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Well what can I say…every H/D writer just HAS to have their crack at a creature fic XD

This is my 'Not Obligatory Creature Needs Mate Story'. As to exactly what I mean by that, well I've created this fic to sort of take the crap out of all of the others. There will be no creature pining for its mate, I can tell you that for free.

However, that being said this is a serious story, and it's my honest to god attempt at one of those epic H/D stories that just make you want to curl up and read them forever. As to whether I can pull it off, well… I'll let you tell me that.

And so, how do all obligatory creature fics start..? Oh yes, that's right…with the countdown to midnight on Harry's sixteenth birthday…

Disclaimer: Not mine, but god I wish it was. Minnesota and Antinegrus however, belong entirely to me.


Harry's eyes watched the alarm clock avidly, the two piercing points of green shining dully in the dim light. The minutes clicked over quietly, one after another. Each time the two points between them flashed, he counted down another second.


The alarm clock taunted him with its quiet ticking. Drearily he wondered why an electronic clock would be fitted to make such a redundant and annoying noise.


It felt to him that this was dragging on forever. It was just another birthday; just another thing he had to worry about time and again, year after year. Another year older and still the same old dull Harry Potter.


Slow tingles seemed to pull their way up from his toes, traversing through his bloodstream and coursing their way up his body. But so infinitesimally small was the feeling, that it was easy to brush aside.


Two more minutes until midnight; two minutes until he found out if his horrors were correct, if his life was really to change so drastically. He felt empty, alone, and locked in. Bars on his window again, and lock on his door


They couldn't really keep him inside, even if they wanted to. He was Harry James Potter, the boy who lived. And if he wanted out, he could attain it. And yet he didn't. He no more wished for that door to be open, than he did for the clock in from of him to make that final noise, to flash its scarlet numbers in absolute certainty.



Harry felt no jolt, no pain. There were no tingles running over his body, no aches leaking from his bones. Letting out the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding, he burst into peals of laughter.

Clutching at his stomach painfully, it took him a moment to notice that there was a surprisingly official looking own sitting on his windowsill. It hooted demurely, before attempting to stick its letter laden leg through the bars.

Harry cooed to it quietly, and moving closer, he slid his hands through the bars and undid the letter. Without waiting for any kind of reply it launched back off into the night, not even staying for the obligatory own treat usually given after delivery.

Harry sat heavily on his bed, eyeing the letter with a disapproving snort.

Master Harry James Carcerus Orion Phillius Potter

The Locked and Bared Room

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging, Surry

Harry's eyebrow rose suspiciously at the extra names on the envelope; since when had he had four middle names?!

He shrugged, marking it down to impossibly stupid ministry error, and slit the letter open with his finger. Before he could get any further than having released it, a smooth piece of silken green paper fluttered out of the envelope and hovered in front of his face.

In front if his eyes it folded itself neatly into the shape of a mouth, and began to speak in hushed tones.

"Good evening Master Potter."

The voice was young and feminine, and Harry's mouth hung open slightly at the notion that at least one person who worked at the ministry was younger than fifty.

"The Secretary of Funereal Affairs sends his kindest regards and well wishes after your most grievous loss. Having just officially reached legal age Master Potter, your inheritance has been officially and legally activated. You are courteously requested to attend a meeting with the secretary himself later today. He wishes your presence at the reading of Sirius Orion Black's final will and testament. It will be read at one pm in the Secretary's office at the Ministry of Magic. Transportation has been arranged, and you will be picked up at twelve thirty.

Have a good night, and a happy birthday Master Potter.


Minnesota Clarington, personal assistant of the Secretary of Funereal Affairs."

With a small rustling noise the letter fluttered, and sent a small papery kiss his way, before unfolding and drifting slowly to the floor.

Harry simply stared at it.

He should have felt the familiar stab in his gut; the pull of his heart as it beat slower remembering that his precious god-father had died. He stood slowly, and picked the letter up, tucking it back into its envelope and placing it securely in his drawer.

He led back on his bed quietly, and heaved a deep sigh. He had not been expecting this, but he supposed it made sense. He assumed Dumbledore would be at the meeting tomorrow, and wasn't surprised as his heart seemed to sink at the thought.

Rolling over he closed his eyes, and after what felt like an age, finally fell asleep.


Harry woke to a sharp rapping on his door, "wake up boy! Your aunt and I are taking Dudley out for the day, be sure you do your chores and are back in here before we come back for dinner!"

Harry groaned and reluctantly rolled out of bed, his feet meeting the floor to the sound of the lock on his door being released. Stumbling his way to the upstairs bathroom, he decided to start his day with a nice, cold shower.

Once he was done Harry dragged himself around his room, picking up stray items of clothing and leaving to one side the ones he would wear for the day. When he was done Harry had a pile of washing he needed to do, and a much smaller pile of what could most reasonable be called, 'still okay…sorta' clothes.

He pulled on a loose grey T-shirt and shrugged a too-small black jacket over his shoulders, annoyed to make the realisation that he would have to throw it out soon, when he had only just rescued it from a neighbour's bin two weeks previously.

