Hello! This is a dialogue story, when Cronus from Class of the Titans and Kronos from PJO meet each other! Had a whole lot of fun writing it!

To Cas, who's always to first (and usually the only one) to read these things and know about my ideas. :D


Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own PJO nor COTT. How sad. :'(

Kronos: Oh my Titans! Is that how I look like? What's with the evil megalomaniac look?

Cronus: Look who's talking! Why on Gaia do you take the body of a BOY?

Luke (in Kronos): Hey, watch it mister! I'm 23! I'm a man, man!

Kronos: Shut up, Luke! You're not supposed to be talking anymore! I own you!

Luke: Oh, yeah? Then what am I doing now?

Cronus: Oh shush you guys! Or is it just "guy"? Urgh! Never mind. Now hand over all your power and I shall be the ultimate ruler of Earth!

Kronos: Oh please. You are SO outdated. Haven't you heard? That brat Percy Jackson defeated me two months ago!

Luke: Hey! Are you forgetting the part I played too? Remember it was ME who stabbed my Achilles heel! Nobody remembers me. It's always all about that big hero Percy. Don't I get any credit? If it weren't for ME, Percy wouldn't know where to stab! Hmph! I am the saviour of Olympus!

Kronos: Yeah, and if it weren't for you, I would be the Ruler of Earth again! You are such a big traitor! We were supposed to be on the same side!

Cronus: Ahem, guys? Are you forgetting me? This is supposed to be a Kronos-Cronus argument!

Kronos: Oh go away you old nerd. I'm the true Kronos here!

Cronus: No, I'm THE Cronus! I'm the evil force that scares everybody! Now shove off my throne!

Luke: Hey are you forgetting? You DON'T have a throne. You're not king! Muahahaha!

Cronus (to Kronos): Oh my Titans, Kronos. You really picked the wrong guy to be your host. I could SO have chosen better than that!

Kronos: Oh, really? Who's your number 1 choice then?

Cronus: Hmm…let me see… (more mutterings)…Aha! I know! JAY!

Jay: What? Did somebody call me?

Cronus: Oooh yes. I chose you to be my host! Like Kronos chose Luke!

Jay: Oh please. Forget it!
*takes out sword and slices Cronus in half*

Cronus: Ouch! Oh my Titans! Can you be any less careful with that thing? Where's my other half? Bring it here! My super healing doesn't work that fast you know!

Kronos: And ta-daa! This is why I'm the better Kronos. You're just a stupid villain. I'm banishing you to an eternity in Tartarus!

Cronus: No! You can't do that! That was the seven heroes' job! Get lost, you freak!

Luke (muttering): Yeah, I agree with him. Get lost! I want my body back.

Kronos: Too bad, Cronus! Even now, you're sinking into Tartarus! Muahahaha!

Cronus: Er…no I'm not. I'm still standing here. Now let's continue with our argument!

Luke: Not that again. Don't you guys get enough? That's it. I'm outta here.
*takes Annabeth's knife and stabs himself again.*

Kronos: No! Luke, you can't do this AGAIN! Arrrgh! NO!

Cronus: Oooh goody! Now you're finally going! Bye!

Zeus: Yes, you can say bye bye too, Cronus.
*Takes out master bolt and throws it at Cronus*



Zeus: Oops. I didn't realise that was my master bolt! I thought it was one of the weaker ones! Oops! Sorry guys!


Zeus: Ri-i-i-ight. Well, I supposed this show's over. See you around...Or not.

Yeah. Well, that's my first story. Dunno how you guys feel about it, but I had a great time writing this! (though I was supposed to be doing my homework...)

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