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Gary couldn't breath.

No, Gary couldn't even kept a straight face, sitting on that chair inside that hospital hallway. Yet, there was no noose around his neck, no man choking him.

Explainable as well, was the loud, incessant, monotone buzzing that muted out any other sound. The people around him could be moaning out in despair, but their cries would only fall of deaf ears.

Gary waited, arms crossed. His expression was pained; A blank stare and deaf ears.

Why did the world feel yanked out form under his feet? Now, Gary was tumbling...

Tumbling and unbound by gravity through a pool of darkness…

"Gary." A sober voice and a palm on his shoulder brought the teenager back to reality.


Professor Oak towered over him, only to take a step back and wave for him to follow.

Gary's feet weighed like concrete blocks. He struggled to walk, or form a coherent thought.

They approached another hall… The final hall of their whole trajectory. Professor Oak led Gary to a stop.

"Before we proceed any further…" Samuel's voice was soft, comforting. "I want you to think about this."

Gary almost choked, bringing a hand up to cover his face. "I need to see him."

"You don't have to, Gary. You don't have to. He's not even awake."

His head shaking, Gary pushed past him. "Just let me through."

Oak did not follow him. He only watched as Gary approach the very last room before stepping away and out of sight.

There were a couple of uncomfortable seating sofas lined along the wall. Delia was lying on her side across one, deep dark bags under her eyes. She was asleep.

Disheveled but awake, Misty sat on a chair just opposite of her.

"Gary!" Her whisper was nearly a cry, jumping to her feet and running to meet him in a hug. She sobbed silently in his chest. "Oh Gary, Delilah's asleep. She's been awake all this time, Gary all this time…"

"I know." Gary spoke softly, holding the embrace. "I haven't slept either."

His heart swelled so badly, it was too heavy for his own chest.

"This… Is entirely my fault, Misty." Gary managed to choke, holding back a bursting sensation from his chest.

Misty shook her head, her hair tickling him. "Don't you ever say that. It's not true."

Pain stricken, Gary pushed away from the embrace, feeling numb and faint.

"Can I go in?" Gary's voice was solemn.

Misty nodded, her façade giving away. Her eyelashes were shinning, her eyes pools of tears, her lips a sulk.

Gary took a deep breath pushing stepping inside the room.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

Head hanging low, Gary approached the bed, his step almost in sync with the heart rate machine. He sat on the chair that waited by the edge of the bed, unable to look at the sleeping figure lying upon it.

He's alive. Gary told himself. He finally found the courage to look up…

Ash had never been so white. He was pale beyond reason, Gary nearly thought he was dead.

Tears welled in Gary's eyes as he took in the bandage wrapped around his neck, like a collar, a streak of red staining it from underneath. Ash's closed eyes were black and blue, both of them, and another bandage was wrapped around his head, tuffs of black hair ruffled up.

"Oh Ash." Gary blinked, resisting the escape of his tears, looking away from his face. His arms were wrapped like a mummy, connected to several IV bags that hang above them. From underneath the sheets, one could tell Ash's leg was within a cast.

Gary bent forwards, allowing his arms and head to rest on the bed. He gingerly reached for Ash's hand.

"I'm so sorry…" A plea within a sob. "I'm so sorry."

He looked at Ash, who lay still, un-reacting. Gary pushed away a few rouge hairs from his face, his chest swelling painfully.

"You always hurt the one you love…" Gary whispered. "The one you shouldn't hurt at all."

Like a damn that had burst, Gary bent down over the bed and was no longer able to withhold his tears. Ash's hands in his own, He allowed himself to stay, stay until he felt dry, but the feeling never seemed to come.

He stood up, furiously wiping at his eyes.

"I hope I'll see you again." Gary murmured in lament as he leaned over Ash, placing a soft kiss over his forehead. "…But I hope for you're sake, I never do."

Gary dragged himself to the door, giving Ash one last longing look. "…Goodbye."

Gary was through the door, through the halls, and out of the hospital.

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