Chapter Fifty Four. Case Closed. Part Two.

Previously On Poké Rangers SDI...

Several months ago, Commander Bristow of SDI summoned five teenagers to the Aquabase, a secret organisation created to fight the oncoming threat of a demon invasion lead by General Darkia. Keeping on fighting throughout all enemies thrown at them, they eventually gained another member in Bristow's son, Andrew. Relying on themselves and rangers from other teams to combat their enemies, their nadir came when Darkia and Joltara managed to destroy all their Megazords. Taking the brand new Soul Spectre Megazord out, they managed to defeat the two, but were undone as Kable placed a bomb on the machine. As Jyngella set out to break three seals that were stopping her mother, Queen Misteria, from entering the human dimension, she was interrupted by Andrew. All while the bomb had detonated in the Aquabase, trapping the five rangers, Dominic and Miranda down there. Finding their way out and getting to the secondary SDI base of operations, they joined up with Andrew who managed to destroy Jyngella. Only to realise that they had been tricked, Jyngella being the final seal to let loose the Queen. As Danni summoned the Legendary Sabre, their way of killing her, they were disappointed to discover it less than effective. As Andrew proved unable to pick the weapon up, Queen Misteria vanished. Challenging them with the threat of her arriving armies...

"So," the red ranger said. "Plan B anyone?"

"What's Plan B?" Luke wondered, brushing himself off. "I didn't know we had a Plan B."

"We don't," Katie remarked. "It was a declaration."

"Of what?" Andrew asked, still grimacing in pain with his injured hand. "Of how screwed we are?"

"Never mind that," Danni said, rubbing her throat. Allowing her eyes to drop down and glance at his wounds. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine," the gold ranger replied, quickly. "Just annoyed. And confused. I know you're all wanting to ask it, so... Don't pull any punches."

"Why couldn't you pick up the sword?" Nahir asked. "I mean... It visibly hurt you."

"Hurt me?" Andrew replied, grimacing. "It was absolute agony. It felt like..."

Rubbing his hand against the leg of his ranger suit, he couldn't help but let out another groan of pain.

"... Like something was being sucked out of me," he admitted. "I just feel weaker, even now. The pain..."

"Well, that's something we need to see Miranda about," Katie said. "Maybe she can explain it away to you. Also, maybe why the sword didn't work on Misteria."

"That's our ace in the hole up in flames," Luke muttered. "Now what can we do?"

"I guess we head back to base," Xavier remarked. "Regroup and see where we stand. And what we have. If she's not just smoke blowing about her oncoming armies, then we might have a serious problem."

"The six of us wouldn't be able to hold out against two hundred Misdrabeings," Andrew said. "Her army will be at least a hundred thousand. They will crush us into dust."

"Aren't you a bright little ray of sunshine," Nahir commented. "Thanks for making us all feel better."

"Either way we still need to get back," Xavier ordered, heading back across to his Assault Racer. "See where we go from here, what plan of action we take."

SDI ready!

The five rangers salute at the camera. Shots of Waterfall Shores.

Somewhere out there, a signal is calling

Princess Jyngella sits on her throne. Ramelow, Kable and Joltara bow down to her.

Verger is falling.

The Aquabase is shown, the train bay rises up out of the ocean. The rangers pose with the Lugia Lances.

The danger is here.

Danni leans back in her chair, shaking her head. Shots of her climbing up the Merlin's Plateau. Danielle Tanner. Yellow SDI ranger. Created by Joseph Winter.

Better call on SDI!

Katie drops into the pool, ducking under the water. Shots of her scuba diving. Katie Myers. Blue SDI ranger. Created by Blue Bongo.

Poké Rangers SDI!

Xavier sprays a fire with a hose. Shots of him diving through a window. Xavier Jackson. Red SDI ranger. Created by Blazin' Saddles.

Poké Rangers SDI!

Nahir reads a book, shaking her head as the alarm goes off. Shots of her sat in the medical bay. Nahir Moon. Pink SDI ranger. Created by Famousgirl01.

The trials will test you.

Luke does a chin up on a door frame. Shots of him stood at the helipad. Luke Sunderland. Green SDI ranger. Created by MakubeDaKiddX.

Better call on SDI!

Andrew leans back against a console. Shots of him wielding the Dragon Staff. Andrew Bristow. Gold SDI ranger. Created by Blue Bongo.

S... D... I...

Miranda and Dominic appear. Commander Bristow shakes his head as something blows up.

Powers on display

The Skull Tower appears. Darkia, Joltara, Ramelow and Kable bow down before the altar.

Rangers on the way

The SDI Megazord appears, swinging its sword. Xavier transforms into his Battlizer.

They'll save the day.

The Guardian Jet and Dragon Shuttle appear. They transform into their battle forms.

Poké Rangers SDI!

The five rangers pose. Horizon Megazord rises up behind them.

Poké Rangers SDI!

Mal and Tim run into a cave with a camcorder. They're chased out by a swarm of Zubat.

S... D... I...

The Aura Carriers fly up off the track and into the sky. The Aura Carrier Megazord poses.

Poké Rangers!

Poké Rangers: SDI. Created by Blue Bongo. Verger Region created by Blue Bongo. All other rights reserved.


"This is bad," Miranda said. "I thought that the Legendary Sabre would be enough to defeat her."

"Apparently not," Danni replied, sarcastically. "And I still have the bruises on my throat to prove it."

"There's no need for that," Dominic snapped, glaring at the yellow ranger. "If you're that annoyed, then take it out on the appropriate party. Not on your friends."

