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Zoro and Sanji walked outside of the Aquarium Bar of the Thousand Sunny into glaring sunlight that painfully attacked the senses of the two hung-over pirates.

"Gah," Zoro grunted, raising a hand over his eyes to block out some of the light, "and I thought my headache couldn't get any worse…"

"Wish I had a pair of sunglasses on me…" Sanji muttered under his breath, following the swordsman up a staircase on the side of the ship towards the deck.

As the two came up to the main deck they could hear coughing and a gagging noise in the distance accompanied by a high wail of a scream, the latter of which was easily identifiable as Chopper. They followed the noises of alarm and found Franky leaning over the side of the ship, dry heaving while Chopper was clutching at the side of the shipwright's leg in a hysteria.

The doctor noticed the two approaching and turned to them with tearstained eyes and strings of snot trailing down from his nostrils to just above his mouth.


Zoro clutched at his head painfully, the loud shrieking making it throb even more. "Christ, Chopper, cool it down, will you? It's clear that last night is catching up to him is all."

The blue nosed reindeer tried to listen to Zoro's words and follow them, letting go of Franky's leg while staring at the swordsman sadly, sniffling on occasion.

"Besides," Sanji followed, walking to the side of the deck by Franky before sitting on the railing, looking at the incapacitated shipwright, "if anyone can help this guy, it's you, right?" He gave the young doctor a reassuring smile and took a brotherly tone to cheer him up. "You're our doctor, after all. If you panic when we're all in trouble, what are we supposed to do?"

Chopper looked worriedly between the two pirates talking to him before straightening up with a confident, yet somewhat weak smile. "You're right," he said, "sorry about that guys, I'll get right to helping him."

"That's the spirit," Sanji finished, grinning and giving Chopper a thumbs up, "we're all counting on ya, buddy."

Zoro groaned. He didn't know what made him sicker, his hangover or the cheesiness of the babble coming out the blonde haired cook's mouth. "It's only a hangover, no need for the theatrics…"

Sanji shot a glare. "You say something, shitty swordsman?"

"Yeah," Zoro chided, returning the look, "I said you're a no talent hack and it'll be a miracle if this so called 'hangover cure' meal you're talking about will do anything but make me sicker."

"Oh?" Sanji sneered, "I guess I won't make any for you and have it all to myself!"

"Then I no longer have a reason to help you with your retarded search."


"Oh yeah! You seem to think you're going to find something, like hell!"

The two butted heads whilst continuing to banter back and forth, shooting out negative remarks about the other's character, the makeup's wearer at focus.

"Guys… please stop…" a raspy voice quivered in the background.

The two quarreling strawhats, oblivious to those around them and the pleading voice, continued on with their fight.


It took a few more moments of arguing from Zoro and Sanji before the voice finally reached them.

"I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP—" was all that could get out before the owner of the voice began heaving in an attempt to vomit.

"Ohhh… my head… it—urp—hurts so bad…" Franky murmured in between heavy breaths.

Sanji looked apologetically to the debilitated shipwright while Zoro looked away dejectedly, tired of the heavy mood that had been following him since he woke.

"Sorry, Franky." Sanji began patting the shipwright on the shoulder but quickly withdrew his hand when the man flinched under his touch.

Deciding instead to leave Franky alone, Sanji flipped out a cigarette, lighting and taking a deep intake from it. "If your stomach can handle it, I was planning on making something to help everybody to recover from last night. That sound good to you?"

Franky responded by heaving yet again, nothing coming out like the times before it.

"I'll take that as a no, then." Sanji flicked the cigarette out into the ocean after a moment, having finished it incredibly quickly. "Sorry again for bothering you, we've done nothing but make things worse. If there's anything I can help you with be sure to let me know."


Sanji noticed that his original companion had been peculiarly quite during the whole ordeal after Franky's outburst and turned to see that the swordsman was deep in thought, a hand resting under his chin with the arm supported at the elbow by the other.

"Stomach…" Zoro muttered.

Suddenly the green haired swordsman's eyes shot open, a pale look overcoming his face and he hesitantly looked over at Franky in a mixture of horror and embarrassment.

"Oi, what is it Marimo?"

Zoro's eyes darted to Sanji's and the cook could quickly tell whatever Zoro had mused on did not bode well. A moment later the swordsman furiously waved the cook over and placed an arm around his shoulder when Sanji had obliged.

