Lock ( London/Zack) is really starting to grow on me, and I realized that there is a limited amount of stories involving this couple, so I am writing one. This is my version of what happened over the two weeks Ms.T's class was assigned to be married to one other. There are bits and pieces that follow the actual episode Marriage 101 - like the beginning- but for the most part it will be different and more detailed. Each chapter will represent a day. Of course, major spoilers for Marriage 101, so if you haven't watched it yet, and you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this.

Disclaimer: I do not own TSL. If I did I would never have put it on Disney. I probably would have tried to get it on CBC ( oh wait, it's an American show, so it's ABC) so that the characters could have room to grow into emotionally stable adults and experiences real teenage problems.

Not the most descriptive or best written story of mine, but it has some witty one-liners and quirks, so it makes me happy.

Monday, October 4th, 2010 - Day 1

" Woody, why are you on the floor?" Emma Tutweiller asked curiously as she walked into her Social Studies classroom and noticed her student on the floor. The fact that he was lying there didn't really faze her - she had long since learned to expect the unexpected from her class. She was just interested to see what kind of response he would come up with.

" He's looking for his pride," Zack Martin replied with a charming smirk. Ms. Tutweiller nodded. Of course Zack would make some smart ass comment.

Woody began to dig in his pockets and then shook his curl covered head vigorously . " Nope, it's not here." He t sat up slightly and looked around, an enthusiastic smile forming on his lips. " Oh, look a piece of gum." Picking the piece of gum off the underside of the desk, he placed it in his mouth before pushing himself off the floor and finding his seat.

Someone needs to teach that kid proper etiquette. Ms. Tuweiller shook her head at Woody's behaviour and then addressed her class. " Okay, over the next two weeks we are going to do something a little bit different in Social Studies class."

" You're going to sit in one of these chairs while we bore you to death?" London Tipton piped up from her desk in the front row. Trust the hotel heiress to come up with something forthright like that. Beating around the bush was not one of her fortes.

Ms. Tuweiller glanced down at her wrist watch and sighed. " 9:02 and I'm already sad." She waved her hand dismissively and continued her lesson. " Actually, you're going to be doing a project that it worth 50% of your grade. But don't worry you'll be working with partners."

At once Woody, London and Zack jumped out of their seats and rushed over to corner of the room where Zack's twin, Cody, was sitting. " I PICK CODY," they all yelled at same time, grabbing a hold of his arm.

Ms. Tutweiller shook her head and their outburst. She should have expected her three worst students to all fight over her best. But she knew that as soon as they heard what the project was about, they would no longer want to be his partner. " The two of you will become a married couple."

As predicted Woody, London and Zack let go of Cody's arm and collectively shuddered.

Cody glance up at everyone and frowned slightly. " What? No one wants to marry me?"

Ms. Tutweiller glance at him with a saddened expression. " You get used to it." But as she said this she looked over at Cody's girlfriend Bailey Pickett and knew that while no one wanted her marry her, somebody was apparently excited about marrying him.

Cody must have picked up on this too because he rushed out his seat and over to Bailey. As soon as he reached her desk she stood up. When they began to talk, they spoke at the same time.

" Will you marry me?"

" Of course I will."

" You've made me the most happiest person in the world."

Ms. Tutweiller could not help but smile. She had never seen a couple that was as perfect for each other as the two of them. She turned away from Cody and Bailey and looked around the room to see how other couples were going about " asking for each other's hand in marriage."

Woody got out of his chair and walked over to Addison Cartwright - the borderline Attention Deficit brunette was bouncing on the balls of her feet. He got down on one knee and pulled out a cherry ring pop. " Addison, will you be my wife?"

She squealed in delight as she snatched the ring from his hand. " Wow, it's gorgeous," she took a lick, " and delicious. Oh, I better call my family and tell them the news. My sister is going to be soooooo jealous. She has been looking for Mr. Right since kindergarten. She's only in the third grade now." And before Woody could even respond Addison skipped off to go tell her family about her " marriage."

Woody just stared after her, baffled by the response he had just received. " Was that a yes?"

From beside him, Bailey shook her head as she pondered this. " I don't know. All I heard was a buzz."

Ms. Tutweiller chuckled softly. That was going to be an unique couple. And poor Woody, it was highly unlikely that he was going to have a say in what happened over the next two weeks.

