Series: Neo

Title: After Swat

Chapter 1

Written by: Cody Furlong & RazorsLove

In the upper middle class part of Mega Kat City, stood a blonde striped tabby, he stood silently at the stove of his apartment kitchen; as he stirred the contents of a large silver pot on the lit burner. He scratched at his shirtless chest for a moment as he put the lid over the open mouth of the pot. The tabby inhaled deeply and exhaled a plume of smoke; he took the cigar from his mouth as he suddenly heard a knock on the front door of his apartment.

"Comin!" the tom shouted from the kitchen.

The front door opened slowly and a short dark brown tom looked around the decorated apartment, the smell of stew filled it. He spotted the tall blonde tabby standing in the kitchen, moving his arm moving over the open pot.

"Chance Furlong?" The brown tom questioned softly.

The tabby turned around keeping his eyes on the bubbling stew in the pot.

"That's me." Chance replied as he put the lid back on the pot again.

"It's been a long time buddy." The tom continued.

Chance turned around completely to face the small brown tom standing in the forayer of his apartment.

"Jake!" Chance gasped as he quickly went up to him and hugged him tightly.

Jake noticed that his fur was damp like he'd just gotten out of the shower as he hugged him back.

"It's good to see you buddy." Jake whispered.

Chance let go of him when he noticed that Jake's feet were dangling off the carpeted floor. Out of the corner of his eyes, Jake spotted the wall decorated with medals and framed news paper clippings.

"It looks like you've done well for yourself Chance, since we last separated." Jake said.

Chance looked over at the walls as well and nodded slowly. Jake noticed that Chance had gotten taller, a little broader and more muscular than when he last saw him those many years ago.

"Almost nineteen years ago to be exact." Jake said.

Chance's ears perked as he noticed a loud hissing coming from the kitchen.

"Have a seat Jake, I'll be right back." Chance said as he raced off towards the kitchen.

Jake walked over to the highly decorated wall, looking over the medals and pictures; when he came to an on newspaper clip that caught his eye.

"Best Test Pilot of the Year." Jake read aloud.

Jake looked over the picture, in the middle stood Chance in a grey flight suit, and next to him a teenage version of him. The tom's fur was darker than Chance's, he wore a letterman jacket "Mega Kat City Tigers" football team. Jake continued to look at it quietly until Chance came back in as he put a white T-shirt on.

"Who's this standing next to you Chance?" Jake asked as he pointed to the smaller tom in the picture.

"That's my son, Cody." Chance answered.

"Son? When did this happen?" Jake questioned again.

"Eighteen years ago, I married, divorced and raised him on my own." Chance continued.

Jake looked at Chance quietly for a few seconds before turning back to the picture to look at it once more. Suddenly though the front door; came the same teenage tom in the picture, his fur slicked down with sweat. Chance looked his way quickly and smiled at him as he walked into the apartment and looked in the he's and Jake's direction.

"How was practice today?" Chance questioned his son.

"It was fine, but I think we're ready for Friday's game." He replied eagerly.

The teenage tom looked at Jake and eyed him as one of his brown eyebrows went up as he looked at the slim tom and smiled.

"You must be Jake." He questioned.

"Yes I am... It's been a long time since I saw Chance" Jake replied.

"Cool, Dad's told me so much about you, it's great to finally meet you." The high school student held his hand out to Jake.

Jake reached out and shook the young tom's hand; he noticed that he had a firm hard grip.

"I'm Cody, Cody Jake Furlong." He introduced himself.

Jake looked to Chance quickly as he heard Cody mention that his middle name was Jake, Chance smiled at him and shrugged his broad shoulders at the short brown tom. Jake looked back to the young tom standing on the other side of the couch.

"So Cody, what do you plan on doing after you graduate from high school?" Jake asked politely.

"I'm gonna follow in my dad's paw steps and go to Enforcer Academy." Cody replied happily with a big smile on his muzzle.

A buzzer suddenly goes off in the kitchen and the smell of stew fills the air, Chance looks to the kitchen then back to Jake.