"Well, I guess nearly dying makes me cranky," she retorted. "So, excuse me."

"Danni, calm it down," Xavier ordered. "Everyone's tired. Everyone's angry. And right now we're beaten unless we come up with some way to destroy Misteria before her army wipes every living thing in this region out."

"There's just no way of making our situation sound good, is there?" Luke asked. Unable to keep the grin from his face, despite the severity of the moment.

"Apparently not," Bristow said, walking into the room. "I've just gotten off the phone with SDI high command. They want us to stand down and let the army take over. To fight the Misdrabeings."

"Sir, that's a huge mistake," Katie replied. "That's probably the stupidest thing they could do."

"Believe me, I tried to put that across to them in so many words," the Commander replied. "But they heard how we accidentally set her free by destroying Jyngella..."

"That was me," Andrew pointed out. "Nobody else. I made the mistake."

"Hold on," Nahir said. "We were recruited to fight demons. Now we destroy one and we're being kicked out."

"It's not my choice," Bristow said, sadly. "You are to surrender your morphers and..."

"Not this crap again," Xavier replied, angrily. "Honestly, don't we have more important things to think about than some General deciding that he knows more than everyone else because he has some stars on his shoulder. I'm refusing to accept this. You tell whoever the hell it is if he wants the morphers, then he'll have to take them by force. I'm not giving mine up until Misteria is dead and gone."

"Got to agree with him Sir," Katie said, moving on up to stand beside him. "I'm not giving up now."

"I'm not either," Nahir insisted. "We've come too far to not see it through to the end."

"Ditto what she said," Luke offered, stepping up. "It wouldn't be right to give up now."

"I want Misteria gone," Andrew said. "She stole half my life away from me. Even though it meant that I lived..."

"We know," Danni remarked, patting him on the arm. "And we're willing to all do this. Tell that moron in charge that we're doing this."

"This isn't going to go down well," Dominic commented. "Better you than me, Commander."

"What? That's outrageous!"

"Sir, the rangers have a valid point," Bristow said. Seeing the reddening face of General Exley narrow its eyes at him in fury. "This whole situation with the demons. You entrusted me to make all the right calls. So far, virtually all of them have paid off. Give us time and we might be able to resolve this with as little loss of life as possible."

"Time is the one thing that we do not have," General Exley replied, angrily. "This war is about to reach its peak and we cannot hold our fate to chance. I refuse to..."


Hearing the female voice behind the screen, Bristow instantly felt his mind wandering to where he had heard it before.

"Ah, Dr. Kincaid," General Exley said. "What do you..."

"I heard about your decision sir," she replied, stepping into view on the screen. Bristow immediately remembering where he had seen the dark haired woman before. "The one to stop the rangers from doing their duty. We tried something a while ago with cybernetic soldier replacements for those rangers. It didn't go well. They can surprise you. They are the best of the best and they specialise in the extraordinary. I doubted their talents and it was almost catastrophic. I would recommend that you don't make the same error."

Gritting his teeth together, Exley shook his head in anger.

"Okay," he replied. "Do what you need to do. You've got four hours. All the usual resources at your disposal. But, if I hear nothing in the next four hours then I'm sending soldiers to wait for the Misdrabeings."

"Thank you Dr. Kincaid," Bristow said, saluting her from his seat. "Thank you for your faith."

"Just get the job done," she replied. "It's not going to look well on either of us if you fail now."

"This is interesting," Miranda remarked, running a portable scanner across the surface of the Legendary Sabre. "Very interesting indeed. It appears to have increased its power slightly."

"What?" Katie asked, looking up from where she was leaning in quasi-meditation. "How is that even possible?"

"I don't know," Miranda said. "But, it could be important."

"Well, since it left the Aquabase," Danni remarked. "It's been in contact with four people. You. Since you've handled it quite a lot and the power gained isn't that much, then rule you out. It came into contact with Misteria. Blade bounced off, doing no apparent damage. The contact was minimal, no inner part of her touched the blade. Just her armoured skin. That could be it. Or, I touched it. But, I don't feel any different. That leaves..."


Looking around at the sound of the voice, everyone present saw Andrew walk into the room, a serious expression on his face.

"I know what it was," he replied. "The metal that Misteria's Sword was originally made of, Tiberia. It has a funny way of reacting when in contact with anything demonic. It literally drains that power from them, sucking it in to add to the power of the blade."

"So when it burned you...?" Xavier asked. "It drained you of some of your power."

"Wow," Nahir said. "That's..."

"If I take a hold of that sword," Andrew remarked, stepping closer to it. "The power it gains from me may just be enough to break through Misteria's armour and defeat her."

"That would be risky," Miranda said. "You could easily die doing it."

"This is our only chance," the gold ranger replied. "Remember our mantra from the last mission? No matter the cost? This is essentially the same thing."

"But still..." Xavier argued, before Commander Bristow walked into the room. His presence immediately and automatically silencing them all from their conflict.

"Well, we've got some time," he said. "So, what have you found."

"If he takes and keeps a hold of the Legendary Sabre," Miranda replied, gesturing to Andrew. "The Tiberian metal inside the blade will suck out all the demonic energy inside him, powering the sword up. But, it might kill him."

"Well, forget that then!" Bristow snapped. "You're not doing it! We need to find another way and quickly."
"Come on, Dad," Andrew urged. "It might be our only chance."

"There has to be another way!" the Commander insisted. Unwilling to let his son go through with it. "There just has to..."

"Commander," Miranda offered. "I'm not sure if..."

"Find one!"

