Grin and Bear it

Ch. 4

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Sometimes when Yoyo walked around the huge city that is known as Tokyo, he would see people riding around the town on skates. The people on skates would always skate around and scare the living daylights out of the random pedestrians and they would always create graffiti of all shapes, sizes, and colors where ever they could. They would also do some of the most amazing trick that Yoyo had ever seen in all sorts of impressive ways. They would grind down a rail at top speed they would jump into the air and do all sorts of twists, turns, and flips and they could even skate backwards without even running into anything. The skaters themselves were also something rather strange to look at.

There were girls that wore heart shaped eye patches and bright silver skates. There were huge muscular men that wore monster masks and overalls. There was a group of what looked like sixty year old men that wear extraordinary skinny jeans and motorcycle helmets. There was a group of skaters that looks like a bunch of mummies that had just crawled out of there tombs and a there was a large girl group that wore dog collars and pink fishnet stockings. All of these skaters belonged to groups that went by the strangest names. The broken hearted Love Shockers, the reckless Doom Riders, and the mummified Immortals were just a few of the gangs that he had heard about. It seemed that each gang had tags that applied to each gang, but out of all of the tags that Yoyo had seen he liked the GG's tags the most. The tags that the GG's made were always the most interesting and for some reason they were also the most common ones to find. Although, for how common the GG's tags where, Yoyo had yet to see an actual GG in real life. Sure, he had heard about them but he had never actually seen one with his own eyes. Yoyo could not help but wonder what the GG's looked like.

Did the GG's have uniforms like the other gangs did, or did they wear whatever they wanted? Was it an all girls gang, a gang of boys, or a gang of both boys and girls? Yoyo could not help but think about the GG's and he could not help but think about the other gangs as well. Yoyo guessed that the reason why he was so curious about the gang was because of the fact that GG's gang name and there tags seemed very familiar to him. Yoyo was quick to think that the reason why it was so familiar to him was because he lived Tokyo and had probably seen the skaters, heard there names, and seen their tags a lot before he had lost his memories. However, Yoyo could not help but feel that he was actually involved with the skaters in some way. This of course was not something that Yoyo wanted to believe. From what little Yoyo had heard about the skaters, they were not people you wanted to be involved with. The skaters, better known as rudies, were said to be violent, rude, and just all-around bad people. Yoyo only heard bad things about the rudies, but Yoyo could not help but wonder if all of the things that he had heard were actually true. Were the rudies really all that dangerous? Why did everyone seem to be so scared of them? Yoyo did not know the answers to these questions, but he did know who he could ask. If there was anyone who would know what the answers to Yoyo's questions where it would be his dad, Hayashi. So Yoyo decided to ask Hayashi just what a rudie was and why was everyone scared of them. It was a simple question (to Yoyo at least), and he figured that his dad would not mind answering his question. What Yoyo did not know however, was that his little question was something that Hayashi was scared to answer….

It was a nice Sunday morning for Hayashi. It was a nice sunny day, he had a cup full of nice hot coffee, and he had the day off. Hayashi was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his beloved coffee while reading the newspaper. The sound of yawning from the doorway alerted Hayashi of Yoyo's entrance into the kitchen. Hayashi looked up from his newspaper and over at Yoyo only to see the boy give another large yawn. Yoyo looked over at Hayashi and gave him a mumbled good morning before he fumbled over toward the kitchen counter so that he could get a huge glass of orange soda. Once Yoyo had gotten his glass of orange soda, he slowly made his way to the chair that was located on the other end of the kitchen table. Once Yoyo was sitting down, he took a big long drink of his orange soda before he put his glass on the table and looked over at Hayashi. Yoyo then proceeded to stare at Hayashi as if he was just waiting for the man to notice said staring. After about five minutes of having Hayashi gave a small slightly annoyed sigh before he put his newspaper on the table and looked at his son. "Ok, what is it?" Hayashi asked as his son just continued to stare at him.

