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I have always been a compassionate person so when the war broke out in September 1939, it seemed only natural that I enrolled for nurse training with the British army. If my friends ever had a problem I was always the one they turned to first and over the years I had taken in several stray and injured animals and with the help of my father nursed them back to health.

I had moved to the heart of England with my mother and father in 1921 I when I was a year old, being so young I had no recollection of my previous life in Seattle. We settled in the heart of the English country-side on the outskirts of a town called Shrewsbury. Although it was a very quiet life here I enjoyed it very much. We lived in a beautiful old black and white timber framed house, surrounded by beautiful gardens, full of colourful flowers and Victorian box hedging around a little pond. My father had made the pond for my mother for her birthday, I remember it as if it was yesterday, and she was so pleased. The garden's beauty was carefully maintained by my mother, her garden was her passion.

My neighbour Angela and I were the best of friends; it had been that way since the first day of school. We attended an all girls school nearby and we were inseparable, there was nothing we didn't know about each other. While other girl's friendships waxed and waned ours stood strong, she was like this sister I never had.

When war broke out in the summer of 1939, we were both 19 and utterly devastated at the news that a few of the boys from our village would be going to fight in France. The boys in question thought it absolutely marvellous and were eager to go and show how brave they all were. All I could think of was the possibility of them being harmed and the thought churned by stomach.

I knew I could not stop the boys from going away, they were fighting for king and country, but I felt I had to do something so I decided to become a nurse and help out our boys. I told Angela my plans and she decided to do the same, like I said we were inseparable.

A month later we travelled to Birmingham together to start our training course. We stayed here for 2 months before being relocated to train in a London hospital. The hospital was in Whitechapel, it was a grand old brick building. At first I found London frightful, so big and busy, so different to what I had been used to at home. Before long Angela and me soon found our feet and began to enjoy our new life in the city. The work was hard and the days were long, we learnt to deal with anaesthesia, we learnt sanitation skills, oxygen therapy and how do defend ourselves and the patients in case of attack. At the end of each day we spent training we were thoroughly drained of energy. On the weekends we liked to relax and let our hair down, we were often invited to parties and social gatherings by some of the doctors and soldiers; it was at one of the parties I attended I met him.

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