"Even now, the rangers struggle to think of a way to save their puny world," Misteria laughed. Finally settled down onto her throne, the demon monarch looked down to her remaining two servants, Ramelow and Kable. Both of them bowed down in submission. "Even they cannot hope to win against all my Misdrabeings."

"This is surely an excellent plan, Your Majesty," Ramelow said. "But, what would you have us do? Can we help out in any way at all?"
"You can ensure that my troops are ready to march," she replied. "Soon, my palace will be built again."

"Your Majesty?" Kable asked. "Where do we go when that palace is built? What's our plan after that?"

"Know your place," she replied, narrowing her eyes at him in reprimand. "I'm not going to incinerate you this time, but step out of line again and..."
Letting the threat hang, she watched the two of them vanish away to go and do their duty.

"Sir, I honestly can't think of any other way," Miranda said. Her glance sweeping over to the Legendary Sabre. "And if we're running out of time..."

"We're not even discussing this," Bristow replied. "That could kill..."

"You're a hypocrite," Nahir suddenly exclaimed, jumping up to glare at Bristow. "If it was any one of us, rather than Andrew, you'd be ordering us to do it. Because it's your own son..."

"She has a point, Commander," Xavier said. "You are being..."

"Forget about this," Andrew muttered, getting to his feet. "It's not a decision any of you are going to make."

"Andrew, don't you dare!" Bristow growled. "I'm ordering you to..."

"It's not your choice," Andrew replied, looking at the Legendary Sabre. Then at his burnt hand, a subconscious wince flashing across his face. "It's mine. Misteria gave me a new chance at life. Least I can do is risk it to take hers away. There's no other way!"

"Andrew!" Miranda said. "Just think about it before..."

"Already have," the gold ranger snapped, striding forward. Placing his hand across the hilt of the blade. "And this needs to be done!"

The second his hand touched the hilt of the sword, he immediately collapsed to the ground, screaming in extreme agony. His palm on fire with the stabbing pains that erupted throughout his body.

"I think here should be just about good enough," Ramelow remarked, he and Kable stood atop the roof of a building across from the middle of Waterfall Shores. "What do you think?"

"Future generations of demons will refer to the battle that took place here as of the stuff of legend," the demon summoner replied. "The battle of the killing field. You think that name works or not?"

"Fifty fifty," Ramelow said. "Even though we actually need to win the battle first."

"You and I know that there is no way that the rangers will be able to stand against this invasion," Kable snickered. "They are few and the Misdrabeings are many."

"In a few hours, the invasion will start," Ramelow remarked. "I cannot wait."

"Patience, friend, patience," Kable replied. "It's going to be a long long day. And at the end of that path, we will be victorious. I can taste it."

Behind them, a door opened up, the two demons spinning around on the spot to see who had dared to approach them...

And Mal and Tim ran out onto the rooftop, one holding a microphone, the other hoisting a camcorder on his shoulder.

"Greetings, vile demons!" Tim yelled. "Now back away out of this space, or we shall be forced to unleash a world of pain on you!"

"But, can we have a few words first?" Mal asked, hopefully. "Like, why are you..."

"What are you doing?" Tim muttered, out of the corner of his mouth. "We're meant to be driving them away. Not interviewing them."

"But, our Internet viewers could do with their reaction as our brave but stupid heroism drives them away," Mal replied, nodding safely at his buddy. "So, what can you have to say?"

"Walk the other way, right now!" Ramelow warned. "And it won't turn nasty!"

"I'm afraid that you're the one who should be worried about it turning nasty," Tim retorted. "Because, you don't have any way of..."

Wasting no time in bringing his sword out, Ramelow gestured to the door.

"You can die now, or later," he growled. "But, it is going to happen. When the glorious armies of Queen Misteria walk this region. You will soon be..."

"Don't give it away, you fool!" Kable howled, dragging Ramelow back away from the two Hikers. The pair instantly vanishing away into thin air.
"Yeah!" Tim yelled, running forward to punch the air where they had been seconds earlier. "You better run, bitches!"

"Owww owwww owww owwwww owwww!" the flailing gold ranger howled, the Legendary Sabre in his hand starting to glow with a powerful golden aura as he desperately tried to keep a grip on it. "Ho-Ho-Holy crap! Somebody kill me!"

"Overacting much?" Luke wondered, peeling a banana while watching. "I mean..."

Seeing the look that everyone else instantly threw at him, he quickly shut up.

"... That does look like it hurts quite a lot."

As Andrew let out a final scream of agony, everyone else present was greeted by the sound of a thunderous crack ringing out around the relatively small area...

... And the gold ranger was thrown across the room, his body cracking against the back wall, slumping to the floor in clear pain.

"Oh no!" Danni said, her face whitening. "Is he okay?"

Moving over to the still form, Dominic being closest to him, reached down to place two fingers on Andrew's neck. Gesturing for everyone else to keep back with his other hand, his eyes revealed nothing as his fingers probed for a pulse.

"Come on!" Danni urged. "He can't die! He can't!"

"Why Danni," Luke quipped. "None of us had any idea you cared so much."

"Shut up!" she snarled, as Dominic stood up to straighten himself out. A blank expression on his face, everyone waiting with bated breath. Breath that was exhaled, as Dominic's expression split out into a grin.

"He's fine," the Pokémorph revealed. "His pulse is pretty strong. If he's about to die, it's not from that."

Right on cue, Andrew's eyes jerked open, the fallen gold ranger gasping for breath.

"And, I love being proved right," Dominic quipped. Seconds before Andrew rolled over, coughing up a small amount of blood.

