all the anime I've been watching and would pull out a reference every now and then, just for fun. That one was from XXX**L*c." Jack chuckled about it for a bit. He did so again when he saw Kagami's face turned to annoyance and sighed.

"Hey, that's what our friend does a lot." Tsukasa spoke after hearing about it. "She's into anime and games and things like that. It's actually fun when she's around."

"Heh. I would like to meet her." Jack mused himself, thinking of meeting someone else like him.

"Well, it's not going to be long when you see her that's for sure." Kagami sighed, knowing what's going to happen once she gets to the café.

The café they where heading was in one of the buildings and a few floors up, not that it mattered to them as they all seemed hungry at the time. Once they reached the entrance, a little girl, looking around the age of 12, with long blue hair and an emerald eyes with a mole under her left, wearing a school uniform and yellow ribbon tied in her hair and has a cat-grin like smile. In the eyes of Jack, he was, bluntly, down right surprise.

"Welcome home master!" The little girl spoke, with a slightly syrupy like voice.

"You can drop the act now Konata." Kagami said with a dead pan face.

"It's part of my job. Come on in." Konata lead them in. "So, who's the guy with you, your boyfriend~?"

Both Jack and Kagami both blushed at the mere mentioned and in unison. "We're not! We've just met!"

"I'm just joking. I had doubted that Kagami would find someone out of the blue like that."

"What was that runt?" Kagami held her fist in anger.

"Here's your sit. There are refills and the internet here is free. I'll be back for the orders." Konata walked off after handing in the menus.

"I'm gonna take it that she's the friend right?" Jack looked at the little girl walked off.

"Yup. I'm going to need to explain why you're with us." Kagami had a quick look at the menu.

As for Jack, he had a look around the room and noticed a lot of the girls are playing the roles of one specific anime but, he can't seem to remember which though. It had something to do with aliens, time travelers and Espers.

"Are you ready to order?" Konata returned with a sudden change of voice and change of air.

"I'll have an orange juice." Tsukasa said.

"How boring." Konata said, feeling irritated.

"I'll go for spaghetti with coke." Jack said.

"How about you?" Konata spoke towards Kagami.

"Give me a second will you?"

"And you call yourself a brigade member? Hurry up or else you'll get a penalty."

"And what would that be, a bigger bill?" Kagami was getting really annoyed to how she was being treated.

"It's part of my job to act…Well, what is it?" Konata just switched back and forth between the character and her normal self.

"Fine, I'll have a chocolate parfait." Kagami finally made her order.

"Now, wait here, that's an order." Konata then soon walked off after taking their orders.

"Does that happen here a lot?" Jack asked out of curiosity.

"It seems like she always does it to me." Kagami placed her left hand on her forehead of this happening in front of them.

From that point on, all they did was talk about typical stuff, food, games, different cultures and so forth. It was nothing major to them, just seems like a group of friends enjoying each others company despite the first time meeting. They stayed in the café even watched the show. The Hare Hare Yukai dance was the show, which jogged Jack's memory very well.

Once the café came to a close, the trio made their way out. Of course, it would have been the time for Jack to leave and head home but, it seems like Kagami may need help explaining some things to their little blunette friend. It took no less than 15 minutes for the little girl come down.

"Oh, Kagamin, you waited for me~!" Konata went and hugged the waist of the pigtailed girl.

"Get off!" Kagami said, pushing the little girl away from her.

The little girl eventually let go and had a look at the silvered hair boy standing behind them. "Oh, you're the guy who came in with Kagami and Tsukasa. I'm Konata Izumi, otaku extraordinaire." She introduced herself and took her hand out. Kagami felt a little annoyed from hearing this and Tsukasa just giggled.

Jack chuckled a bit. "Jack Rassler, transfer student and devil hunter." He had figured to have a bit of fun himself.

"I guess the saying is true. Birds of a feather flock together huh?"

"I guess, depending on how you look at it."

Konata nodded her head once hearing this. "So, how did you guys meet anyway? I doubt it was a normal way."

The group all explained everything to the little girl, from Tsukasa getting surrounded by a group of boys, or as Konata would call them A boys, to the argument between Jack and Kagami.

"Wow, a perfect scene from a dating sim." Konata had a full vivid image of it.

"Stop comparing reality with fantasy. But yeah, that's how we met." Kagami said.

"Actually, I figured that you two would end up fighting." Konata turned to Jack. "Kagami can be really scary when you're not careful. I'm surprised you're still alive."

"Do you want me to hurt you?" Kagami raised her fist towards the little girl while her sister tried to calm her down.

Jack had a laugh watching this and said. "I can handle myself much better than you think. I dealt with people like her anyway."

Kagami glared back a Jack. "Watch it buddy."

"I'm kidding. I'm not going to physically fight a girl this time about. Like I said, it's against my morals."

Kagami finally dropped it, feeling tired from all of this. "Whatever. Come on Tsukasa, let's go. See you." She then turned around and walked off.

"Um, ok." Tsukasa followed her. "See you at school!" Tsukasa said, waving her hand towards the two.

Konata waved back and turned to Jack. "Tell me, what do you think of Kagami?" If Jack was paying attention, he would have noticed a slight sound of seriousness.

"Tough strong-willed and smart." He didn't notice at all. "Not to mention short-tempered." Jack said as he walked off sighing. "She is rather cute, I'll give her that."

"Heh, you got that right." Konata watched as the boy walked off, bringing her hand to her chest. Her smile shrunk as Jack was ear-shot. "You… got that right…"

Jack returned home without any problems. From there, it was nothing special, having dinner with family, head for his room and turned on his TV. Nothing special was on so he lay down on his bed, with his TV still on. Kagami kept appearing in his mind and what he said to Konata.

"Rather cute huh?" Jack chuckled thinking about Kagami. "She's out of my league that's for sure."

Kagami had some homework needed it done and did so once she got into her room. After an hour has passed, she was losing her concentration. It's fairly rare for that to happen to her. She decided to have a break and rest on her bed. It turns out; it was the meeting with Jack that was on her mind.

"Why is it that I always attract the same kind of people?" She does seem to be able to meet with weird otakus and most of them, particularly one, are lazy. "I just hope this one doesn't ask for copying homework as well."