Title: Teardrops

Rating: T

Summary: There are frozen teardrops on the window, but what he feels is a deep pain piercing through his soul.

Word Count: 1.200

Chapter Two: The End of the Road

February 15th 2010 – 8 a.m.

You wake up to a disturbing dream that left you breathless. You stand up in your bed and gather the sheets to your chest. It's then when you notice a small crimson spot on the white sheet. You gasp and turn around only to see Tony asleep, still in his under suit. There are a few spots of blood staining the sheet beneath him and you bite your lower lip in shock. Your mouth goes dry as you touch his hand.

He opens his eyes quickly and you bite your lip even harder. His strangled moan makes your eyes widen and you can't breathe when you see a small trace of blood appearing at the corner of his mouth. You stand up and shudder because suddenly you feel cold.

"I'll take you to the hospital." You whisper as you gently wipe the blood from his lips with a tissue.

He tries to pout but you know better than that, so you hand him a glass of water, help him drink a few sips before you run to the dressing. You pull out a t-shirt and jeans for him and a tank top and jeans for you before you rush to help him get dressed.

You can't take your eyes off his injuries, only because they turned a dark shade of purple. As you drive to the hospital you wonder if this is it.

February 15th 2010 – 11 a.m.

"Miss Potts?" A doctor makes his way to her through the narrow hallway.

"Yes?" You stand up, wanting to know if your boyfriend is alright. "Is he fine?"

"Come on, Miss Potts. We need to talk in private."

You follow him – hear in your throat. His office seems a little too dark and you don't feel safe. He sets a few papers on his desk and looks at you briefly. You can't stand the silence anymore, so you decide to ask him.

"Is he alright, Mr. Otto?"

"He will be, eventually." He replies too quickly, and you can tell that something's really wrong.

You look down at your feet and then back up at him.

"He has a punctured lung." He starts. "That will probably heal in a couple of months. That means he won't be able to wear that suit of his for a while."

You nod, relieved, but there's something else he hasn't said to you.

He takes a deep breath before approaching the subject.

"He took a pretty good punch in his lower back." He explains, and you listen carefully. "We ran some tests, and the results came out badly."

You look at him through worried eyes, and he seems sympathetic.

"The punch affected an area of his spine that is responsible with the reproducing system."

"That said he's going to have some… troubles concerning his sex life from now on."

You look at him as if you don't understand a word he is saying.

"What do you mean?" You ask him slowly.

"He won't be able to leave a woman pregnant and…"

"He's going to have some troubles with the erection. I'm sorry for being so straightforward, but apparently he won't be able to have an erection from now on. And if he happens to have one once or twice, I assure you it won't last long. Sexual acts are not recommended because he can get hurt pretty badly."

"Do you mean… is he going to be impotent?"

"Sadly, yes."

"I understand." You say, but you don't. You need more time to process this information. The strange feeling that embraces you makes you weak, and you feel you need to leave that room as quickly as you can.

"If you want to ask me other questions, ask me now, please."

You bite your lip and shake your head, but you thank him.

"I want to see him." You say as he leads you to the reception.

"Room 127."

"Thank you very much."

The doctor nods at you and you go looking for that room, sighing all the while.

When you open the door, you notice that he's awake. You swallow the large lump in your throat and you go to his bed. He doesn't take his eyes off the wall as you take his hand in yours.

"It's alright." You assure him, even if you think it's most certainly not.

"You don't really want to say that." He whispers and finally looks at you.

"It will be okay, Tony. You're a tough person. I'm sure that you will be able to move on past this."

"You're funny." He says wryly.

You smile sadly and smooth his hair back. He's sweaty and you shiver a little. Your whole world has changed, but you realize that his world has changed too.

February 27th 2010

"I missed your birthday." The voice that comes behind you startles you a little.

Tony smiles sheepishly at you and you smile back at him, even though your heart hurts.

"I wanted to give you this, but I forgot about it after the…" Tony couldn't bring himself to say it, so you stand up and kiss his cheek softly.

He sighs at you and you accept the wrapped gift he offers. You unwrap it slowly and it reveals a framed photo of Tony and you embraced and smiling at each other.

"This is very thoughtful of you." You smile at him feeling momentarily silly. "I can put it on my desk, so I can see you every time I glance at it."

"Yeah…" He exhales. "You can do that."

He looks at your lips for a few seconds, and you notice him. For a moment you consider laughing at him, but after a couple of seconds his gaze falls down to his feet. He closes his eyes, as if in defeat and walks away quietly. You can hear his quiet sigh as he walks away from you.

You look after him until he's out of your office, before you fall down into your leather chair. Your chest hurts and you realize that you've never felt this helpless before. It's a feeling that threatens to break you, and you wish it to disappear so badly. How are you going to cope with this thing – how are you going to cope with the fact that you two won't be able to make love again… how?


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