"That sight never ends well," Xavier remarked, a grin on his face. The sign of relief that was being show by all of them.

"Hmmm..." Miranda mused, running the scanner across the Legendary Sabre once again. "This is good. According to the readings I'm getting here, this weapon is now brimming with power. Whatever the risks were, they appear to have paid off."

"If it's enough to destroy Misteria," Xavier pointed out. "There's no guarantee that that will be the case."

"If you can take a few demons out on the way to her," Bristow said. "That'll probably help."

"So what's the plan, Commander?" Luke asked. "The six of us go hell for leather and try to storm Skull Tower."

"That's our plan?" Nahir wondered. "Wasn't there a better one on offer?"

"Either that or wait for them to come to us and let the possibility of thousands of innocent people be harmed," Dominic pointed out. "Choices."

"At least this way the only ones who might get harmed are you," Miranda pointed out, trying to offer some consolation out to the rangers.

"Now, why doesn't that make us feel better?" Luke asked.

"So, is everything okay?"

Looking around to the sound of the voice, Andrew saw Danni coming over to him, a hesitant expression on her face. He'd come out onto the roof to think things through, clear his head after the traumatic experience from earlier. Yet, part of him had expected her to come, another part of him secretly relieved at the sight of the yellow ranger.

"Yeah," he replied. "I feel great. Didn't know you were there."

"Surprised you didn't sense me with your empathy," she remarked, coming to lean against the railings next to him.

"Normally I might have," he admitted. "But, I think those days are gone now. Probably forever."

"What do you...?" she started to ask, before it dawned on her what he had meant. "The sword? It took your empathic abilities?"

"Looks like it," he said. "Guess I'm human again. Fully. Drained all that demon right out of me. Whatever I was in the past is gone."

Rolling her eyes, Danni let out a tsking sound.

"No, it isn't!" she replied, only a trace of anger in her voice. "Honestly, have you learned nothing while you've been with us?"

"Just a few things," he answered, with a grin. "Most of what I..."

"There's more to you than the part that was demon," she groaned, rolling her eyes. "We didn't take you to our hearts because of your ability to annoy the crap out of us with your empathic abilities. If we saw the demon part of you... We accepted you. We didn't have a problem with it, unless you were picking private information out of us. That was annoying. But, we got past it. We didn't care! I didn't care."

"I know you didn't," he replied, smiling at her. "Sometimes, you get some interesting insights from those private thoughts."

"So... How long have you known?" she asked, not looking surprised.

"Known?" Andrew replied, the smile growing wider. "Known what?"

"How I feel about you," the yellow ranger groaned. "That you knew full well."

"A while," he said. "Started to sense it shortly after the incident with Vulvoir. Not that I'm not flattered."

"Then how come you didn't act on it?" she wondered. "Most guys in your position..."

"I thought I'd wait for the right moment to go on it," he said, quietly. "Just wondering and waiting when that would be."

"So, this is your idea of the right moment?" Danni asked. "Terrific."

"Nah, it's mainly my thought that we're not going to make it through this alive," he said. His words dead serious. "I'm through with the secrecy. It's a terrible idea. So, Danielle Tanner. You're awesome. You're smart, you're funny, you're beautiful. You've got that crazy extreme side of you which jumps off cliffs. Something that terrifies me, the very thought of it. But, if I had to do it with you, it wouldn't seem so scary. Because, I finally realised how much I cared about you when Misteria nearly killed you earlier. I guess what I'm trying to say is..."

"I love you," she replied, the smile crawling out across her face. Unable to believe her luck, what he was saying to her. "Really?"

"If we're going to take on this final battle," he said, still serious in his voice. "Then, I thought you should know."

For once speechless, Danni felt him reach out to take her hands, his head coming down to place his mouth against her. The moment filling her with hope, with passion. With jubilation. It didn't take long for her to start to return the gesture, time slowing almost to a halt.

"We just need to find a way to get into the Shadow World," Nahir said. "Otherwise, the whole thing is dead before it even starts."

"I think I might be able to help with that," Miranda replied, tapping away at the console in front of her. "There's a huge concentration of demonic energy building up in the middle of Waterfall Shores. That might signify a portal opening up..."

"You couldn't track them before like that," Luke butted in. "Why should now be any different?"

"We couldn't track them before," Miranda replied, slightly annoyed. "Because they were about ten feet wide in the whole region. This entrance looks to be about a mile wide. And growing."

"So, forget one demon at a time," Katie commented. "This is full on war. They're sending an army through."

"If the average Misdrabeing is about two foot wide, five and a half feet tall..." Xavier wondered. "How many could they fit through... I don't want to know. Anyway, whose going to carry the Legendary Sabre into battle? In the hope that we can get to Misteria."

"I think it's only fair that you should," Commander Bristow said, seriously. "For the last several months, you've lead this team through the thick and the thin. You're a capable warrior. I think that you've earned the chance to strike her down."

"Heh," Miranda remarked. "I've just remembered something. The original time that Misteria and her armies were defeated all those years ago. The final warrior who struck her down. They were from Hoenn."

"Guess history does repeat itself then," Xavier replied, as Andrew and Danni came into the room. The yellow ranger fixing up her hair, Andrew wearing a grin on his face that hadn't been there before.

"What happened to you?" Katie wondered, looking over at the two of them with interest.

"Never mind," Danni replied. "So, are we ready to do this?"

