A Kingdom Hearts fanfic

By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer: Poor college student, me no owny anything.

Baaaahhh, Spring Break is halfway over and I've done NOTHING homework-wise. I'm so pissed at myself but I just can't get anything done tonight. This is my crap in response. It's crappy, I know. Peh.

I missed writing Zexion. And I miss my DemDem.

Every now and then, and Zexion wasn't sure why this happened, his concentration was completely shot to hell. Normally, he would sit at his polished white desk, quickly organize his papers from the Superior, and set to writing whatever report he had to write. But tonight was not one of those nights.

Zexion ran a hand through his slate colored fringe and pulled the small square-rimmed glasses off his nose with a frustrated sigh. 'Why tonight of all nights?'

The week ahead held many difficult missions for the blue-eyed nobody, so he absolutely had to finish this report tonight for the Superior. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, Zexion simply could not focus on the task at hand.

Setting his glasses down on the desk, he stood and walked to the wide window of his room which overlooked Kingdom Hearts. The sky was the clearest it had been in days and the heart shaped moon glowed mockingly. Its soft golden light fell upon Zexion's pale skin, illuminating the heavy creases of his brow, furrowed in annoyance.

There was one thing, and only one thing, namely one nobody who could calm his now sour mood. He knew tonight was shot. He would never get anything done, no matter how hard he tried. He might as well enjoy himself for a few hours before settling to bed. On rare occasions, he would be reenergized and his focus would return with full force.

But for now, he needed to seek out Demyx.

Zexion stepped out of his room and nearly crashed into Vexen, who landed on the floor, spewing a stream of curses.

Marluxia sprinted up to the pair and grinned widely at Zexion. "Why thank you, Zexion. He nearly slipped away." The pink haired nobody picked up the flailing Vexen with ease and carried him over his shoulder down the hall. Vexen's stream of curses was suddenly directed at Zexion, who paid them no mind as he turned and went off to find Demyx.

But when Zexion reached the blond's room, Demyx was curled up among various sheets of music, sound asleep. His sitar lay on the floor, near his bed.

A quiet sigh left Zexion's lips, which curled into a sad smile. "Goodnight, Demyx."

Zexion now had to choose whether to go straight to bed or go have one of his semi one-sided conversations with Lexaeus.