AN: Whenever you see me upload a bunch of chapters at once, you pretty much know it is the end. xD

Ah, me and my ANs. Well, I hope you guys liked it! Maybe we'll even get to 500 reviews, huh? Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I actually had a really fun time writing this story; I came up with the basic idea before TR, but I didn't get around to it for awhile. Still, this was a fun ride, and very interesting, although my characters must have all been Time Lords, since my timelines were just God-awful.

Shattered should begin soon, I think; I'm very excited! Also keep an eye on the one-shots, because in one of them Snowhawk will be telling the frost story to a lil Cloudkit, which should be cool.

Hopefully in Shattered I won't kill as many characters off; I don't know what's wrong with me, really, but I always seem to kill off important characters at the end. I didn't use to be this way, honest; I think it's just that I used to clutch on to every character I ever made because I loved them too much to let them go, and now I'm making up for it. xD

Not a whole lot else to say, beside a huge thank-you to you guys! Seriously, this story got SO MANY reviews per chapter, it was amazing. That's one of the downsides to starting Shattered, I guess; I'll be depressed because I won't be getting TWENTY REVIEWS PER CHAPTER anymore. xD

I guess that's it, maybe…Oh! If anyone was wondering, Snowhawk had cat lymphoma, I think. Maybe. Something like that. xD