"This is it," Miranda informed them through the earpieces. "You're a few feet away from the massive source of demonic energy. If my theory is right, the Legendary Sabre should be enough to rip through the threads of reality. Threads that are already at bursting point due to the demonic energy. The positive energy within the blade should be enough to..."

"Okay, we get it," Xavier replied. Getting up off his Assault Racer, he began to slowly pace himself across the ground. Wondering where the best place to attack would be.

"You're in position in three... two... And cut away!" Miranda ordered.

In one swift motion, the red ranger reached up for the sword slung across his back, yanking it free of the sheath. Not having the time to feel a bit of an idiot for what he was doing, he brought it up through the air...

... Instantly feeling a rush of cold dead air pass across him as the distortion between realities split open in a second. Glancing through the dimensional tear, Xavier couldn't help but punch the air as he saw the Skull Tower in the distance. Turning around to head for his Assault Racer, he was already hearing the roar of engines as the other rangers made to speed through the scar in dimensions.

"Well look at that," Nahir remarked, as they appeared on the other side. Instantly starting to shiver from the low temperature of the atmosphere. "Couldn't we have gotten one of those watches from Errol again to get in here?"

"It's not that much of a drive," Luke pointed out, as the other rangers looked up into the distance.

"There it is!" Xavier yelled, the structure up ahead of them. "Once we get in there, we're going to have to make it to the chamber at the top."

"Anyone else want to bet we don't make it through without at least a little bit of a hitch?" Nahir quipped. "This isn't going to be easy. I think we should stop assuming that it is."

"Just because I'm wearing shades," Luke commented, propping the item up onto his brow. "Doesn't mean I think we're taking a trip to the beach."

"So much for the stealthy approach," Andrew remarked, rolling his eyes. "We're not going to make it over there quietly on these."

"Time is an issue," Katie pointed out. "And the Racers do have weapons just in case."

"My choice," Xavier remarked. "Let's get this over and done with."

"This is a mistake," Andrew muttered. "A really really bad one."

"We don't have a lot of time," Nahir said, echoing what Xavier had said. "I agree with Xavier."

"I'm not saying that he's wrong," Andrew quickly replied. "I'm saying that we're not going to make it through unscathed this way."

"Well you got it wrong," Luke said, as the six of them got off their ATV's at the entrance to the Skull Tower. "Not a Misdrabeing in sight. Face it, if it's like this, then it'll be plain sailing all the way to the top."

"I don't know," Andrew replied. "I might have been wrong about this, but..."

Striding forward to push the heavy wooden doors open, grunting with the effort, Xavier finally managed to get them to give way to him. The six of them moving out into the dark room behind the doors, they instantly heard the doors slam shut behind them, the lights flaring out into action. To reveal...

"Welcome, rangers," Ramelow snickered. The demon stood in front of literally hundreds of Misdrabeings, a look of savage jubilation on his face. "What took you so long."

"Oh crap," Katie muttered, angrily. "This complicates things."

"Told you that there'd be problems," Andrew said, trying to shoot a smirk over at Luke. "And you got it wrong!"

"Now's not the time," Xavier replied. "Ramelow, get out of the way!"

"Errr... No!" he shot back. "Try and say it without the tremor in your voice."

"What tremor?" the red ranger said. "We're here to stop Misteria. And we're willing to go through you all to get to her."

"You and whose army?" Ramelow taunted. "Six against hundreds. This should be over very quickly."

"We're not going to make it easy," Nahir told him. "So, you can forget that."

As one, the six of them reached up to take out their morphers. Shooting reluctant glances at each other.

"One last time for luck?" Xavier quipped. "Because..."

"This won't be the last time," Katie remarked. "Because we're going to survive this!"

"Keep dreaming!" Ramelow exclaimed. "Oh wait... You're not!"

As he burst out laughing again, Xavier gave the command.

"SDI! Time to battle!"

Transforming into their ranger costumes, the six of them began to stare down their enemies in front of them, Andrew letting out a sarcastic laugh.

"Ha, it worked," he remarked. "'Cos, I was wondering after what happened earlier."

"Don't worry about it now," Danni said. "Because, we're about to fight."

Bringing the Legendary Sabre out in front of him, Xavier instantly hacked a Misdrabeing into two pieces.

"One down, plenty to go," he muttered. Sweeping out with the blade again, two more of them falling in front of him. Across from him the other rangers had brought out their Lugia Lancers, cutting their way through the swarms of foot soldiers in front of them. Jumping up and kicking one in the head, Nahir threw the Lugia Lancer behind her to impale one of the creatures, before bringing out her Defense Blaster to fire several times into the crowd. Close to her, Danni dropped into a crouch, slashing down into a few of them that were closing in on them. As the blade bit through their knees, they went down to the ground, quickly crushed under the weight of more swarming Misdrabeings towards the rangers. Trying to keep as close to the rest of the rangers as possibly, Andrew struck out with his Dragon Staff, the weapon's strikes keeping them at bay. Slamming it down into the ground...

"Earth Strike!"

... a tremendous shock wave rang out, the blast throwing the surrounding Misdrabeings to the ground around him. Katie and Luke were slowly being backed into a corner, the two of them holding back the foot soldiers with their Lugia Lancers. In a moment of calm, they managed to combine them with the Defense Blasters, firing several shots into the crowds around them. Trying to move through the crowd towards the stairs at the other end of the room, Xavier felt the Legendary Sabre keep on cutting through the Misdrabeings all around him. Their trace energy adding to the power of the weapon, no matter how slight.

"Xavier!" Katie yelled. "We'll hold them down here! You get up to Misteria. Don't worry about..."

