Grin and Bear It

Ch. 1

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Summary: Hayashi has been given a choice, he can either be fired from his job as Captain of the Rokkaku police or he can adopt Yoyo who is now suffering from amnesia. Hayashi doesn't like ether one of these choices, but he chooses to adopt Yoyo. So will this new father be able to survive having a Rudie for a son, and will Yoyo ever remember his past as a Rudie? No one knows, and Hayashi wishes he would not have to find out. Oh well, it looks like Hayashi will just have to grin and bear it…..

The story takes place right after Yoyo goes missing.

Hayashi hated Rudies; he hated them with a deep intensity. Now most people would say that hate was a strong word, but for Hayashi hate was not nearly strong enough to describe what he felt about the Rudies of Tokyo. Although, out of all of the Rudies in Tokyo there was one Rudie that he hated more than any other Rudie and that Rudie's name was Yoyo. Yoyo was a GG, and this fact alone was a good enough reason to hate the kid. Yoyo was always taunting him and the rest of the Rokkaku police, and he was always the one that ended up covering Hayashi in graffiti.

Well, Hayashi did not have to worry about this anymore because the annoying kid had been captured by the Golden Rhinos. It seemed the kid had been sneaking around the Golden Rhino headquarters. No one knows how the green haired GG was able to get into the Golden Rhinos HQ, but there was no doubt in Hayashi's mind that someone was going to get fired for it. Hey, it was not Hayashi's fault so as long as he did not lose his job he could truly care less for the poor sap that gets fired for allowing the kid to get into the Golden Rhino's HQ. He was just happy that he would not have to deal with that annoying GG anymore. Little did he know, but that annoying GG would become a rather huge part of his life soon enough………

It was an ordinary day in the Rokkaku police HQ. Everyone was racing about getting files, giving orders to the police who were out in the streets trying to catch Rudies, and trying to follow Hayashi's orders without any mistakes. Everything was going well, until she showed up anyway….

"Hayashi, I need to talk to you!" shouted a women's voice from the entrance of the HQ. The whole entire HQ became quite as everyone slowly turned to the sound of the voice, only to see a woman with long purple hair, bright blue eyes, and a huge chester cat grin on her face and a couple of papers in her hand. This woman was none other than Doctor Tsukino. Dr. Tsukino worked there at the Rokkaku HQ; she had her own little check up room and office in there. Hey, the Rokkaku police are always getting injured by trying to catch Rudies so it got to the point that they just got a doctor working there to save time. However, Hayashi and Dr. Tsukino would always ague with each other, to the point that it would get rather violent.

All of the Rokkaku officers stopped what they were doing and immediately turned to look at her. The whole entre room was silent as she made her way to Hayashi. Hayashi just rolled his eyes and asked "What do you want Dr. Taukino?" Taukino just continued to grin as she said "Well, Goji has heard about your constant screw-ups and he has gotten quite tired of it." Hayashi's eyes grow wide before he shouted "Does this mean I'm fired!?" Taukino just shook her head. "No, but you will be fired if you refuse to accept Goji's order…. Hayashi, you have been ordered to adopt the GG called Yoyo." Everyone in the room turned and looked at Hayashi, only to see him stare blankly at Taukino. A few minutes passed before Hayashi gave a very loud "WHAT!?" All of the officers in the room did not hesitate to run for their lives, they had seen what Hayashi does when he did not get his favorite candy they did not want to stick around and see what happens when he gets mad over something this big.

Taukino looked around the now empty room before she looked at Hayashi. "Wow, that's one way to clear a room." She said as she gave Hayashi another grin. "What do you mean I have to adopt the little Rudie brat!? That kid would never allow himself to be adopted by someone from Rokkaku!" Hayashi yelled, obviously ignoring the fact that everyone else had ran out of the room. Taukino just shrugged her shoulders before saying "The kid probably would not allow someone from Rokkaku to adopt him, but at the moment the kid does not even know what Rokkaku is. They had some difficulties dealing with the kid when he was running around Golden Rhinos HQ, and in the struggle to catch him the boy ended up getting hit over the head. The knock on the head ended up giving the kid amnesia. Thanks to his amnesia, we won't be able to get any information on the GG's now. Some people suggested that we just toss him into the streets, but his little gang of friends would most likely find him and he would become a thorn in our sides all over again. That's when someone suggested that you adopt the kid, they said that it will keep the kid from becoming a Rudie and it will make as a sort of punishment for your constant failures in catching the GG's."

