They lay there, lost in sensation, world reduced to a hazy cocoon of clumsy caresses in hair and on skin as they came slowly back to reality.

"I love you, Dean. Always have. You know that right?" Sam murmured when they started to gain conscious awareness long minutes later.

Dean glanced at his baby brother, heart in his eyes. Sam had never seen him so open, so laid bare, even during the time when he had been forced to tell the truth. This was freely given and it was breathtakingly beautiful. He smiled and Sam's breath was indeed taken. "You too, Sam. I love you. Damn I love you so much."

"And I don't want you calling this sick or twisted or even wrong, cuz it isn't. It's just us, and no one else has to understand it. It's right for us." Hazel eyes bore into green, demanding understanding and acceptance.

Dean smiled softly, a quick nod of his head. This didn't feel wrong, damn, it felt like the pieces of himself had shifted into place, weren't grinding against each other uncomfortably for the first time. Sam felt exactly right there with him as well, as if he were that one piece that made all of Dean work, function.

If he hadn't had a lifetime to study and memorize every detail of his brother he might have missed the moment of fear that suddenly flashed in Dean's emerald eyes, but he did, and he knew what it meant. "I'm not going anywhere Dean. This is where I want to be, with you, wherever that is. This is where I've always wanted to be."

Dean clenched his eyes at the tears that gathered from the rush of relief he felt at hearing those words. "Promise Sam? Promise that you really don't want, need something else? Don't stay with me because you feel obligated or whatever. But don't promise if you don't mean it."

"I mean it." Sam stroked Dean's cheekbone softly, willing Dean to see how true the words were. "Promise."

Drinking in the peace that had settled in his heart, hardly able to recognize it, Dean brushed his thumb over Sam's bottom lip. "You."

"Me?" Sam's tongue darted out to touch that finger.

"Your last question. You are the only person I've ever been in love with."

"Oh God, Dean." Sam sighed and laid his head on Dean's chest, unable to think straight, listening to the heartbeat there.

For what could have been minutes or hours or an eternity they just lay there, both lost in the reality of this, this everything that they were engulfed in. Dean eventually brushed Sam's damp hair from his forehead, only to have it settle back in almost the same disheveled heap as before, and leaned in and kissed Sam, tongue seeking and finding instant entry. They licked and nipped at each other languidly, until the weight of desire seeped into them both again and they pressed close, hands moving to hips, to taut buttocks, they fitted together as if they had done this all their lives.

Dean pressed his thigh between his younger brother's and rocked slightly.

"Mmmm," Sam felt the tingle of the movement through his body immediately. "He was doing that…"

Tensing, Dean leaned back enough to look into Sam's face. He was pretty sure he knew what his brother meant, but, "Who? Doing what?"

Sam closed his eyes and rocked back, trying to get Dean to move again. "Jordan. He was…."

Dean cut him off with a growl, his stomach dropping out, hands clenching on Sam's hips to still the movement. "Stop it, Sam. Was he really?"

"Maybe a little." Small grin, eyes still almost completely closed. He wasn't sure he wouldn't push Dean's jealous buttons from time to time because jealous Dean? Pretty much hotter than anything. Ever.

Dean's hands came up to grip the sides of Sam's face and his eyes opened with a flick. "Never again, Sam. You hear me? From now on, it's just me. Don't let anyone else touch you, ever. It would get ugly, Sammy. I think I would seriously hurt them." His face was almost pressed against Sam's and the rush of love and lust those words evoked had Sam gasping for a breath.

"Yeah, I got it Dean." Hazel eyes looked deep into clear green. It wasn't a promise that Sam even thought about, it was natural.

"I mean it. Be sure, Sam. Or we end this now. I won't share you. Not in any way. If you want me, you got me, but I have to be the only one." Dean struggled to keep his voice from sounding as panicked as he felt giving Sam this out option now.

Sam shook his head vehemently, leaning to kiss Dean, but his brother's hands held him fast and his head moved back, lips out of reach. Waiting.

"Just you, Dean. You are it. I don't want anyone else. But, that goes for you too. I can't watch you with every slut that offers it to you either." Sam knew it was a chance, but he also knew it was true. He couldn't be with Dean knowing there were all those other people. He couldn't.

"Mine." Dean whispered vehemently.

It was Sam's turn to refuse to give in. He pulled away from Dean's attempt to fit their bodies closer together.

Dean kissed Sam's forehead, breathed in the perfect scent of coconut shampoo and sweat and Sammy. "I'm yours, Sammy. You know that. Always been yours."

And that was easy, Dean knew that had always been the truth.