Before she could finish, Ramelow came steaming in to attack, slinging his sword at her head. Ducking the blow, she hit the demon in the stomach with the Lugia Lancer, causing him to double over in pain. Quickly moving away from the scene to try and get Xavier's attention again, Ramelow turned his attention to Luke. Preparing to fight the green ranger.

"Don't worry about us!" Katie shouted. "We can take them! Cut the Arbok's head off!"

Taking a deep breath, Xavier closed his eyes for a fraction of a second. Levelling the Legendary Sabre in front of him, preparing to move.

"Everything you taught me, Dominic," he muttered. Remembering every single moment of sword play that he had been taught by the Pokémorph, knowing that he was going to need it.

And then, he began to move. Charging across the cold stone floor, slashing through the air with the weapon, desperately trying to take out any Misdrabeings that cut in front of him. Jumping through the last few feet, he found himself on the stairs, a Misdrabeing reacting to stop him. One swipe of the Legendary Sabre later, it was dust on the steps. Taking a deep breath, the red ranger began to run up the stairs. Wondering how long it would take him to reach the dizzy heights of the peak.

Stepping out from the stairs into a chamber at the top of the stairs, Xavier looked around. Instantly spotting...

"Yargh!" Kable howled, trying to run away from the red ranger. Spinning around on the spot, he hurled a demon card out to summon one of the few remaining demons in the Queen's army. From out of nowhere, a Cacturne demon with Noctowl wings and Charizard legs appeared in front of Xavier, determined to stop him. Bringing the Legendary Sabre up and across, Kable watched the demon explode as the red ranger kept on coming.

"Uh oh," he muttered, reaching down for another card. Hurling it at the ranger, activating it with a surge of his magic, the two of them watched a Pidgeot demon appear with a Sableye head and Rhyperior arms. Still not stopping, Xavier crashed the blade against the feathered body, hearing the demon squawk in pain as it exploded.

"Stop doing that!" Kable howled, throwing another demon card out to try and slow him. This time, a humanoid demon with the head of a Lapras, fur of a Mightyena and body of a Machamp emerged out. Only to go the same way as the other two, as Xavier decapitated it with the Legendary Sabre.

Reaching down into his pocket, digging deep, Kable prepared to throw another demon card out to stop him...

But, the horror suddenly washed over him as he realised that he was clean out of luck. The final demon had been his last one. Something that Xavier recognised at the last, pirouetting on the spot to slash straight through the demon summoner's body. Not even an explosion ringing out as Kable's remains hit the ground and dissolved into dust.

"That's you gone," Xavier replied, finally speaking. Running his eyes over the Legendary Sabre, he realised that it was going to be as powerful as it was going to get. "Now, for the big trophy."

Turning to look at the huge door in front of him, he could have sworn that he heard a demonic laugh rushing out around the entrance.

Throwing out his sword, the blade crashing into Luke's upper body, Ramelow let out a harsh laugh as the green ranger hit the ground.

"Now, what are you going to do?" he demanded. "Poor little ranger and..."

"Leave him alone!"

Hearing the hissed threat ring out from behind the demon, Luke looked up in surprise. Seeing a furious Nahir rush in and slash at Ramelow from the back. As Katie jumped through the air, hitting him with a flying kick, the blue ranger shot a look at Nahir.

"We're going to finish him off," she said. "Fully. Like he should have been a long time ago."

"You haven't got the grapes!" Ramelow snarled. "You can't defeat me!"

"Wanna bet?" Luke demanded, he and Katie glaring at the demon. "Your life says otherwise!"

"Battle Strikers!" Katie shouted. "Activate!"

At her command, the armoured backpack-like attire began to appear on their upper bodies, straps meeting out across their chests in an X shape. In the middle of the straps, there was a white number two on Katie's armour and a white number three on Luke's. Next, the weapons appeared. A long green metallic rocket launcher-like cannon for Luke, which he rested on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Katie's weapon also appeared. A large blue box with a pair of Empoleon-wing shaped blades in front of them. A hole could be seen behind the sharp blades. Both connected to the backpacks.

"You still want to make that bet?" Luke asked, levelling his Mystic Cannon at Ramelow. Around them, Nahir had gone back to fighting Misdrabeings, joining Danni and Andrew with the task of defeating the foot soldiers.

"Bring it on!"

Pushing the door open in front of him, Xavier found himself walking into the chamber at the top of the Skull Tower. If anything, he might have classed it as the throne room, due to the presence of the throne at the other end of the large room. And on that throne...

"Did you enjoy the welcoming committee?" Queen Misteria asked, perched back on the glorified chair. Managing to pull off a look that she probably considered regal. "Tell me that they ripped your army to pieces."

"Could have done," Xavier replied, casually. "Although, since that clown Ramelow was leading them..."

"Such a loyal warrior," she said, softly. Her words concealing a hidden bite. "You know what the difference between us is? I consider my soldiers expendable. Do you? Can you live with yourself if any of them get hurt? Or even..."

As she paused for a moment, her voice dropped to almost a whisper.

"... Die," she finished, her eyes sparkling with malice. As Xavier brought the sword out, she let out another harsh shrill of laughter.

"That's still your great plan to defeat me?" she snickered. "It didn't work the last time. Do you really think that this time will be any different?"

"I'm kinda counting on it," he replied. "If you're that sure of it not working, how about one free shot?"

Letting out another pair of short laughs, she brought both arms above her head. A split second before her hand snapped out, hurling a powerful blast of black shadow energy towards the red ranger, aiming for the sword to try and knock it from his hands.

