Lying in the Snow
A AkuRoku fanfic

By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer: Poor college student, me no owny anything.

Even after playing 358/2 Days, I still prefer badass, emo Roxas more than the sweet, naive, doll-like boy he is for most of Days. Perhaps it's the heart-wrenching "ending" of his friendship with Axel near the end of the game that gets to me.

Yeah, so this was inspired by that and by all the snow covering my own college campus. It snowed non-stop for two days here and as much as I like snow, I'm kind of sick of it now. I want spring to come (minus the allergies). (Note, I wrote this back in late February, I just didn't post it until now.)

The entire campus had been blanketed in a foot of fresh snow, which had finally stopped falling that morning. Two forms stood out against this white wonderland. The larger had flaming red hair and an oversized puffy olive green coat. The shorter wore a simple black jacket, his usually unruly blond locks hidden underneath a knitted black hat.

Axel let out another groan, his eighth one in the past five minutes. "Damn it, Roxas, why did you drag me out here? You know I hate the snow. It's wet and cold and I always end up bruising my poor sexy ass when the damn stuff makes me fall."

Roxas was walking a few paces ahead. He rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's whining, ignoring the "sexy" comment. "I didn't drag you here, Demyx did. I was going to come by myself. You don't have to follow me everywhere you know."

The redhead said nothing in response as they continued to trek through the large patch of snow to get to where Demyx had told them to meet.

"What did Demyx say to you to get you out here?"

Axel thought back to his phone conversation with Demyx earlier that day.

"Come on, Axy, it'll be fun!"

"No. I hate the snow, you know that, Dem."

"But Roxy's coming!"

A sigh. "As much as I love Roxas, I'd rather sit through one of Zexion's lectures on… I don't know, Socrates's philosophy on beauty as one of the greatest human concerns compared to a modern's philosopher's view on the subject."

There was some shuffling in the background before an irritated voice cut into the conversation. "I heard that."

Demyx chuckled. "Go put your boots on, Zexy. But seriously, Axel, Roxas would really appreciate it. He's not very good at showing it, but I'm his older brother, I know these things. He'd really like it if you came out and did something you don't usually like doing just for him. He does a lot of things he doesn't exactly like for you, you know."

"Yeah, I know…" A groan. "…Fine, I'll go."

"Oh! And don't complain about it either! It won't mean anything if you suck the fun out of it for him."

"…Crap," Axel mumbled to himself as they neared the end of the snow pile and reached a clear walkway.

Roxas easily crossed over the mountain of shoveled snow, not looking Axel.

Axel's crossing was much less successful. He stepped on an unstable pile of snow and went crashing down, sprawled out on the ground with a groan.

"I knew I'd fall," he mumbled, but Roxas caught it. The blond still refused to look back as he walked forward, albeit a bit slower.

"You're a big boy, get up and quit complaining."

Axel watched Roxas walk away. The blond did not once turn around to help the redhead off the ground.

Axel finally sighed, stood up, and dusted himself off, both his rear end and his pride bruised. He really needed to learn when the right times were to be honest with Roxas and when the right times were to lie to him.

He turned and climbed over trekked back through the snow to his dorm house. Now he really needed to find a way to make it up to the blond he painfully adored.