Chapter One


Bella Cullen POV

"BE-LL-A!" I heard my sister Alice call. I groaned tetchily. What could she possibly want now? "Alice?" I replied, rolling my butterscotch eyes, "Guess what," She positively beamed, "I don't know Alice…okay, what?" I sighed, as she pulled a dejected, demoralized look at me. Alice smirked at me, "We're starting school again!"

I looked at her, disbelief in my eyes and my face, "Here?" I spluttered dramatically, "Here in forks?"


Forks was a small town in Clallam County, Washington. It crossed with the Quileute border, and was usually a peaceful town – when it wasn't targeted by human-feeding vampires (like the Volturi). It lacked a decent amount of sunshine, and rained fairly often. Alice was beaming from ear to ear with enthusiasm. I frowned unwillingly, the thought of going back to high school made me heave. "Bella, this isn't something we want to do," Edward murmured in my ear softly, "But it's something we have to do to blend in,"

I bit my marbleized lip, "We'll get noticed," I moaned, "Someone will recognise us, and we'll be exposed,"


"Not likely," Alice contradicted me, "How so?" I challenged quizzically. Her small answer seemed highly impossible. "We haven't been here since we moved after your wedding, which was what? 50 … 60 years ago?" She grinned at me. I sighed disconsolately. I'd suffered five insolent years of High school already, and I wasn't prepared for more. "Fine," I growled, "Yay!" Alice almost squealed with delight. "When are we enrolling?" I asked, but truthfully, I didn't want to know. "She's already enrolled us all," Edward answered, smirking at Alice. I pulled a scornful face. I couldn't believe that she'd already enrolled us into school.


"Are Emmett and Rosalie attending?" I asked through gritted teeth, "Of course!" Alice replied, innocence in her voice, "Along with Jasper, Edward and I,"

"We're all going then?" I whined, "Looks like it, doesn't it?" I heard Rosalie hiss from the other room. "Alice, why couldn't you have more exciting news other than starting Forks High School again?"

"I agree with Rosalie on this one," I added, nodding agreeably,

"Yeah, you would," Alice muttered to herself. Edward chuckled, "When are we starting Alice?" He asked her calmly, still grinning to himself. "A week today," Alice responded mechanically. It was as if she was a machine, a robot. "Bella, we have to go shopping soon to buy you a new wardrobe," She added, looking at me with a twinkle of joy and delight in her eyes. "Again, Alice?" I moaned, "Is my current wardrobe not good enough?"


Alice pretended to look offended, "Of course it's not good enough Bella!" She wailed, "You need newer and better clothes for school,"

I grumbled, "Alice, a school is an institution of learning, not a fashion runway."

I could hear the booming laughter from Emmett and a snide snigger from Rosalie from the next room.

Could this get any worse?

Hey everyone. I thought it was time to write my first Twilight fan fic - as i've only ever roleplayed as Alice or Rosalie, so i thought it was time to 'spice things up a bit' so to speak, and write as Bella. :')
Renesmee is not in this, i'm afraid, as it would have been awkward to put in the little twist i have planned. *grins evilly*

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