Twisting away to avoid taking it, feeling the impact ring up his shoulder, Xavier couldn't help but let out a grunt of pain as he staggered back even further away from the Queen. Hearing the victorious victorious howl erupt from her jaws.

"You cannot stop me," she snarled, leaping from her throne. Ready to face him in combat, summoning a pair of swords from the wall, crossing them in front of her. "Nothing can stop me. The last one that tried..."

"Let's find out," he replied, keeping calm and composed. "Make my day!"

"You've outlived your welcome, Ramelow!" Luke snarled. Both he and Katie still pointing their weapons at the warrior demon. "Now, prepare to taste the Mystic Dragon!"

"Emperor Jet!" Katie shouted, the two of them pulling the triggers on their weapons. The attacks exploding out of the Battle Strikers, a glowing green Flygon and a shining blue Empoleon, both made of the purest mystical energy rushing out towards Ramelow.

"You think you can destroy me with that?" he roared, striding towards them with clear and visible menance. "I take you all down with..."

Suddenly silenced by the twin attacks, the powerful blasts of energy struck him in the chest, throwing him back through the air. Upon hitting the wall, he slumped down to his knees, gasping for breath.

"Now you're not looking so hot, Sparky," Luke quipped. "All the other demons are waiting for you."

Roaring in agony, the pain overwhelming, Ramelow finally fell forward. Hitting the ground face first, before exploding into thousands of pieces.

"See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya," Katie laughed. A split second before the blue and green rangers were engulfed under a swarm of Misdrabeings, the foot soldiers completely swallowing them from view.

"Crap crap crap," Xavier muttered, under his breath as he brought the Legendary Sabre up to block the twin strikes thrown through the air at him by the attacking Queen Misteria. Her sword skills greater than he had expected, the demon monarch skillfully thrusting out with her first sword, only to go in with the second one to try and take him unaware. So far, he'd managed to hold out, being relatively fresh. But as the battle carried on...

Best to end it now, he thought, a wry grin erupting across his face. Pushing forward, trying to take the initiative for a second, he managed to drive her back. Forcing her to go on the defensive, her two swords easily blocking his thrusts. Taking a deep breath, he struck out harder, the clatter of the metal ringing out through the chamber. Bringing his foot up, he hit out with a snap kick to her stomach, the Queen snarling in pain as she felt the attack. Quickly reacting to the situation, he slashed out with the Legendary Sabre, the metallic blade biting across the front of her chest.

And, to his relief, some sort of substance began to dribble out of the wound. The monarch letting out a stream of curses as she ripped her robes away. Revealing a purple and green body underneath, finely outlined with muscle.

"Yeep," Xavier muttered. "That's..."

Taking advantage of his disgust, Misteria slashed out at his head. Would have removed it from his shoulders had he not brought the sword up to block it.

"Low," he complained. "That's just low. Your Majesty!"

Sneering the last part of the sentence, it seemed to infuriate her more than anything. The lazy yet vicious swipe being thrown at his head, the blow easily parried. Before she could recover, Xavier jumped up, striking her in the head with a kick. Something that already added to her high level of fury, given by the way she brought her hand up to hurl a Shadow Ball against his body. The powerful attack screeching through the short distance, he was thrown back across the chamber, striking the throne at the far end before falling to the ground in pain.

"You cannot win," she taunted, taking long strides down the chamber to finish him off. "You are nothing."

Pulling himself up, grunting with the effort, Xavier managed to let out a weak grin.

"Guess I'm going to have to take it up a notch then," he shot back. "Satellite Ranger! Now!"

From who knew where, the SDI Satellite began to whir into gear. Emitting a focused beam of data straight down into his morpher. And, it began to come into focus. Black and gold armour with red zig zags materialising over his body, covering his upper body, legs, gloves and boots. In the middle of his chest, an SDI logo appeared there in white, while the visor on his helmet turned from black to red and white. On his back, an armoured jet pack could be seen. Instead of the usual katana swords, he still held the Legendary Sabre in his hands.

"Your efforts are futile," she snarled, going back on the attack. Striking out with the blades against him, Xavier easily blocking the attacks. "You are nothing! I am everything!"

"Your army of demons has been destroyed," he argued, taking a moment to throw a swipe with the sword at her. Something that she blocked with both swords, snarling at him in response. "I ensured that most of them ended up that way!"

"They were weak!" she roared, spraying him with her saliva. "You're not dealing with any ordinary demon here!"
Her fury empowering her, she lunged out with her sword, desperate to strike him down. Gritting his teeth with the effort it took to parry her strikes, Xavier wondered if she spoke the truth. Was he really on a hiding to nothing? Drawing a deep breath, he began to tense his legs, crouching down. Hoping that he looked like he was hurt, exaggerating the effect by clutching at his hamstring. He had a desperate plan, hoping to use her blind fury against her.

"You shrink to try and avoid me?" Misteria snarled. "Do you bow to me? Kiss my feet and your death shall be fast!"

As she raised her sword to strike him down, Xavier finally exhaled.

"I bow to no one," he retorted, activating his jet pack. Erupting up into the air, high above the intended strike. As the bemused expression flashed across the Queen's face, wondering where her prey had gone.

Landing behind her, Xavier felt no remorse. Bringing the blade stabbing back, he felt it penetrate her, a gasp erupting out of her jaws. Pulling his weapon out, he turned to watch Misteria drop to her knees. Demonic blood erupting out of her wounds, slicking up the floor.

"You attacked us," he said, softly. "I'm not like you. I'm not going to humilate you in your moment of weakness. But... You lose!"

