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Chapter One: Blood Rights

Knock! Knock!

Sweets glanced at the clock on his laptop.

7: 13 PM

Daisy wasn't supposed to come until eight thirty at least.

'Maybe she was fired again.' He thought as he stood up to open the door.

He loved Daisy, motor mouth and all. It wasn't entirely her fault that she, in Cam's words, "turned reasonable people into fiery balls of fury" she could just beā€¦over exhilarated.

He couldn't help but smile as the tumblers clicked and he pulled the door open.

"Hey, you're ear-" He started, but the rest became stuck in his throat as his eyes met the man standing in the doorway.

He was older than he remembered, well of course he would be, it'd been almost twenty years since Sweets had seen him. It couldn't be him though, it just couldn't.

But when the man opened his mouth and said, "Hello Lance." with venom dripping off each word, he knew it was him.

Sweets' knees nearly buckled and his breaths became shallow. He gripped the doorknob for support as he stammered, "Get...get out..."

The man smirked and his whole body tensed. He tried to slam the door, hoping that just a slab of wood would be enough to keep him away, but the man placed an arm between the door and it's frame. Sweets didn't have the strength to close it at that moment.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" He asked.

"Get out." He repeated. His whole body had begun to shake. He could feel his back tense automatically as the man's face came closer to his.

"That's no way to greet family." Sweets swallowed nervously.

"You're not family."

"We share blood, don't we?"

Sweets chose not to answer.

"Blood means more than adoption papers, Doctor Sweets." The man said his name in the way most people said words like zit or filth, disgusted and repulsed.

Sweets could feel a dull throbbing coming from his back. No, He told himself, there's no real pain, it's just fear. He took a deep, shaky breath and spoke.

"Get out now or I'll call the police." It didn't sound nearly as threatening as he would have liked, but it seemed to work.

The man un-wedged himself from the door frame and Sweets began to close it.


It happened so quickly, a fist came through the small crack of open door left and hit him in the nose.

Sweets stumbled back, dazed. He could feel drops of blood splash onto his shirt. He could feel the sharp pain from his probably broken nose.

It was real.

"You may try to deny it, but my blood is in your blood. We're the same whether you like it or not." The voice said from behind the door. There was silence for a moment, then the sound of footsteps growing lighter and lighter as the trailed off through the apartment building's hallway and down the staircase at the other end.

Sweets' breaths had become shallow once more. He sank to the floor, open door and broken nose forgotten at that moment.

He pulled his knees to his chest and placed his face on them.

On the floor of the dimly lit apartment, Sweets began to cry.