Pulling a pair of faded denim jeans on, Harry slipped his feet into his falling apart trainers, and ran a quick hand through his hair. Deciding he was ready for the meeting, he cast a quick glance at his bedside clock, only to realise that it had hardly gone nine.

Trudging downstairs he made to finish all of his chores before he had to leave for the meeting. That involved cleaning up the plates from breakfast (they smelt of eggs and bacon, but all that was left for him was toast), scrubbing down the kitchen surfaces, and vacuuming the carpeted rooms of the house, before dusting and polishing every item within it.

By the time he had finished, Harry was startled to realise that he had five minutes until his transportation was due to arrive. Hurriedly attempting to make himself once more presentable, he settled finally on the garish living room couch.

No sooner had he sat down, than a loud crack drove him to his feet again.

Standing in front of him was a young woman, who was watching him with a dazzling smile. She had on a set of deep blue robes, and he hair bounced around her shoulders in soft brown curls.

"Master Potter!" she beamed brightly, and Harry instantly recognised her voice from the letter he had received the previous night.

"Minnesota Clarington?" he asked unnecessarily.

She beamed and nodded, "that's me!" before turning away from him, her wand suddenly in her hand.

Harry didn't hear her say anything, but an elaborate motion of the dark wood in her hand had a large brick fireplace appearing out of nowhere in front of him. He noticed with a raised eyebrow, that it was hovering about ten centimetres above the plush carpet.

Minnesota held out a small bag filled with a fine green powder, "you'll be wanting room three hundred and twenty-six of the Ministry of Magic."

Harry nodded and took and small pinch, thanking her quietly, before stepping into the flames. The last thing he saw before his world spun into insanity, was the shocked look on Minnesota's face as he disappeared in a wreath of flames.


Stepping out of the fire Harry coughed quietly, and brushed himself down with an absent wave of his hands. Looking up he was greeted by the face of a rather large man, whose eyes shone with joy, but whose cheeks were sallow and hair thick and black. Harry decided that he liked him.

"Ahhh, Master Potter, you're right on time!"

Harry acknowledge him with a slight incline of his head, but stepped to the side quickly to allow Minnesota a clear exit. Not a second later she strode from the fire, but her eyes were large and startled, and she excused her presence quietly, to go and sit at a small desk in the corner of what Harry suddenly realised was a very large room.

"My name is Antinegrus Flit master Potter, and I will be conducting this rather important business today!" The man spoke with a well rounded voice which seemed to reverberate around the room, whilst at the same time it fell softly against Harry's ears.

Taking a seat at the far end of the large table in the middle of the room, he motioned for Harry to take the one at the opposite end. Harry sat without aplomb, and looked up at the man with questioning eyes.

"Excuse me sir, but the letter I received last night told me that the meeting started at one o-clock, but it's barely gone half-past twelve. Why am I here so early?"

Antinegrus' eyes twinkled as he grinned, "ahh, your godfather was right, you certainly are intelligent when it comes to noticing details. Yes, you were asked here before the other recipients because Master Black wished it to be so.

Harry's eyes narrowed, but he waved his hand slightly, "go on."

Antinegrus inclined his head slightly, "your godfather entrusted me with his will personally, as I was not only his banker, but also his lawyer and friend. Last but not least he decided that I did not play a large enough roll in his hidden life already, without performing the job for him that is my most formal title."

Harry smiled thinly, "that sounds like him alright."

Antinegrus grinned and nodded, continuing. "He told me in person that before anyone else was to hear his will, you would have final say. He told me that he was hesitant of certain people in these times, and that he trusted you to know correctly after his death, who should, and who should not, benefit from it."

Harry's eyes darkened, "my godfather seems to have been filled with many surprises, even after his death. That is a remarkably well calculated move."

Antinegrus smiled thinly, "you speak like he said you would young man; like you know far too much, and then some." He cleared his throat, and returned to what he was saying, "his instructions were for me to read out his final will and testament to you alone, that you may pick who will receive the items attributed to them. You are not mention in this will except for at the end, in that we are to understand than anything and everything not mention in the will belongs to you, as well as any items or assets you choose to withhold from other recipients."

Antinegrus petted his wall manicured beard gently, before saying, "your godfather was a very clever man, a smart man. I want you to understand, first hand, that you were his entire world, and he has entrusted you with all of it."

Harry nodded solemnly, but didn't feel the twinge he expected to accompany the man's sobering words.

The Secretary cleared his throat, and picked up a tattered and dirty looking piece of paper, which somehow managed to look like the most precious artefact in the world. Reading slowly, he began. "To Albus Dumbledore, the sum of fifty thousand galleons to go towards the upkeep and maintenance of Hogwarts, as well as another one thousand to be used solely on the Gryffindor common room. One golden chalice inscribed with the Black family insignia and filled with unicorn blood, and the four mirrors of Arisole."

