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You're Going Down

This is hardly worth fighting for
But it's the little petty sh*t that I can't ignore
With my fist in your face and your face on the floor
It'll be a long time comin'


I sighed happily, as I reached consciousness and realized what I was lying on; Hugo's bare chest. I snuggled closer to his warm body, murmuring incoherent words, as I attempted to fall back asleep, but his stroking hand was very distracting. I arched my back like a content cat, peeked open one eye and noticed that it was daylight. I popped my head up and looked at Hugo, whose eyes were close, but he looked very, very smug. Giggling, I stretched my neck out to give him a soft kiss, which he returned very enthusiastically. Suddenly, Hugo rolled over with the grace of cat and pinned me under his warm, hard body, which he made sure to ground his hips against mine. I looked up at him with sly eyes. "Well, good morning, you beast."

Hugo leaned forward to nuzzle my nose with his. "Good morning, my wench."

Narrowing my eyes playfully, I pinched his side. "You could be sleeping alone. Remember that, Hugo."

He nipped my chin teasingly. "You couldn't keep your hands off of me if you tried."

I arched an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge, my love?"

He chuckled, darkly. "Perhaps."

"Perhaps, I could always find another to help keep me warm in the cold nights." I stated, seriously, but I was lying out of my ass. No one could satisfy me like Hugo.

Hugo narrowed his eyes, a growl rumbling out of his throat as if he were a dog marking his territory. "Don't even joke like that, Mina."

I rolled my green eyes. "You can never take a joke!"

Hugo covered my mouth with his, therefore ending our little "spat." I went to deepen the kiss, but then I realized how dirty and sweaty I felt. I pulled away, scowling. "Ugh, Hugo, I feel disgusting!"

Hugo sighed disappointedly; he knew what I was like when it came to cleanliness. Let her take a bath or suffer for the rest of the day. He rolled off of me; I sat up and grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. It was massive on me. I then grabbed a clean dress, undergarments, and soap that I had packed, thankfully. I pulled my boots on before exiting the tent. Fortunately for me, everyone except for Wicki, were still asleep and I wouldn't have to suffer from embarrassment; for I knew that they heard us last night. Wicki glanced up from cleaning his gun, a cigarette hanging from his lips. He cocked an eyebrow.

"Is there a creek or something close by?" I asked, tugging at the hem of Hugo's shirt.

He pointed to the right of me. "It's about fifty yards that way."

I smiled graciously before turning back to the tent. "Hugo, don't think that I'm gonna want you getting me dirty when I'm clean. Get your ass out here!"

I tapped my foot patiently, as I heard him grumble before shuffling around. Hugo emerged from the tent with his pants on, though they were unbuttoned, shirtless and with a cigarette hanging from his lips as well. (A/N: Um, can you say yummy? I can!) Smiling, I took his hand and began to walk in the direction Wicki had pointed, but Hugo stopped. I glanced at him curiously. "What is it?"

"I'll be right there. Go on without me," he said shortly, making me frowning in confusion.

He gave me a pointed look; I sighed and started to make my way through the trees. Humming a song about going home, I ambled down the slight trail towards this creek, the shirt getting caught on branches in the process. I paused when I heard the sound of bubbling water; I smiled in pleasure. I was going to have a bath! I shoved my way through some bushes, hissing when I felt branches scratch my bare legs, but I was brave and continued on. I spotted a large rock, which was smoothed, and placed my clothes and soap on it before taking off my boots. I glanced around hesitantly, before grabbing the hem of Hugo's shirt. I was just about to pull it off when I heard shouting and scuffling. Freezing, I glanced in the direction of camp and listened intently. Then, I heard, "Ah, shit, Stiglitz, get off of him!"

Forgetting the bath, I raced off for camp, ignoring the hot sting of branches slicing through my skin. The commotion got louder as I got closer. I burst through the trees and came to a screeching halt. Kagan, Utivich, Hirschberg, and Donny were desperately trying to pull Hugo off of Wicki, who he was punching in whatever spot he could find. Gritting my teeth, I stalked forward; eyes blazing. This was so typical of him! Utivich and Donny quickly let him go when they saw how pissed I was. I grabbed the gun poking out of Donny's waistband, he protested, but I gave him a withering look. I raised the gun above my head and fired, ignoring the fact that the shirt had risen close to dangerous territories. Hugo immediately became alert and jumped to attention. His falter was slight when he saw me, but it was there. Wicki glared up at Hugo, as he pulled himself up, refusing anyone's offer of help. His nose was bleeding profusely and his bottom lip was split, but I noticed that Hugo wasn't left unmarked either. Hugo had blood dripping from his nose, his knuckles were raw, and he had a bruise beginning to bloom across his ribs.

I glared at him. "What the fuck, Hugo?"

The others glanced at each, they didn't need to be a genius to know what I was saying; Hugo remained silent, but he clenched his jaw. I noticed that Raine was watching all of this with a grave expression on his face. He was just going to let them fight like little boys? I glanced at Wicki and asked if he was alright; Hugo's face turned murderous. Wicki nodded before walking off, holding a sleeve to his bleeding nose. I turned on my heel and started towards the creek again, my head held high.


I heard the sound of leaves being crushed under someone's weight; I tossed my wet hair over one shoulder and glanced back. Hugo was leaning against a small tree, his eyes emotionless. I tossed a soppy washcloth to him. "Pants off, Stiglitz."