Hayashi blinked a couple of times and yelled "Who in the world suggested that I take care of the kid!?" Taukino just shook her head "Like I would tell you! You would probably go out and try to hit the man with a cop car or something." She said. Hayashi just cursed under his breath before he sighed. It looked like there was no way for Hayashi to get out of this, he had to pick his poison in a matter of speaking. Would he choose to be fired from his rather well paying job or adopt the Rudie boy that he absolutory hated? He looked at Taukino and sighed again. "Fine, I'll….. Adopt the kid….." He said quietly.

Taukino smiled at him before she shoved the papers that she had been holding into his hands "Great, then just sign these adoption forms and Yoyo will officially be your son!" She said as she grabbed a pen from a nearby desk and gave it to Hayashi. Hayashi sat down at the desk that was next to him and started to sign the papers. "So what does the kid know so far?" He asked as he signed his name away on the dotted lines. "Well, he knows his name and he knows that you are adopted him and that's all. I also told him that we fell down the stairs and bonked his head and that was why he could not remember anything. " Taukino said as she sat on the edge of the desk. "You told him that I adopted him already?" Hayashi asked as he finessed signing his name on the last paper. "Well, I figured you would adopt the kid and he was asking me if he had any family sooo I just told him a little lie." She said as she snatched the papers off of the desk and then she shoved said papers in Hayashi's face. "And thanks to these papers that you signed, my little lie just became the truth!" she said in a joyful tone.

Hayashi growled and slapped her hands out of his face. "Why did they send you to tell me all of this anyway?" He asked as he walked out of the room to the area of the HQ where Taukino's office was. "They called me to come and check on your new son to make sure that he was ok and that there was no serious damage. Since I was going to be coming back here, they thought it would be it would be easier if I told you rather than have someone come down and tell you." Taukino explained as she followed after him. The rest of the trip to Taukino's office was rather silent. When they finally got to Taukino's office Hayashi turned and looked at Taukino. "There is no way out of this is there?" He asked her. She just smiled at him before saying "Nope, you're stuck with the kid." Before Hayashi could say or do anything else, Taukino grabbed his hand and dragged him into her office. "Yoyo I'm back and I bought your dad with me!" Taukino said in a singsong voice. Hayashi yanked his hand out of Taukino's rather harsh grip and looked at boy that was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.

Yoyo looked at them both before he looked at Hayashi and smiled at him."So you're my dad?" Yoyo asked as he looked at Hayashi with a curious expression on his face. "Yes, I'm you're…. Dad." Hayashi said slowly. Yoyo just continued to smile as he said "Taukino said that I lost my memory, so I don't rally remember anything. Can you tell me some things to help fill in the blanks, yo?" Hayashi quickly looked over at Taukino, obviously hoping that she would be able to help him out. Taukino just grinned at him and said "Yes Hayashi, please fill in the blanks for your poor son." Hayashi glared at Taukino before he turned and looked at Yoyo. "Well, I adopted you because I…… always wanted a kid of my own and you looked like a… good kid so I choose to adopt you. I was supposed to bring you home with me today. You fell down the steps over at the orphanage and well you know the rest." Hayashi explained with great difficultly, it was hard for Hayashi to come up with something to tell the kid.

Taukino, who was standing behind Yoyo and was trying her very hardest to not laugh at the whole entire situation, she finally decided to help Hayashi out after she was sure she wouldn't go into a laughing fit. "Well, now that we are done filling in the blanks why don't you go ahead and tell Yoyo about what you two are going to do today." Hayashi blinked before asking "What we are going to do today?" Yoyo looked at Hayashi and then at Taukino before he asked "We were going to do something today, yo?" Taukino smiled at him and then walked over to Hayashi and placed her hand on the man's shoulder. "Well, of course you are going to do something today! You do have to go out and get new cloths and some things to decorate your room after all." Taukino said as she looked over at Hayashi.

"You were going to take Yoyo out to get him some new things today, right?" She asked. Hayashi grumbled a bit before saying "Yeah, that's right…" Yoyo smiled before saying "Well, then let's go and get some stuff before all the stores close, yo!" Yoyo than jumped out of his seat and ran over to Hayashi and grabbed his hand before he dragged him out of the room. Yoyo's new dad could do nothing but allow himself to be dragged away by his new rather hyper son. Taukino watched Hayashi get dragged away with a slight smile on her face. She had never seen Hayashi become this frustrated before and she had to admit it was pretty funny. She knew that Hayashi thought having Yoyo as a son would be a living hell, but Taukino didn't think that at all. She thought that Hayashi having Yoyo as a son would be a good learning experience for the guy. Who knows, maybe Hayashi would grow to be a pretty good dad for the kid. Well, regardless of what would happen Taukino know one thing for sure; she knew that this was going to be an experience that Hayashi would never forget.

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