Antinegrus looked up, "that is the end of the items pledged to Albus Dumbledore, do you have anything to say on this?"

Harry sat forward slowly, his eyes calculating and dark as he nodded slowly, "the money will be given, but only under proof of contract that it will be used on the school only. The chalice and mirrors are not to be given to him though."

Antinegrus nodded and with a quick flick of his wand, amended the point in the will. "To the Weasley family, the sum of twenty thousand galleons, and an enchanted tapestry showing their entire family lineage."

Harry nodded, "they can keep everything."

The Secretary waved his wand again, before continuing, "To Miss Granger, the sum of ten thousand galleons and a quarter of the Black mundane library."

Before Harry could say anything, Antinegrus held up his hand, "you are to understand, Master Potter, that the Black family have two household libraries. The first is the mundane library, where can be found all normal wizarding books. The number of books is estimated to be around two thousand, also including memoirs and personal journals. The second library, the Black library, is everything else. Master Potter, the most valuable and dangerous books are stored there, and no one but the family themselves know of its existence. The only reason I know is so that I may pass the information on to you. The Black library spans two floors of Black Mannor, and is said to contain close to ten thousand books, memoirs, and journals."

Harry sat back wide eyed, before nodding absently, "she may keep everything."

"Next on the list, to Remus Lupin, the sum of ten thousand galleons, and three cases of two hundred year old firewhisky."

Harry laughed out loud at that one, "oh yes yes, let him keep it!" he felt like punching his godfather on the shoulder playfully for that one, as he imagined the look on the werewolf's face.

"To Severus Snape."

Harry sat bolt up in his chair, his eyes trained on the other man, "go on…" he said dangerously.

Antinegrus shifted uncomfortably in his seat, "The sum of three hundred thousand galleons, and the box hidden beneath his bed."

Harry was out of his chair within seconds, "it can't really say that?!" he questioned dizzily, "read it again!"

Antinegrus obliged, and Harry sank groaning back down into his seat. "I don't understand." He groaned quietly, "clearly I'm missing something there, but I will trust in my godfather. Give him the money, but I wish to keep the box until I can ascertain what is in it. Am I allowed to postpone a decision?"

Antinegrus nodded, "if you choose not to give the box over, then it will belong to you. After that, should you wish to give it to Severus Snape, it will be entirely within your power to do so."

Harry nodded, and waved for him to continue.

"To Kreacher, two old socks, and four bottles of 'Magical-Malady Cure'."

Harry laughed hysterically, somehow managing to wave for him to continue.

"To Gred and Forge Weasley…" Antinegrus scrunched his nose up at that, "wha-…this must be a mistake…?"

Harry snickered, "no, that's just Sirius being Sirius, please continue."

Antinegrus nodded and repeated himself, "to Gred and Forge Weasley, the sum of twenty thousand galleons to go towards trickery and deceit. Thirty books chosen from the mundane library, and five chosen from the Black library."

The Secretary looked up, "the books have already been chosen with a charm, and should you chose to give them to the Weasley twins, they will be transported from the library by another spell already in place."

Harry beamed, "yes most certainly, give them the lot."

Antinegrus smiled warmly, and continued. "To Minerva McGonagall…"

The list continue on, and Harry didn't bar any more of the items or cash amounts mentioned.

"Well Master Potter, that seems to be almost everything!" Antinegrus smiled happily.

Harry quirked an eyebrow, "almost?"

Antinegrus looked rather nervous then, "well you see, due to a series of rather unfortunate circumstances during my early life, I have rather what you might call a 'life debt' to your godfather. As that debt was also his property, he has handed it on to you. I am to offer you the services of being your banker and lawyer, should you desire them."

Harry raised his eyebrow again, "you are the Secretary of Funereal Affairs Mr Flit, I don't see any connection between it and a lawyer or a banker. Are you any good at being either?"

The man grinned at him impishly, "I'd rather say I am old chap, the whole Secretary of Funereal Affairs thing is just my day job. I'm confident you will be satisfied with my services in the other areas."

Harry stood and bowed deeply, "then I will take on such services immediately. However…"

The boy's voice hung in the air of the still room, making Antinegrus catch his breath as he waited for the last half of the sentence.

"…I will not be requiring your life debt to my godfather. I will pay you as any other, if not more generously, if it please you."

Antinegrus looked like he was about to pop, and he grinned broadly, "most certainly Master Potter, it would be my pleasure to work for you in these matters."

Harry nodded, "then I will be requiring another meeting with you shortly, in regards to exactly what is mine, and what I may do with it. I judge that twelve Grimmauld Place belongs to me?"

Antinegrus nodded solemnly, "down to the last brick."

Harry nodded, "good, then I will need to have everyone vacated. I will be moving in immediately."

Antinegrus Flit grinned wickedly, "as you wish."

Just as Harry turned to go, he heard the clock strike one, and suddenly found the room filled with coughing wizards and witches, and clouds of billowing smoke pouring from the fireplace they were all using to get inside.

Brushing past them all, Harry left through the front door.


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