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Her eyes widened.

It was almost hard to believe. Blurs flew through the air as loud crashes roared into her ears. Blades of grass were torn from the ground and sent whipping around in midair before falling to the ground.

Suddenly, a strange man in strange armor—decorated in black and brown—with long, spiky black hair appeared. He stood with full confidence and a smirk gracing his lips, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Her frightened eyes darted around for a way out; anywhere to get away from the presence of unavoidable conflict.

It was then that she saw them. Behind the strange man, two men appeared as if they were hovering in midair, each with an arm drawn back and ready to attack the long haired man. The only things she could notice of her saviors were the gis they wore; one orange and the other purple. Relief flooded into her system like water.

The fearsome man didn't stand a chance!

Before either warrior could strike though, the man in armor leaned forward, his legs coming right off the ground. Faster than she could blink, his feet lashed out, slamming into the faces of the duo, sending them flying away.

This couldn't be happening!

As the two men tumbled through the air, they suddenly recovered themselves, landing on their feet. Without hesitation, they rushed back at the armored man. As the duo closed in on their opponent, she could clearly see their determination at defeating him. Even as they charged in, she could see their strategic movements forming.

Unfortunately, so could he.

The opposed held his ground…air until the very last second, disappearing before her very eyes. Both men flew through empty air as their charge was rendered useless.

Despite this development, the duo seemed to know exactly where their opponent had gone. That was more than she could say as she frantically looked about the surrounding area. It was only when she saw both men turn and look into the air that she realized what happened. In the air, their opponent hovered, waiting for their next move. As if on cue, they both leapt after him, preparing to fight the long-haired man in air-combat.

However, their opponent seemed to have other ideas. Leaning his body backwards, he soon came into an upright position, his hands raised by his head. As the two charging men closed in on him, he gave an evil grin as his hands were thrust downwards.

To her surprise, two beams of light fired from the man's palms, racing towards the charging men. Each gave out a cry of surprise as they moved out of the beams' way. Even more astonishing was when the beams of light hit the ground, causing explosions as they detonated.

Both men fell to the ground, landing on their feet soon after the detonations. Despite the sight of erupting flames, she was frozen to the spot she stood on, fear coursing through her body. How could this be happening? How was any of it possible?

That was when the man in orange shouted "Where'd he go?!" She immediately looked back at the armored man, failing to see him at his last location. If she wasn't already scared, she was terrified now. The man could be anywhere now!

As if in answer, the armored foe appeared right behind the man in orange, an evil smile on his face. "Right here."

Faster than she could track, the man swung a kick that nailed the warrior in the back, sending him flying away and skidding on the ground soon after. Time seemed to go on before the man in orange started rising from the ground, visibly shaken. It was as if he hadn't anticipated such an encounter.

Neither could she for that matter.

Looking to his comrade, he began rubbing his check with a shaky fist. "Hey Piccolo, are you—"

His words halted. Even from where she stood, she could sense something was wrong. Turning her attention, she finally took more notice of the man in purple. His appearance looked nothing like his companion. He sported green skin with antennas hanging from his forehead. Yet that wasn't what got her attention.

What did get her attention and horror was the stump that used to be his left arm.

She gasped as her eyes shot open. Heavy panting filled the room as sweat pour down her face. Videl was now sitting on her bed, far from any horrible battle with her bed sheets covering her legs as she looked into the darkness of her room.

They were getting worse; those…dreams. Or could they be called nightmares? She shook her head and rubbed her eyes in frustration. She just wasn't sure.

It had started a couple of weeks ago. Videl Satan had been plagued by dreams that she wouldn't wish on her worst enemies. They had started innocently enough, the first one introducing a group of people talking about the moon; something she could vaguely recall. She remembered as a young girl the floating sphere in the sky, but then one night it had simply vanished without a trace. The next thing she knew, a little boy had become a giant monkey and began tearing apart what appeared to be a castle-like structure.

So bizarre yet…that had only been just the beginning.

The same people appeared in her next dream, only they were at some sort of tournament. That same little boy with the tail was fighting some old guy. That dream wasn't so bad; in fact it had been quite entertaining.

It was her more recent dreams, however, that were becoming worse. Death and senseless destruction became the norm now and the Satan girl did not like that one bit.

Just who were these people? Did she know any of them or were they just some random group of individuals her mind had concocted? If so, why did they fight so many battles? Hell, the last one had a green man losing his arm for crying out loud!

Videl brought her hand to her forehead and began rubbing her temples. As of right now, there wasn't anything she could do. How did one stop dreams anyways?

Taking and releasing a few deep breaths, she slowly calmed down her racing mind and beating heart. Looking to her clock, the digital numbers displayed 3:42. Great, there was still time in the night for her nightmares to visit her. Perfect.

Laying back down, the Satan girl shifted on her bed until she found a comfortable position. Hopefully she could make it through the night without anymore problems.

A low chuckle resonated from her throat. 'Yeah, right."

She wasn't going to hold her breath on that.