Swinging out as hard as he could, watching the blade of the Legendary Sabre slice through the air, Xavier felt it crash against her neck. Feeling the metallic blade shatter under the strike, seconds before the body of the Queen fell back to the ground, exploding into thousands of pieces. The sudden release of energy throwing him back against the wall, he felt the armour of his Battlizer vanish from view. The useless stump that had been the Legendary Sabre still in his hands, an inane grin on his face.

Several stories below him, all the Misdrabeings vanished from view. Leaving five astonished rangers attacking thin air in surprise.

"Anyone else having a wtf moment?" Nahir wondered. "I mean... What the... Hell?"

"I guess Xavier must have done the job," Andrew commented. "He took Misteria out. We've won! We won!"

"Wait a second..." Luke said, grinning at the gold ranger. "Did we win? I'm not quite sure!"

"Yes!" Danni shouted. "We did it! Demons zero. Rangers everything! It's a pasting."

"Aw man, victory feels so good," Katie commented. "Wonder where our fearless leader is?"

Right before anyone could answer, the ground beneath them began to shake. The Skull Tower began to crumble around them, the sound of footsteps emerging from the stairs. Seconds later, Xavier appeared, still grinning under his helmet.

"Hold your applause!" he shouted, throwing his arms up into the air. "Give it to us all. We did it!"

Even as he finished, a huge rock fell out of the ceiling, hitting the ground inches from him. Much to his startled surprise.

"Eep!" he yelled. "It's coming down!"

"Come on!" Katie yelled, Xavier sprinting across the ground towards the group of approaching rangers. "We need to get out of here right now!"

"You don't have to tell me," he retorted. "What part of..."

"Dude!" Luke shouted. "First rule of sarcasm! Don't use it when it's not appropriate!"

"I know," Xavier grinned. A mere split second before another rock from the ceiling hit the ground where he had been minutes earlier. "Let's go."

"The Shadow World is imploding on itself," Andrew mused. "Misteria's presence kept this world in balance. Now she's dead..."

Looking around, he saw that the rangers were also in the process of heading for the exit.

"I hate it when you guys do that!" he groaned, starting to sprint after them.

Arriving back to their Assault Racers, the six of them could hear the sound of the huge Skull Tower crumbling into dust behind them. Thunderous roars ringing out around the shaking world, Luke speaking up.

"You think we brought the house down?" he wondered. To stony glares from the other rangers.

"Let's ride the hell out of here!" Xavier yelled. "We need to go, now!"

All six of them climbing on board the ATV's, the engines roared into action. Charging across the horizon, desperately trying to outrun the collapsing Shadow World. Literally miles behind them, the outline of the horizon was slowly imploding away.

"Can't these things go any faster!" Nahir complained. "We're going to get swallowed up in that otherwise!"

"Just got to hope!" Katie shouted. "If anyone prays to any higher power, then now might be a good time to do it."

"We're going to need that much help?" Danni asked, incredulously. "I doubt it! Now this is extreme!"

"Don't even tell me that you're enjoying this!" Luke yelled. "What the hell is wrong with you!"

"Don't even tell me that you're not enjoying this!" the yellow ranger shot back, letting out a whoop of glee. "This is..."

"Just need to floor it out of here!" Xavier bellowed. "We're almost there!"

The power of the Assault Racers forcing them across the dead shaking ground, the six of them could see the entrance portal getting larger in the distance.

"Come on!" Andrew roared. "We've gone through too much to go down here!"

"Amen to that!" Katie said. "Just a... Little more speed and..."

"It's almost on top of us!" Luke yelled, looking around to the imploding horizon. "It's gaining! It's faster than we are... Holy crap, we're going to..."

At the very last possible moment, the six of them hit the portal, vanishing straight through it. Upon touching that portal entrance, the imploding Shadow World promptly collapsed into itself. Never to be seen again.

Hitting the ground on the other side, the sudden stop was enough to throw them all off the ATV's and send them crashing into the sidewalk, their ranger suits absorbing most of the damage before vanishing. Before the obvious began to appear to them all and their instant relief.

"Woo hoo!" Nahir yelled, her face bare inches away from kissing the ground. "We survived. We made it! We're alive! I could kiss you all!"

Having landed next to her, Luke instantly looked up. An expression of hope on his face, something that she didn't notice.

"Yeah, it's over," Katie said. A tinge of sadness inside her voice, drawing looks from the other rangers.

"What's wrong?" Xavier asked. "We won!"

"I know we did," she replied. "And I'm overjoyed about it. But, I just can't help feel a bit sad. If it hadn't been for SDI, we six would probably never have met. Now, we're splitting up again. Just feel a bit upset about it, because I really enjoyed doing it all with you guys."

"Yeah..." Luke said. "This actually sucks."

"Oh I don't know," Danni said, slipping her hand into Andrew's. The gold ranger smiling back at her, the sun rising up behind the group. "New start and all. We can go anywhere from here. We no longer work for SDI. And it's not like we'll never see each other again."

"We saved the world," Luke commented, a grin slipping across his face. "I say that we party."

"Hell yeah!" Xavier yelled. "Let's do this! That's my final order as your leader."

Behind him, the other five rangers let out cheers. Cheers of joy, the full momentum of the occasion hitting them.

"Time to hit the bars!" Katie shouted. "On the double!"

As the six of them began to walk off across the horizon, the rising sun began to slowly crawl towards its peak. The gentle rays creeping across the sky, brushing against a lone flag above the skyline. A flag emblazened with a giant white letter C, clear for all to see...

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