"Dad, can I ask a question?" Yoyo asked as he tilted his head to the side. Hayashi gave a shrug of his shoulders before asking "What's your question?" Yoyo smiled at Hayashi before he asked the dreaded question "What's a rudie, yo?" Hayashi's eyes widened when he heard Yoyo's question. This was not something that he had expected Yoyo to ask him. Now granted, Hayashi really should have expected to get this question sooner or later but Hayashi wished he would not have been the one to have to tell Yoyo what a rudie was. Hayashi sighed as he shook his head; this was not what he wanted to talk about so early in the morning. "A rudie is a person who lives on the streets and creates graffiti wherever they can. Some rudies belong in gangs, but other rudies are live on their own. We call these rudies lone rudies." Hayashi answered. "Ok, so why are people so scared of them? They don't look like bad people." Yoyo stated as he took another sip of his orange soda. Hayashi looked Yoyo right in the eyes before saying "Well rudies may look rather harmless, but the fact is they a rather dangerous. They break windows of people's homes and shops, they race around and try to bump into people with no regard for the peoples safety, and they have even caused a couple of blackout a few times in the past." Hayashi paused in his speech to take a big drink of his coffee before he continued with his speech. "There was one gang that goes by the name of Poison Jam, and I have to say they are one of the worst gangs out there. Awhile back, Poison Jam used some sort of laughing gas in there spray paint or something and they caused a lot of people to almost laugh themselves to death. A lot of people ended up having to go to the hospital. There are also the Love Shockers to worry about as well. Those girls seem to hate the male gender with a passion; I can't even tell you how many boys they have sent to the hospital." Hayashi stooped talking when he noticed Yoyo give him a rather scared look.

"Did they really send a lot of boys to the hospital?" Yoyo asked as he started to shack slightly. Hayashi just nodded his head before saying "Yes, they really did. Although the boys they sent to the hospital where ones who tried to flirt with them, but even if they where flirting with them that does not give the girls a right to break their bones" Yoyo gave a small gulp of fear when he heard his dad say that. If rudies really did act like that then it was no wonder why everyone was so scared of them. Yoyo quickly finished his pop before he got out of his chair and placed the empty glass in the dishwasher. Once he had done that he made his way over to the doorway that would lead him out of the kitchen, but he stopped walking once he got to the doorway. Yoyo turned and looked over at his dad before he gave him a large smile. "Thanks for telling me about the rudies, yo. I'll make sure to try and avoid them. Also I have to say, you're really brave dad I don't think I could ever go up against a bunch of rudies like you do." Yoyo said as he continued to smile at his dad. Yoyo than said something about watching TV in the living room, but Hayashi had long since stopped listening to him. Hayashi watched as Yoyo left the room before he placed his head in his hands. Hayashi could not help but give a small week chuckle. Just what would Yoyo think if he found out that he had once been a 'dangerous' rudie? Hayashi didn't know and he really didn't want him to find out. Yoyo had once been a rudie himself, but now he was just your ordinary (but slightly naive) teenager. Hayashi sighed as he looked over at the empty doorway that Yoyo had walked throe just a few minutes ago. "Yoyo, you don't even know who you really are and I hope you never find out just who you really are" Hayashi whispered as shock his head slightly. Little did Yoyo know, but he just ruined Hayashi's perfectly relaxing morning with that one little question…

Ok, so that's chapter 4. I kind of wanted to show why rudies could be a bad thing for the normal people in this chapter. Sure rudies have helped get rid of the bad guys in the past, but I think that the good things that rudies do are usually not seen (or heard by) normal people. For the people living in Tokyo, rudies are the guys who go around jumping out there windows, covering the advertisments and buildings in graffiti, and go skating around like they own the place (like skating straght toward a person or skating around on a busy road). They are not the kind of people who you would think would be heros and usually it's rudies who casue most of the problems (like when the Noise Tanks caused the blackout in Jet Grind Radio and when Posion Jam stole the statue in Jet Set Radio Future. Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter and I should have the next chapter out soon. Please review and don't flame.