"Ah the academy" Jake sighed.

"Yeah...good times, you wanna stay for dinner Jake? It's almost ready" Chance asked the brown tom.

"I'd love to Chance, thanks for the invite." Jake continued as he smiled softly.

"Ok, you want set the table Cody?" Chance said to his son.

"Sure dad, just let me go put my stuff down" Cody added.

Cody walks off down the hall, only to come back a few second later minus the jacket and back pack.

"He seems like a good kid Chance." Jake said softly as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

"Yeah, that he is, I just wish his mother had decided to be a bigger part of his life." Chance sighed deeply.

Chances ears flatten at the sudden realization at how hard it had been raising Cody on his own.

"Oh, why did she divorce you in the first place?" Jake asked.

"She thought being a test pilot was too dangerous, given how we had met. She wanted me to hang up my flight suit for good...but you know that's never going to happen. It was either her, or the jets, and I choose the jets." Chance said with an irritated huff.

"I figured Chance... have ya ever thought about remarrying?" Jake continued looking at the large tabby standing there quietly.

"Yeah, but I haven't been able to find anyone else yet." Chance sighed deeply.

In the background Cody is pulling out enough bowls and spoons for three of them and is setting the table.

"Yeah…" Jake added softly.

Chance grabs some pot holders, and turns of the stove and carries the pot over to the table and set it in the middle of the small round table. Cody goes over to the fridge and pulls out two cans of milk, and sets them down on the table.

"What would you like to drink Jake?" Cody asked as he walked back over to the fridge.

"Just water, thanks Cody." Jake said politely.

Cody nodded quietly as he pulled a glass out of a cupboard, and fills it with water from the tap then carries it over to Jake. Chance, Cody and Jake sit down at the table together, the two older toms talk to each other as they eat. Chance invites Jake to stay at the apartment for his vacation, since he visited first before checking into his hotel. Cody quickly finishes his bowl then stands and takes the bowl and spoon to the sink.

"I've got homework to do, so if you guys need me I'll be in room" Cody announced as he walked down the hall.

Chance watch's his son go into his room quietly, and then turned back to Jake. Jake was looking at the wall towards the only news paper clippings of the Swatkats.

"It was fun wasn't it? You know just because all the bad guys have gone into hiding now. It's only a matter of time before they resurface again" Chance said.

"I know… but when will it happen, I don't know." Jake sighed.

"Me either...I still have all the old gear locked up, no one knows who we were...After Cody had graduated from the Academy, he and I were planning on bringing Swat back online..." Chance announced softly.

Jake looked to the blonde tabby sitting next to him at the table.

"Really!?" Jake gasped softly.

"Yeah, it won't be the same without you, but the City's gonna need their hero's again, I can feel it" Chance continued.

"Feel it?" Jake questioned the tabby.

"Call it a sixth sense I guess..." Chance grinned.

Chance got up from the table, and went over to a bookcase he open the wooden box there and pulls out a cigar from it.

"You want one?" Chance asked the brown tom still sitting at the table.

"No thanks Chance, I don't smoke." Jake declined.

Chance shrugged putting the box back onto the bookshelf; he walked over to the recliner in the living room and sat down. Jake got up from the table, and sat on the black leather couch next to the recliner Chance sat in. Before Chance could lit his cigar his phone started to ring, he groaned loudly and got up from the recliner. He picked up the phone and put it to his ear.

"Hello." Chance spoke into the phone.

"Furlong we have a new jet for you to test and a partner to go along with it" The voice immediately said though the phone.

"A partner huh? Since when do jets come with partners?" Chance questioned.

"This one's got a mouth too." The tom continued.

"Joy...When and where do ya want me to test this jet?" Chance sighed loudly.

"Now Furlong... come to the Enforcer building, your partner will be waiting for you" he snapped.

"Fine, I'll be there in ten." Chance replied

Chance hung up the phone, sighing loudly as he rubbed his face.

Jake looked back at the tabby standing in the kitchen.

"What is it?" Jake questioned.

