Miss You
A Kingdom Hearts fanfic

By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer: Poor college student, me no owny anything.

Not really meant to be a Zemyx, but you can easily interpret it that way if you want. It's really more of a friendship thing. For my Demyx. I wish our schedules weren't so damn crappy...

I hate saying goodnight, knowing I'll be up for another 3 hours with no one to talk to.


Demyx had been lonely all week. He blamed damn stupid mansex for it. Zexion had been assigned day-long missions the past week and Demyx missed the slate haired Nobody with his entire nonexistent heart. Demyx recently spent his nights alone in his room, trying to find inspiration for a new song, but failing.

He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh. Zexion was really all he had. Sure, Xigbar, Axel, and Roxas were also pretty close friends of his, but they didn't compare to Zexion. Besides, Axel and Roxas were always together and Demyx hated being third wheel around them. As for Xigbar, he was usually off doing his own thing, like drinking with Xaldin and Luxord or eavesdropping on everyone.

Demyx finally gave up and decided to take another walk around the castle in an attempt to satiate his boredom, or at least get his legs moving.

A soft light streaming through a crack in the door to the library stole his attention from the trail of icicles and rose petals he had been following.

"Zexy?" When had the senior member arrived home? More importantly, why hadn't he come to greet Demyx. They had developed a habit of speaking to each other at least ionce/i daily, otherwise their day felt… incomplete.

"Zexion?" Demyx asked, slipping into the library, aqua green eyes frantically searching for his best friend.

Demyx's lips curled into a sad smile when he spotted his dear friend, sleeping soundly on the library's couch, a pile of reports he had been writing for Xemnas on his lap. His coat lay on a chair a few feet away. The blond quietly walked over and draped the coat over the younger Nobody.

"Good night, Zexy. I love you." Demyx placed a feathery kiss on Zexion's forehead before silently leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

It scares me how much I miss you even when you're right there.