"Shh." Zoro quickly stifled any conjecture Sanji may have started with. "I just remembered something from last night."

Sanji's face lit up at what he gathered to be good news. Neither of the two had been having any luck in recalling events from the night previous; maybe if Zoro was starting to remember some stuff, Sanji would too. Smiling at the thought of what he possibly could remember, the blonde haired cook began lightly chortling and missed what Zoro was telling him. The perverted laughter continued on for a bit more before Sanji realized what he was doing and saw the swordsman intensely staring at him in a sullen manner.

"You done?" Zoro asked flatly.


"Good. Like I was saying, I remembered something that has to do with Franky."

"What is it?" Sanji was eager to hear the recollection, his words quickening. "What happened?"

"Well…" Zoro looked meekly at the shipwright and then back at the cook. "Has the thought of why Franky is in such a mess occurred to you yet?"

Sanji stared in the direction of the person in question. "Actually, yeah." The cook pointed at the shipwright. "I don't think he's ever gotten that drunk before with us. Hell, he'd probably need a barrel or two before he even felt anything if you ask me."


"So what are you getting at?" Sanji curiously asked.

Zoro took a deep breath; he did not like what he was about to say. "I'm pretty sure his bottles were switched out," he clenched through grit teeth.

"Pretty sure?" Sanji asked, confused. "Didn't you say you remembered something? Besides, what do you mean with—"

The cook's face paled.

"Yeah…" Zoro looked towards Franky again.

"You mean we…" Sanji began nervously, the memory of him and Zoro pinning the shipwright down in a drunken stupor before replacing his coke bottles with rum bottles slowly resurfacing.

"We switched out the bottles," Zoro mumbled, planting his hand over his face, finishing the cook's train of thought.

Both looked at the other silently for a moment before watching Chopper try intently to discern the problem with Franky. They looked back at each other.

"We never say anything about this again," Zoro stated, his face serious and eyes staring evenly at Sanji's through his fingers.

"For once…" Sanji grabbed a cigarette from his pocket and quickly brought it to his mouth, "I couldn't agree with you more."

The two immediately parted from their huddle and walked back to the duo at the ship's railing.

"What were you two talking about?" Chopper asked as they returned.

"Nothing," they both answered simultaneously, waving their hands to the side.

"Uh… Ok…"

"HEY GUYS!" a rambunctious voice called out from above.

All three upright strawhats looked skywards to where they heard the voice. Above them was Luffy, tangled up in the rope connecting the deck to the crow's nest. He began laughing cheerily and waving with his one free arm, the other wrapped up in a tangled mess, at his crewmates upon their recognition.


"What?" Chopper responded while the other two simply stared dismissively at the rubber captain, awaiting a stupid remark.

"I'M STUCK!" They weren't disappointed.

"I think that's an understatement," Sanji added to nobody in particular. Taking a closer look at his captain, Sanji saw the rubber man knotted up like the very rope he was stuck in, his limbs impossibly weaving in and out of each other in a manner only attainable by someone like Luffy. Despite everything, the straw hat that was always on Luffy's person miraculously rested undisturbed on the top of his head.

"How did you even get like that?" Zoro yelled up, actually interested in hearing the answer.

"Well it's kind of a long story," Luffy began, "but I was looking at the Crow's Nest last night and realized I hadn't been up there in a while so I decided to go up there. I began climbing this rope and the next thing I knew I was like this!" The rubber captain smiled widely again. "Then I fell asleep and woke up to see you guys down there!"

"That's it?" Sanji called up.

"Yep." Luffy tried futilely nodding his head; it remained stuck in place though the rope jerked around a little.

"That's not a long story, dumbass." Zoro rubbed his hair while trying to think of a way to untangle Luffy without exerting too much effort.

Chopper suddenly renewed the same wailing as before as his doctorial instincts kicked in.


"Why, is something wrong if he did?" Sanji interjected.

"YES!" Chopper's cries were more panicked than with Franky. He calmed himself down for a second, trying to rationally think. "Luffy, how long do you think you've been like that?"

"Hmmmmmmmmm" Luffy pondered, his voice stretching on as he thought. Not knowing the number of hours, Luffy simply answered with "A long time."