"They boys upstairs got another jet for me to break, this time they want me to take her up with some other hot shot riding shotgun..." Chance grumbled.

"Oh... good luck with that Chance... I'll stay with Cody while you're gone" Jake replied.

"Ok, thanks; I'll be back when I can. If ya ask him, Cody can open the garage for ya."Chance said as grabs his keys off the table by the door.

"I will" Jake continued as he watched Chance leave the apartment.

The apartment goes quiet and Jake sighs softly.

Cody comes in for a drink of water.

"Where'd dad go?" he questioned.

"He went to test a new jet... apparently he's gotta have some other hot shot along for the ride" Jake announced.


Cody rubs the back of his head and sits down on the couch.

"Yeah... he isn't happy" Jake said.

"It didn't sound like it...He doesn't do well with other partners. You where the only one he's ever been able to fully mesh with" Cody replied.

"Yeah I know" Jake sighed.

At Enforcer headquarters Chances new partner waits on the tarmac with Lt. Steele. Chance jogs out onto the flight line in a tight fitting, gray flight suit and carrying his helmet.

Steele looks at him irritated as he jogs up to him.

"What took you so long?" Steele scowled at him.

"You try coming' from across town in the 6:00 rush hour..." Chance growled and begins to circle the jet looking it over.

There's an electric blue haired she-kat looking at the jet quietly, one of her hands were placed on her hip while the other was gripping her helmet stopped next to her, and looked over her electric blue hair; his ears perked up slightly.

"So you're the one I'm gonna have riding 'with me?" The tabby questioned her.

She looks up at him* Yes...Is it me or is it hotter than normal...I'm sorry I'm not used to the heat...

The she-kat blushed with embarrassment.

"It's normal for this time a year, and it's ok. You sure you're gonna be up to doing this? I don't need ya passing out on me once I start putting this bird though her paces"

She put her hands on her hips quickly looking up at him irratatedly.

"I might be a snow leopard in hot weather but I'm damn sure I can handle whatever you throw at me... Furlong" She snorted.

She walked up to the ladder hanging off the side of the jet cockpit and climbed in slowly. Chance chuckled as he watched her climb up, letting his eyes run along her firm backside. The curves over her body were right; the hour glass shape of her made him shiver.

"Told you she had a mouth" Steele huffed.

Chance smirked and ignored the ladder, jumping straight up into the pilot's seat and pulling on his helmet, the she-kat already had her helmet on and strapped in.

"Waiting on you big boy..." Jett teases.

Chance flicked some of the switches on the dashboard as he straped himself in while; the jet powers up. Jett went over the weapon systems seeing if they work correctly, before they get up off the tarmac.

"So what do I call ya?" He asked.

Chance runs his own checks, as he waits for an answer from the she-kat sitting behind him.

"My name is Jett spelt J. E. T. T Darkpaw..." She introduced herself.

"Well alright then Darkpaw, I hope ya got your barf bags ready, cause I'm gonna push this baby to her limits" Chance grinned widely.

"Ha Ha funny Furlong... I don't get sick and if I do I'm gonna aim it at you... god it's hot" She snorted.

Jett started to unzip just the top of her flight suit; the heat of the day was getting to her, her fur being too thick for the the mid winter days which was oddly hot. Chance watched her through the mirror that lets him see into the back, she was unzipping the top of her flight suit to cool off showing a lot of her cleavage.

"Better..." she sighs happily.

"I'll say so..." Chance murmured under his breath heatedly.

"What was that Furlong?" Jett questioned.

"Nothing...Radio Check..." Chance lies as he presses a few more buttons on the control panel.

Jetta finished the weapons check after she was done she fixed her flight suit yet again; so it allowed her to cool down more to let the snow leopard cool off.

"I got all green up, you ready to fly back there?" Chance questioned with a grin.

"More than ready... Furlong the sooner the better I can get out of this flight suit..."She groans.

Chance chuckles and closes the canopy.

"Tower this is Flight 1, we're ready for launch" He spoke loudly into his radio.

