neWhy did it happen to him? He didn't deserve to go like this. Why hadn't I done more to help him? Could I have done more?

These thoughts kept running through my head as I stared at the grave before me. My friend and my team mate was in that grave when he should be in his Pokeball; the same Pokeball that I had used to catch him all those years ago. He died and I couldn't have done anything to help him - Nurse Joy told me so. He was the strongest on the team and he was the one I found myself relying on.

I had caught him as a small Shinx and it didn't bother me that he couldn't help me win my first two badges. I knew he would grow stronger and he would eventually be able to win a fight on his own. As a Shinx he was weak and would often need help from my Chimchar when battling. But I never abandoned him because he was weak. He would often go off by himself and battle the weaker Pokemon in the wild just so he could become stronger for me. When he evolved into a Luxio I could see the instant change. He was able to win battles by himself; I was so proud of him. He was the stubborn one in the team and he refused to give up. He was the reason I managed to catch myself a Finneon and he won me my badge at the Pastoria Gym.

I still remember when he evolved into a Luxray – it was when I challenged Candice to a gym battle. I used my Infernape to beat her Abomosnow and Piloswine; I had been on a roll. Things turned bad when Candice sent out her Froslass. Froslass took down Infernape in a single hit because he was already weak. With the combination of Hail and Blizzard, my Togekiss, Gabite and Breloom went down in a single hit. Lummineon had no moves that would do much damage so she went down too. Luxio was my last Pokemon and managed to take down Froslass with several Bite attacks. He evolved straight after the battle and I had never been so proud. He had gone from a weak Shinx to a powerful Luxray.

Then he caught a cold. I thought nothing of it because everyone – including Pokemon – caught a cold now and then. Snowpoint City was extremely cold so it was to be expected. I kept Luxray with Nurse Joy while I spent some time training my other Pokemon. After two weeks in Snowpoint I decided it was time to leave, however Luxray now had a fever. I spent the whole day sitting by him and watched as Nurse Joy done everything she could to help him. It soon became clear that there was nothing she could do. It was by far the worst fever a Pokemon could get and there was no medicine in Sinnoh to cure it. Nurse Joy told me that Johto had the only medicine that would help Luxray and so I ordered some from there, even though it was expensive. If it healed my friend then the cost was no issue to me.

But by the time the medicine arrived, it was too late. Luxray was gone.

I wiped away the tears that were streaming down my face. The rest of the team were around me, dealing with the loss of their team mate in their own way. I shouldn't be standing here with tear -stained cheeks. I should be at the Pokemon League fighting my way to the end. How can I carry on with my journey now that a team mate has fallen? It wasn't possible. I turned around and walked away from the grave silently. My team followed me; they knew where we were heading. We were going home – we all refused to carry on without Luxray.

We were one team mate down but that was all it took for us to give up.