Chopper pulled on his hat in anxiety. He looked around to the others, expecting to see the same looks of horror on their faces as on his. When all he was met with were looks of confusion, the blue nosed reindeer took it upon himself to explain.

"If a part of a person's body doesn't get any blood flow for an extended period of time, some even as low as four hours, the part in question withers and dies from a lack of oxygen!"

"And you think that Luffy tied up like that," Snaji continued on the train of thought, pointing a thumb at their tangled captain, "is causing his body to not get any blood flow?"

Chopper wildly nodded his head.

Zoro looked at the doctor doubtfully and crossed his arms. "I dunno, there was this one time I was hung from my arms on a pole for almost a whole month and they're perfectly fine." He rotated them around and flexed for good measure to prove his point.

"You were WHAT?" Chopper yelled incredulously. "How is that even possible, are you even human?"

"Of course I am."

"What did you eat the whole time? That could be why." Sanji turned his attention from Luffy to Zoro.

"No it couldn't!" Chopper shouted in the background, ignored.


"What? How are you still alive?" This time Sanji was the one with a look of amazement.

Zoro looked in between the two stares of the cook and doctor with a blank look before shrugging his shoulders; Luffy started up his laughter again afterwards.

"Ahhh! I almost forgot!" Chopper changed to his human form before frantically trying to climb up the rope Luffy was stuck in, causing the rope to sway from side to side. Halfway up to the rubber captain, Chopper lost his grip and, coupled with the swerving rope, began to fall towards the deck, suddenly stopping when his foot got caught in the netting. Chopper bent upwards and tried to claw at the rope holding his foot, serving only to make the hold it had worse and more tangled.

Luffy let loose a deep belly laughter, his one free hand holding his stomach, as he watched Chopper's panicked attempts to free himself, the doctor hollering indecipherably once more. Down below, Sanji and Zoro stared jadedly at the mess above them.

"Ugh… my head… stop yelling…" Franky continued to moan as everyone around him seemed both oblivious and ignorant to his plight.

"I guess it's up to us to get them down, huh?" Sanji commented to the swordsman beside him.

"As usual."

"Who do you want?"

"Hmm," Zoro crossed his arms, "I'll take Chopper."

"Have fun with that one!" Sanji grinned as he watched the doctor flail around wildly, "Looks like you're going to have to go first since it'd be impossible to get Luffy out with him like that. Have fun with him clawing at you the whole time."

Zoro straightened up and brought a hand to his mouth, cuffing it to project his voice further. "Oi, Chopper!" he called out to the blue nosed reindeer, waiting for him to stop his struggling before continuing on. "Try changing back to your normal form."

Chopper's face tightened up in embarrassment and he solemnly nodded, changing his form to his usual smaller self. With his decreased size, the reindeer was easily able to slip through the netting that previously tied up his foot and he began falling towards the deck. Before he could hit the ground, Chopper was caught in Zoro's arms.

Zoro looked over to Sanji with a grin. "He's all yours, love cook."

Sanji, in response, began grinding the cigarette in his mouth between his teeth in fury. "Bastard! You didn't even DO anything! Come back here and help me get this dumbass loose!" He pointed frenetically at Luffy, the rubber captain having fallen back asleep again amidst the chaos.

"No way," Zoro shook his head, "A deal is a deal."

Sanji continued yelling at the swordsman but Zoro instead focused his attention on the one in his arms, ignoring the cook.

"Everything alright, Chopper?"

The reindeer nodded his head. "While I was up there, I remembered a medicine that Doctorine taught me which helps with hangovers." He began squirming in Zoro's arms. "If you put me down I could try to make some."

Zoro's eyes widened and his face brightened. "You can make a medicine that will make us all feel better?" The information was overwhelming. If it worked, not only would Zoro feel a thousand times better, but he would also lose any interest he had in helping the damned cook with his idiotic quest.

"Yeah," Chopper confirmed, nodding.

"I'll take you to your workroom, then."

Zoro walked off with Chopper still in his clutches towards the doctor's office. Sanji watched bleakly as the two went off and looked back skyward to his slumbering captain.

"Dammit," he said to himself, "How am I supposed to get him down?"

Sighing and figuring that he may as well start somewhere, the blonde haired cook began climbing up to where his captain was stuck.