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"Thank you for giving me this gift!"

Sookie just smiled and hugged Eric tighter to her. All of a sudden there is a big pop and standing right before us is a man that has a slight glow to his skin.

He said "Hello Sookie my dear. I'm so glad to finally meet you."

Eric and Godric scream out "Niall."

Eric says "What are you doing here Niall and how do you know Sookie?"

"Did your maker not tell you about Sookie yet?"

"Godric sighed "I have not had a chance to tell Eric yet. I did not expect it to be your bloodline of Fae I tasted in Sookie. Very unexpected."

Sookie says "Who are you and how do you know who I am?"

"I am your Great Grandfather and my son was your grandfather. I made a promise to Fintan that I would never contact you until certain things came to pass. As they have, I am free to make myself known to you."

"How are you my Great Grandfather? My Grandfather was not Fintan. Are you saying that my Grandmother was unfaithful to my Grandfather?"

"Yes to both questions. Fintan met your Grandmother many years ago and she was unable to have children with your Grandfather and wanted them so desperately. She had an affair with my son and that is how you are standing here today."

"My Grandmother would never do something like that! Why would you say she would?"

"My dear. I know this is hard to take in but it is the truth and in your heart you know I speak only truth to you."

Eric can see that Sookie is struggling with the news and wraps his arms around her to give her support.

"That is good Viking! I see your relationship is progressing as expected."

Eric says, "What do you mean Niall?"

"Viking you are a part of this. You, Godric and Sookie had to find each other to start the Prophecy. You three are the Triad, built with just the right amount of light and darkness. When Sookie gave you both her blood she started things in motion. It awakened gifts in her and that you are both standing here in the sun, proves what I am saying to you."

"You three are very important to this world. You three will be like no other beings and will bring peace where there is not. You three will be blood bonded. Sookie will love and need you both for different reasons. Godric, Sookie will need your guidance, comfort and love. Eric, Sookie will need your fighting skills, plotting and you will be the head male to Sookie. She will need what both of you can give her."

"I can sense Eric has already completed his part of the blood bond and Godric soon will follow. Neither one of you will ever be able to be far from Sookie. She is your light and if you lose her, you both will no longer exist. "

"You and Godric will he highly attracted to Sookie. Even if you wanted to resist her, you will not be able to, just like Sookie cannot resist either of you. It goes against what she has been taught but the instinct is so strong it overpowers her normal free thought towards sharing. Sookie will always feel more attracted to Eric and need him stronger than you Godric but she will still need your touch."

Eric thinks to himself, "That would explain why I can allow my Master to touch what is mine."

"I cannot tell you what's all to occur yet with the prophecy. Other things need to happen on their own time table and if I told you everything now, something important might change later."

"I can tell you that Sophie Ann is a real threat and one not to be taken lightly. She will come on this night to take Sookie. I will be here as a deterrent but it will not keep her away for long."

"Sookie do not tell or share your gift with anyone else about giving your vampires their special gift except for Eric's child Pam. You will need her also to help keep you safe. You will not share the same feelings as you do for Eric and Godric but she will be important to you none the less."

"If it comes out that your vampires can walk in the sun, you will tell that I did that to them, for you. If it is well known that you have this power, you will be in even greater danger and the chance of you being taken far stronger."

"Since you have Vampire, Fae and Human blood in you, we do not know what other gifts or powers you might receive. It is not known to us and it will be a surprise to us all."

Sookie says "Who is us?"

"I can't tell you that yet. It falls under too much knowledge. I wish I could tell you now but you will know all at a later date."

"Where is my Grandfather now?"

"He was killed by my enemy and his fellow fairies."

"This is a lot to take in. It does explain a lot to me. I don't normally act like I have in the last 2 days. I would never move from one man's bed to another and then add a third person to the mix. It was so out of character for me but I couldn't seem to stop myself. I just thought I was a bad person."

"No Sookie! What has happened is not something you need to feel ashamed about. It was always meant to happen. Always going to happen. I will be back later tonight before the Queen shows up. You and Godric need to exchange blood again today and then tomorrow. Finish the blood bond as soon as possible."

Niall walks over to Sookie and places a kiss on her head and says "I look forward to getting to know you Granddaughter." as he pops away.

Sookie says "I think I need to sit down" as she walks over to a lawn chair and sits down. "I don't know what to think about all of this."

Eric walks to the chair next to Sookie and sits down. "I think we are all in a state of shock right now."

Sookie looks at Godric and notices that he has a puzzled look on his face. "Are you ok Godric?"

"Yes. I was just a little surprised by what your Great Grandfather had to say. To find out why I couldn't resist not touching you, when I knew you belonged to Eric. Now it makes sense."

Sookie gets up and says "I think I would like to get in the pool and relax some and I think you guys need to join me."

They all took off their clothes and got in the pool. They played and splashed each other until Sookie started to get tired again.

Eric picked her up and carried a half sleeping Sookie out of the pool, into the house and down to his room. Godric picked up their clothes and followed.

When he reached Eric's room, he saw Eric drying off a sleeping Sookie and laying her in the middle of the bed. Eric and Godric then dried themselves off and laid on opposite sides of Sookie. Each felt the need to be close to her and to sleep close to her. Godric turned Sookie to lay across his chest as Eric spooned her from behind as they all rested.