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"Stupid Farmboy, can't you ever get up by yourself, some Hero you'll be!"

A harsh tug from the blanket he was laying upon resulted him flopping to the floor. Hard.

"Ah shit! What the hell?!" He lifted his face, as well as his body, from the cold, unforgiving floor to glare up at his roommate. Whisper was going to have hell to pay, that's for sure. But when he looked at her, his face was her big, beautiful brown eyes dancing with mischief and the most adorable smirk on her face, making her milk chocolate face look even more extraordinary.

…What was he mad about again?

"Are going to get up any time soon? I don't want to wait to kick your arse in practice."

Was her voice always this beautiful to his ears? He still was on the floor, in a sitting position and he let Whisper's rants and complaints run through his ears. He had always known that Whisper wasn't born in Albion but he never really LISTENED to her voice until now, and what a sound! He closed his eyes listened to her accent, it wasn't as thick as when they were children but, it was still so different.

"Farmboy…are you okay?" Her accent softening as her concern shone through.

He opened his eyes and felt them widen when he saw Whisper kneeling in front of him, with her palm on his forehead, checking his temperature.

"Maybe you have a fever…?" Asking more so herself than him.

He shot up so fast that he could swear he got vertigo, running away from Whisper's warm hand and the exquisiteness of her eyes.

"Well, you seem to be perfectly fine if you can get up THAT fast. Come on, farm boy, we have work to do."

She rushed out of their room but then she came to poke her head through the door.

"If you keep standing there, you'll surely lose this race, Farmboy." The smugness evident in her accent. Then she was off again. He sighed and chased after her, swiftly getting ahead and winning the morning race again.

Same old, same old.


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