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A/N: This is the first work that I have conceived since I left FF. It might be a little rusty but I think you will find it more refined then anything you have seen from me before.

The time period is 15th century B.C. Around the time or shortly after the Zenith of the ancient Egyptian Empire. I have tried to make the environment and behaviors relevant to that time period. So the beginning of a new era dawns …

Red Sun, Blue Moon



(Egyptian Empire: Eastern Desert: Some distance from Thebes: 1523 B.C.)

The sun looms towards the west as a cloud of dust and sand rises from the desolate desert. The sound of horses breaks the silence as the small caravan cuts into the horizon, the heat scorching the figures riding on chariots. As the distance appears to begin to swallow the sun into the burning sand, the figure riding in the lead raises a hand into the air signaling a stop.

Two figures dismount from their chariots and trudge though the hot sand towards the lead chariot of their group. Upon their approach said figure disembarks from the lead chariot. This person walks across the sand with a lighter gait than the other two, but then this person was also two heads shorter. It wasn't because this individual was short; it was because the former were rather tall and large.

The smaller figure's white kilt shifted lightly under the body armor upon stopping before the two men. The other two dropped onto one knee, crossing their right forearm across their chest, apparently this was no normal noble.

"Please reconsider! As we get closer to the capital, there are bound to be more thieves and marauders," the older of the two men spoke. He appeared to be in his late forties, which was rather old for an Egyptian, especially a military man.

"I have told you before Atkmose, I do not ride through the night! Set camp, we will be stopping here for the night!" a husky female voice cut through the air.

"But, my princess, there is a war going on past Thebes. It is not safe for a royal or much less a woman to be camping in this part of the desert," Atkmose pleaded. The queen had sent him as guard; an unnecessary means to get her sister to Thebes safely.

"I do not know what gave you the idea that just because I am a woman, that I cannot swing a blade with the art of a warrior. Really Atkmose, I am more skilled than even you," the royal said allowing herself a small smirk and a stroke to her ego.

"Curse your arrogance, child! I am trying to get you to safety. The queen said you might act this way," Atkmose said causing the woman's nostrils to flare and her flesh to take on a high red tone.

"My sister! Chie needs not fear the great Anubis, because she is more of a jackal than he is!" Natsuki said pulling the cover off of her head, allowing her dark locks to fall over her shoulders.

"I have had enough of this rubbish, we will camp here tonight," Natsuki finished, cutting off Atkmose's response, as her loyal servants dismounted and started to retrieve things from the cart in the middle of the formation. Atkmose let out a long sigh then bowed down once more before going to accomplish his tasks.

(Thebes: Temple of Amun-Ra: Chamber of the Divine Wife)

A cool wind cast over the metropolis of Thebes and into the windows of the temple's chambers. Fire climbed up from a small pit in the floor as the highest priestess of the cult continued to tease it up with odd sands and dusts.

'The darkness setting so easily unnerves me. Though with the war going on and my brother going to live in the house of the underworld it shouldn't surprise me,' Mikoto thought as she continued her telling of the fire. She had tied her long hair back to avoid getting it burned and began the normal chant for that time of night.

Mikoto's priests and priestesses were all well trained, able to perform any ritual including funerary ones. That was something she didn't want to do again any time soon. The smell of resin still filled her sensitive nose. It was a long process to get someone ready for the journey to the afterlife and even more difficult if they are a loved one.

"I can feel it … just help me a bit further… great warrioress" Mikoto said as she focused on the feeling that continued to grow in her mind. Though careful not to touch it, the consciousness grew and before long she could at last see a vision. It was of a figure of great importance, upon focusing further she realized just who it really was.

"The warrior princess, she comes near, I must tell my sisters!" Mikoto said excitedly as she leapt from all fours and ran to the massive door that closed her chamber. After she opened the door, she saw a few her of clergy bow in respect to her. Mikoto nodded with her normal gusto and then continued her run down the hall towards the palace.

(Thebes: Pharaoh's palace: Royal chamber)

"Really, she bolted out of dining chamber this afternoon. She was going on about how Bast wanted her to come to the temple. She's as rambunctious as ever," Mai said as she pulled at her long bangs.

"I am happy to see that she is much happier. She's been so dim of spirit since burying our brother," Shizuru said as she sat ensconced in a chair, though not the throne, that was higher than the rest, a baby held securely in her arms.

"Yes, that is a bit better I suppose," Mai said with a sigh as she sat up and rotated her shoulders.

"Your shoulders again?" Shizuru asked as the child began to fuss.

"All the time now, the doctors say there's nothing wrong with me," Mai replied.

"They are right, there is nothing wrong with you, other then being blessed by Amunet with a fertile body," Shizuru said with a giggle as they both could hear the rushed feet of someone approaching.

"She is coming! She is coming! The one that bears Bast's blessing!" Mikoto said rather loudly, nearly tripping over her own feet as she ran into the room.

"Who? Who!?" Mai demanded as she was so tired of the way her sister spoke at times.

"The princess of the upper kingdom!" Mikoto proclaimed loud enough to scare the child in Shizuru's arms.

"Dear sister, you do not have to speak so loud as to raise the dead from their earned slumber," Shizuru said as she handed off the child to a wet nurse. Shizuru then rose from the chair and straightened her dress.

"I am sorry, it is just that this is a good vision," Mikoto said with a nod.

"The princess of the lower kingdom…?" Shizuru questioned as she thought, "I did not know that father's brother had any daughters."

(Outside of Thebes: Natsuki's campsite)

'I can only hope that this will be short. My sister seems to think that we are not getting our due from the Pharaoh. She thinks that his sister will listen though. I do not think that my presence is necessary. But I must do my duty even though I miss you.

I have forgotten your smell already as well as your touch. Even though we last spent time with each other before my departure, I still feel it was too brief. I shall leave this note as it is, before I become too lonely.' Natsuki sighed as she finished the last character and leaned back in her chair lost in thought and in heart.