I heard the cloth make a smack as it connected with his chest, Hugo sighed before shoving off his pants. He then joined me in the creek, it was only calf deep. He crouched down beside me and began to wash. I blatantly ignored him.

"Are you going to ignore me until I say sorry?" Hugo growled.

I snapped my head towards him, eyes narrowed. "You just don't get it, do you? You can't just go beating men up every time a man smiles at me, Hugo! You're not a child anymore."

"He was staring at your bare legs! In front of me," Hugo snarled, his teeth bared in a ferocious snarl. "He could have at least done it discreetly."

I arched an eyebrow. "So, you hit him?"

"No," he sniped. "I told him to keep his eyes off of what's mine! And then, he proceeded to tell me how selfish I was for killing the Gestapo officers when I had a wife waiting back home for me."

I sighed. So, his ego was wounded. "Hugo…"

He glanced at me. "I was defending myself and my wife."

I rolled my eyes before shoving him. Men!


"So, you want me to wait at camp while you all go to this orchard?" I asked Aldo with my hand on my hips.

He nodded. "That sounds 'bout r'ght."

"And, if a Nazi were to come strolling into the camp…?" Aldo pursed his lips before patting my shoulder.

"You should be fine, Mina." Aldo announced.

"Yes, easy for you to say. I have no military training at all. Somebody," I gave Hugo a look, "didn't think that I would need to learn to shoot a gun."

Hugo rolled his eyes. "You'll be fine, Mina."

I crossed my arms as they started to move out, Hugo hung back to give me a short, but passionate kiss and jogged after them. I smiled longingly after him. God, I love that man! I sat on one of the logs and stared moodily into the ash left behind by the fire. Leaning my elbow on my knee, I cupped my chin with my hand and tapped my fingers against the skin; thinking. Now, what? My eyes glanced around the forest ground, hoping for something to entertain myself with, but there was nothing. Sighing, I stood up hastily and began to pace. Half an hour later, the trail where I was pacing was worn down until I got to the hard dirt. Hearing the sound of a twig snapping, I stopped and looked to where the guys had disappeared into, but there was no one. Thinking it was just an animal, I returned to pacing. With my hands clasped behind my back, I began to whistle some random tune. Then, I heard it again. I stopped, turning my head to face where the sound came from. I could feel the blood from face draining, as I watched someone duck under a low branch before straightening up. A Nazi soldier, to be precise.

He smiled, charmingly, but his eyes were cautious. "Hello there."

Gulping, I answered, "Hello."

"May I ask what you are doing so far from the cities?" The Nazi asked, stepping forward.

I glanced around and spied Donny's bat. "Camping, officer. Is there something that I can help you with?"

He smirked. "What's your name, girl?"

I froze, my mind was racing. "Mina, Mina…Butz."

He started to circle me. "And, why are your camping, Mina Butz?"

My hands grew clammy and I started to sweat, even though it was cool outside. "For pleasure, of course."

He tapped his fingers against his chin. "Pleasure, you say?"

I clenched my jaw. He was playing with me. "Yes, pleasure."

"So, Miss. Butz, where are your companions?" He asked, coyly, his lips quirking.

I raised my chin. "Hunting. I don't really care for it, so I decided to stay at camp."

He stopped two feet in front of me, his blue eyes searching my face. "That's interesting. If they are hunting then why the need for that rifle over there."

I glanced at it. "You can never be too careful."

He lost his smile. "Do you want to know what I think, Miss. Butz? I think that you are a liar and these "companions" of yours are actually the Basterds."

"How could you accuse me of that?" I asked, quietly, as I slowly started to back away and towards Donny's bat.

"Because, the Private Butz that was let go by the Basterds was able to give us some very valuable information about their two newest members, Mr. and Mrs. Stiglitz. That wouldn't be you, would it?" He asked, condescendingly. I felt my breath catch.

He smirked. "As the Americans would say, "Gottcha.""

I reacted fast. I thrusted the heel of my palm into his nose; he squealed in pain. Then, I grabbed his shoulders and used his body as leverage to knee him in the crotch. Hugo may have not taught me how to shot a gun, but he taught me how to defend myself. Quickly, I snatched up Donny's bat and swung with all my might. I flinched when it connected with his head. The adrenaline was coursing through my body now. He may not have been Hitler, but he stood for him and the starting of this war, thus taking Hugo away from me. Making a sound of outrage, I began to beat him viciously with the bat. I didn't even stop when I felt his blood spray my face, nor when he was long dead, but until my arms were jello. I stopped, wheezing heavily, as I stared down at his disfigured body. I went and sat on the log, the bat at my feet. And, that's how the Basterds found me.

"…Fuck a duck." I heard Donny muttered, as they loudly filed out of the bush.

I stared blankly into the ashes; I didn't look up when Hugo crouched in front of me. His hand, warm and rough, cupped my chin. "Mina, what happened?"

Slowly, my eyes met his. "I beat him with Donny's bat."

"I see that, but why?" Hugo asked, patiently.

"He asked who I was, I gave him a fake name, but he knew, Hugo. He knew who I was. That Private that we let go, told them about me and you. They know that we're with the Basterds." I explained, shakily.

"He didn't…touch you, did he?" Hugo demanded, his voice filled with restrained anger.

"Nien," I answered, softly.

He leaned forward and kissed my bloody forehead. "Good."

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