-Chance's apartment-

Cody is sitting on the couch with Jake while waiting for Chance to get back*

"Hey Cody could you let me into the garage, so I can park my bike and get my stuff." Jake asked.

"Sure, let me go get my pass..." He said.

Cody stood up and went to his bed room and pulled his key card from his back pack, he came back out to the living room to see Jake fishing around in his pocket for his keys.

"Ready?" The young Tom questioned as he went over to the apartment's door and opens it, Jake nodded slowly.

"Ok" Cody continued

Cody went out into the hallway and does down to the elevators and press the cal button, Jake followed him out and fiddles with his key in his hand.

"I wonder who this new guy is..." He questioned.

"I dunno..." Cody responded

The lift arrived and the doors open with a dinging sound, Jake walked slowly into the metal box.

"Let's hope your dad doesn't tear this guy a new one, if he rubs him the wrong way" Jake chuckled loudly.

Cody bursted out into laughter at Jake's comment.

"Yeah that's so true." Cody continued.

The tabby walks into the lift and pushes the button for the garage level; Jake chuckled loudly as he sticks his hands in his pockets.

The lift dings and the doors close, then there's a slight jerk as it starts to go down, Jake stood there quietly then his ears suddenly perk.

"What if its some really hot chick...good lord" Jake gasped with a chuckle.

Cody gives Jake a strange look then shrugs his shoulders.

"What..."Jake looks at Cody.

Cody just walks off the lift Jake just followed him in silently.

"I guess you can park your bike next to mine... " Cody told the slim brown tom.

Cody motioned over to two parking places labeled Furlong, one of which is empty, and the other has a sleek, black and silver sports bike in it with enough room for another bike.

"Alright" Jake replied as he went towards the garage opening.

Jake went outside to find his bike out front, shortly after he pulls up to the garage. The young tom used his key card to open the gate letting Jake in. Jake rode passed him and parked next to Cody's bike, Cody looks the bike over as it passed. The exterior was sleek black that reflected what little light was in the garage, for a rental bike it had a lot of custom parts built into it.

"Nice bike, I didn't know the rental place had anything that high end" Cody said as he got a little closer to the bike still looking over it.

"Neither did I, but it's nothing like the bike I have at home" Jake let out an irritated sigh" This thing has a lot of problems with it." He continued.

"Like what?" Cody asked as he knelt down to get a closer look at it.

"Engine problems, breaks are gone, feels like the exhaust is about to fall off" Jake huffed.

"Oh, that's not a problem, I could fix that stuff assuming I have the parts here..." Cody said as stood back up.

"So you turned out to be a mechanic just like your father and I" Jake pointed out.

"Yeah, my bike's not exactly stock you know..." Cody responded as he went over to a door in one wall.

"I can only guess Cody..." Jake grins as he looks over Cody's bike.

The bike looks similar to a Cyclotron, but without the weapons or the jet engines. Jake's ears perk slightly at the recognition.


Cody opens the door and goes inside the storage room and grabs some tools from out of a tool box and comes back.

"You like her?" Cody asked him.

"Yes I do... she seems familiar" Jake replied as he walked around it slowly.

Cody chuckled and took a look at he exhaust of Jake's bike and began tightening some loose bolts, the slim tom looked over to Cody and watched him. Jake looks at his wrist watch for a quick second.

"I wonder when Chance will be back." Jake questioned to himself.

Cody shrugged his shoulders at the question.

"Depends on how well the flight is going, and if he's having any fun or not" Cody commented

"Having fun... either it's making his new partner throw up or trying to scare the living daylights out of him" Jake laughed.

"Or both" Cody said as he went back into the store room.

"True...I remember when he and I would see how many G's we could take before passing out..."Jake chuckled loudly.

"Yeah he told me about that, the two of you sure had a lot of fun and were really close back then" Cody replied

Jakes ears flatten down at the comment and he sighs before hearing a loud crack of over the buildings, Cody listens to it while looking through some boxes on a shelf

"I'm guessing that was him." Jake announced.