It had been going on for a solid week. Ever since Videl had complained of having nightmares, the same old scene had occurred. Erasa, her dutiful best friend, would try to get her to open up about her dreams and each time the Satan girl rebuffed her. Then after missing a day of class after a very nice three day weekend, Videl had quit talking to her and had been doing a very good job at giving her the silent treatment.

And that was slowly driving the blonde girl insane.

Every greeting, every attempt at conversation was met with an unnatural, to her, silence and sometimes that was followed by a glare. The only time the dark haired girl glared at people were if she were mad at them, though one could say she was mad at everyone with the amount of glaring she did on a daily basis. But what Erasa couldn't seem to comprehend was why the Satan girl was mad at her? What had she ever done?!

Although she could take some comfort that she was ignoring everyone else, though she did do some physical damage to Sharpner in the cafeteria the other day, it wasn't a good feeling. How would you feel if your bestest best friend just stopped talking to you?

Then, on top of that, the Satan girl seemed to be hanging around Gohan a lot more. Not that Erasa could blame her, but that was the only person the girl seemed to think was worth talking with. Hellooooooo, she was here. She loved to talk and everyone and everything knew it. So why wasn't she being talked with?

Suddenly, the shrill ring of the bell rang out, signaling the end of the current class period. As with every other day, this was the time for lunch as the students filed out of the room and headed for their favorite lunch spot. Waiting, Erasa locked her eyes on Videl as she headed to the door, the tall Son boy at her side. With the skills of a predator, the blonde followed the two dark haired teens until they sat down at one of the outdoor picnic tables. It was time to take the devil girl by the horns and make her talk to her.

And being as frustrated as she was about the unexpected silent treatment, Erasa rationalized that some drama was in order. Slamming her hands on top of the wooden table, she immediately got the attention of the two teens as they looked at her. Though she normally knew exactly how she looked at every moment of the day, the blonde didn't register the rage that was surely covering her face.

"Videl, what is wrong?!" she practically screeched. "Talk to me for Kami's sake!"

Both teens blinked before looking at each other. Though Gohan seemed to be willing to hear her out, even though he wasn't the one she wanted that acknowledgement from, Videl turned her nose at the blonde, maintaining her silence once more.

Wroooooooooooooooooooooong move.

"Damn it, Videl, what is wrong with you?!" Erasa screamed. "I'm worried sick about you and all you've done is ignore me when ever I try to talk to you! Tell me what's wrong!"

Gohan started scratching the back of his head as he looked to the Satan girl. Apparently he had some sort of influence over the girl as Videl immediately noticed the look he was giving her. Some sort of internal conflict wrestled between the two before the girl finally irritably blew air out of her mouth and faced the blonde for the first time in…forever. "Fine, what do you want to know?"

Erasa couldn't help but feel like a thirsty woman who just found an oasis in the desert. "Why aren't you talking to me? Why have you been ignoring me?"

Videl paused for a moment before answering. "You remember that dream-catcher you gave me a month ago?"

"A dream-what?"

"That thing you found at the yard sell and said was an early birthday present to me."

Erasa had to think about that. She definitely remembered going shopping last month, but finding a present for Videl? That was a bit blurry. Let's see, she remembered some sale going on; there were a bunch of weird things being sold at ridiculously low prices; some very adorable stuffed animals were immediately grabbed by her. Hmm...there was some special notebook that would kill a person if their name was written in it but some weird looking guy grabbed it before she had a chance to. There had even been some very sexy underwear that she had found and thought would make a good present for her dark haired friend before deciding she herself would get more use out of them. Nope, she couldn't think of buying a present for her friend there. The only other thing she had bought was this cute circle thing that begged her to buy it. Maybe this was what her friend was talking about.

"Okay, I think I know what you're talking about. What about it?"

"That present of yours had some Indian curse on it that was giving me those crazy dreams. Now, do you see why I'm not in the friendliest of moods?"

Erasa just gave the girl a blank stare. How did Videl think she purposely gave her some weird curse thingy? She didn't even know it was cursed! It still didn't make any sense as to why the Satan girl was being so cruel to her. "But why are you being so mean to me?"

The dark haired girl sweatdropped. Instead of trying to continue explaining her foul mood, the girl decided to get to the bottom of where this conversation was going. "Erasa, just give me a little bit of time, okay? I'll get over this eventually."

The blonde wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean, since she'd been confused since the Satan girl had started on this explanation. But she'd take anything she could get, especially if that meant her friend would talk to her eventually. "Okay, Videl, but you better talk to me."

"Yeah, yeah, I will," Videl replied as she waved a hand to dismiss the girl. Turning around, Erasa marched away, her head held high and in the mood for some form of gossip. A girl has to get her gossipy fix somehow.

Videl watched the blonde leave from the corner of her eye. To be honest, she wasn't in a very forgiving mood though Erasa had a knack for wearing people down. This hadn't been an exception.

Across from her, Gohan was grinning. "I'm glad you're starting to make up with Erasa," he said.

The Satan girl rolled her eyes. No matter what happened, he was ever the optimist. Well, she wasn't about to go and contradict him. If there were any more instances of being cold to their mutual friend, she'd just tell him that's how girls "made up." He wouldn't know the difference anyways.

When she didn't make a response to his statement, the Son boy tried a different approach. "So, anymore dreams?"

Shaking her head in the negative, she said "Nope, so far, so good. I'd like to keep it that way too."

A chuckle left the boy's lips. "So what did you do with the dream-catcher? Last I heard, that was what gave you the dream."

Well, in all honesty, the moment Videl had returned to her room, she had taken the dream-catcher and smashed it to bits with a sledgehammer. It had taken just one swing to accomplish that feat but after the weeks of torment by the object, the girl hadn't stopped smashing it until it was unrecognizable.

Not that the Satan girl was gonna tell her friend that.

"I got rid of it," she answered simply.

"Too bad. Baba's been asking about it."

Videl couldn't help but scowl. The little old crone was the last person she'd be generous to. Though her advice was beneficial, the fortuneteller had done little to nothing to help her out. In fact, if it hadn't been for her selling the blasted thing to Erasa, she never would've been in this predicament. If she had it her way, the old lady would be seeing nightmares for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

A scream flew from Baba's mouth as she flung herself into a sitting position. Raspy pants echoed throughout her bedroom as she tried to reign in her ragged breathing.

It had been horrible. Never in her centuries of life had she ever encountered a nightmare such as the one she'd been having for the past week. It was almost too terrifying for her to speak aloud.

Son Goku…that rapscallion! She had seen in vivid detail as his 13 year old self had convinced himself that her crystal ball was in fact a very colorful rice ball. Watching with unblinking eyes, her prized ball was consumed, piece by piece, bite after bite, until it was being digested in the bottomless bowels of the young saiyan. And then he had the gall to ask for another one.

Just thinking about that made her want to burst into tears.

She needed to go see that Totosai friend of hers. He could help her, she knew without a doubt. And he wouldn't be too hard to find either. He had just left her home on his way to his native lands, right after giving her more of his people's treasures. Coins, totem poles, a wooden horse, and the like. He even brought a milkshake that she had to say was most exquisite. One of the best ones she ever had, in fact. She could've sworn though, that she had heard him mentioned something about the milkshake having a spell on it. Or was it one of the coins?

What she wouldn't give for a dream-catcher right about now.

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