Chapter 25

Written by: Cody Furlong & RazorsLove

A few days later Cody walked through the front door of the salvage yard, he looked around the small living room.

"Jake? Dad? Jett?" Cody called loudly as he closed the door behind him.

Jake yawned loudly as he came down the stairs in his long green plaid sleeping pants; he ran his fingers though his short brown hair.

"They aren't here Cody, they left yesterday." Jake replied sheepishly

Cody's ears perked as he spotted the short, skinny, brown tom standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Where did they go?" Cody questioned instantly.

"Who knows where Cody, but I'm guessing it's going to be a while before they get back." Jake continued as he yawned loudly.

Cody sighed loudly as he took off his enforcer cap and threw it on the old couch, where he would sit down.

"I was hoping I would catch them before they left for where ever." Cody huffed loudly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Jake walked over to the couch and sat down next to Cody, as he put his feet up on the wooden coffee table.

"Well they'll come back and you can tell them." Jake yawned again.

Cody looked towards Jake who was sitting next to him, as he sighed loudly again leaning back into the old blue couch.

-Jett & Chance-

A burly brown striped, blonde tabby held the hand of his blue haired snow leopard as they walked the beach of the volcanic island that was just off the coast.

Chance put his arm around Jett's shoulders, he purred loudly as he leaned in to kiss the side of her head; taking in the strawberry scent. His other hand was deep in his pants pocket clutching the small black box tightly.

Jett looked up at him and smiled sweetly as the salty ocean waves washed over their feet, Chance smiled back down at her; he placed his hand on her cheek and rubbed it gently with his thumb.

"Jett I wanted to ask you something." Chance announced softly as he came to a stop in the sand.

Her ears perked slightly as she stopped next to Chance.

"What is it Chance?" Jett questioned as she stepped a little closer to him.

"Well… I wanted ask you…" Chance swallowed the lump in his neck.

Jett tilted her head to the side, until she noticed how nervous he was; he stammered around the words he was trying to get out.

Chance pulled the box out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

"Jett I don't think I could wait much longer to ask you." Chance continued as he opened the small black box in front of her. "Jett, will you marry me?" Chance asked as his hand began to shake gently as he waited for her to answer.

Jett's hands covered her face to keep Chance from seeing the tears that ran down her cheeks. Chance waited for a few minutes before saying anything to get Jett's attention.

"Jett?" Chance asked softly.

Her hands moved away from her face to look down at the blonde tabby still kneeling before her.

"Yes, of course I will marry you Chance!" Jett replied excitedly as she leaned down to kiss him deeply.

Chance sighed in relief as he stood up to meet her kiss and slip the ring onto her finger; he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly kissing her again.

"I am the happiest tom alive." Chance added as he kissed her hard.

"And you'll have lots of time to be just that Chance." Jett replied as her arms wrapped around his neck.

Chance smiled as he began to lead Jett down then beach once again, watching the sun set on the volcanic island.

"You tell Jake and Cody." Said Jett laughing softly.

Chance laughed loudly as he brought her closer and walked into the sunset together.

~The End~