A/N: Hello, everybody! This is one of my favourites that I've written in a while. I tried to write it as I imagined Alice would think. I don't know if I fully captured it, but I did my best. I'm telling you, writing from somebody who has lost their mind is VERY difficult! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

The boy was there again. Alice liked him; he was quiet, but kind. He loved her. She didn't know why, but she knew that he loved her and the man in the bed beside her. He came to see her a lot, with the old woman. The old woman was kind, but stern. Alice didn't like her as much. Alice walked over to the nice boy and handed him her gift, the sweet smelling paper with the fancy writing. He took it and said something, but Alice didn't understand. Then suddenly she felt the pain. She heard the evil laughing and the screams. She whimpered and came closer to the nice boy. He said something again, but Alice couldn't understand. Then it was over and she smiled, dragging the boy to her bed where she pressed another sweet smelling paper into his hand. He smiled and she smiled back. The old woman who was with the boy walked over to the sleeping man in the bed beside Alice. The nice boy said something but Alice didn't understand again. She never understood. She was in a world where people spoke but she only heard gibberish. And the screams she heard. She heard them when nobody else did. She wished she could tell somebody, but every time she opened her mouth, her tongue felt heavy, like it was made of lead and her voice didn't work. She tried to tell the boy something, something about how he was familiar, how he reminded her of somebody special. But when she tried to make her voice work, nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing. The boy sat next to her and she wrapped her arms around him. Alice felt something wet on top of her head and saw the nice boy crying. She reached up and wiped away a tear as if to say, don't cry, I'm here. The boy gave a watery smile and the old woman said something. The boy nodded and stood up. No! Alice didn't want him to go. She got up, but the old woman gently pushed her back down, speaking the gibberish again. The nice boy and the old lady turned to leave and Alice picked up the nice paper and ran after the nice boy to give him the present. She gave it to him, smiling. He took it and the old lady spoke to her. She called over the nice lady with the blonde hair who took care of her sometimes. The nice lady took her back to her room where she waited, anxious for the boy to visit again.

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