OK so here is a new Pony Club Secrets Fanfiction

"Issie! Hurry up!" Stella was shouting at her best friend

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Issie shouted back.

Issie was getting her horse, Blaze, ready for the show jumping round of the show that

was being held at their Pony Club.

They were just after finishing the dressage and during the lunch break Issie and Stella

had went for a relaxing hack. They had not realise that they were actually two people

away from their turn. So they had to practically gallop back to the truck to get changed and put on different saddles and bridles.

"Now!" Issie said triumphantly ans she stood back to admire her great tacking up skills.

"No time for admiring now. Kate was just after coming out of the ring! Hurry up and get on!" Stella shouted at her.

Stella gave Issie a leg up and ran beside Blaze until she got to the ring.

"Good Luck!" Stella gave her a big smile.

"Thanks!" Issie shouted over her shoulder as she trotted into the ring.