I am the one who broke in two girls heads,
All for pointing a pen at me,
I am the one who clawed out my own throat,
And killed my friend's abusive uncle,
Or did I?

I am the one who killed my grandmother,
Then my friend, and the girl I should have protected,
I threw my sister down a well, and then stabbed the boy she loved,
All for love,
Or was it?

To save my father, I killed his girlfriend,
To save myself, I killed her real lover,
To save my village, I nearly killed my school,
Then they all died, while I lived on,
Or was I dead too?

I beat in my aunt's head,
To save my sister,
A girl saved me by her lies,
Then I died,
Or was I still alive?

I held a knife,
So a girl could butt her head against it,
Each time she came back,
And I ripped out her guts again,
Or did she still live?

I was insane with hate,
I tried to bring my grandfather immortality,
To make a god, I killed another god's daughter,
And almost shot that god through the heart,
Or did I miss on purpose?

I am the curse,
I am the blight,
I am the daemon,
I am Oni-sama,
Or am I?