She then turned her attention to London, who was still sitting in her desk. Perched on the desk behind her was Zack. She could practically see the wheels in his head turning. He was up to something and she wasn't really sure she wanted to know what. She leaned in closer to listen to what he had to say.

" London, I'm not really into the whole marriage thing. But what say you become my sugar mama and I'll tell you that you are the smartest girl I know."

London let out a small gasp. " You would lie for me?" She paused for a second as she thought this deal over for a second. " What about you carrying my bags and going shopping with me ?"

Zack contemplated this for a moment and then slowly nodded. " I don't see why not. As long as I get my sugar." He winked at her.

London was taken aback for a second. Was he flirting with her? Zack never flirted with her. Why the sudden change? She shrugged her shoulders. He was probably just getting into character for this assignment. She flashed him a grin. " Why of course, sweetie."

Zack grinned back.

Ms. Tutweiller couldn't help but mull over their agreement for a second. It sounded more like a business proposal then a pretend marriage proposal. It looked like they had a sort of " you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" kind of deal going on. Not the most conventional way to look at marriage, but a way that could most definitely work. Especially between the two of them. She turned her attention back to her class. " Now, more than half of marriages…"

" What do you know about marriage?" London suddenly asked in a almost callous way. " Have you ever been married?"

" Well, no…."

" Has anyone ever proposed to you?" she continued.

" Actually, I'll have you know…."

" When's the last time you were even on a date?"

Ms. Tutweiller threw her hands up in frustration. " Stop it, stop it, stop it ."

The whole class raised their eyebrows.

She cleared her throat. " Anyways, as I was saying, more then half of marriages in the US end up in the divorce. The other half limp along in uncomfortable silence.

Everyone in the class just stared at her.

" That's because nobody seems to know how to live with another person or how to compromise."

" Pfft," London waved her hand dismissively. " My daddy is great at marriage. He's done it 14 times."

Ms. Tutweiller gave her a quizzical look. " Okay then, moving on. I want everyone to come and pick a career out this jar." She grabbed a clear container from off of her desk. " Who wants to go first?"

London raised her hand enthusiastically. " We do, we do."

" All right. London, Zack come on up here and pick a job." Zack and London rushed up to the front of the class." Zack, why don't you go first."

Zack put his hand in to the container and pulled out a small piece of paper. He glance at it curiously for a moment before reading it out loud. " Hmmm…psychologist. That's…interesting."

" More like slightly scary," Ms. Tutweiller gave him a apprehensive look, causing the teen to smirk.

" Now, Ms.T, if Mr. Blanket can be a licensed mental health professional, I don't see why I can't."

Cody raised an eyebrow at his brother. " Mr. Blanket's method of practice are uncontroversial at best. He did force me to dress up like a giant banana to cure your illegitimate phobia."

" True," Zack flashed him a smile, " but you have to admit it was kind of funny. Plus hitting you with pillows was tons of fun."

Cody scowled. " Fun is not the word I would use to describe the occasion. And besides, didn't he once hand cuff you to Moseby? Was something you would call fun?"

Zack frowned slightly. Being hand cuffed to Moseby had indeed not been what he would call fun. " Okay, I admit sometimes the man's ideas and actions can have a less then desired effect on people…."

Ms. Tutweiller let out huff. " Less then desired effect? That man just plain out gives me the creeps."

" Oh come on, Ms.T," Bailey said optimistically, " he can't be that bad."

" The man keeps a puppet of me in his closet. And periodically he takes it out and kisses it." She shuddered at the mere thought.

Bailey shook herself in disgust . " Okay, that is kind of creepy."

London shook her head, slightly confused. " I don't get. First you complain about how men never pay you any attention, and then when a guy is obsessed with you, you call him a creep. You should just make up your mind."

Ms. Tutweiller narrowed her eyes and glared at the heiress, but she didn't say anything. London was just being…well London. " London, why don't you come and pick a piece of paper out of the jar, okay?"

London nodded enthusiastically as she stuck her hand in the jar. Pulling out the paper, she frowned as she tried to read what it said. " Who's Brian Sirgon?"

Ms. Tutweiller let out a nervous laugh. Then she frowned slightly, kind of saddened by London's question. She knew that London was not as dumb as she acted. Deep down she was very lonely and only acted this way to get attention. She just wished that someday soon the young women would open her eyes and realized that she already had everyone's attention. And that many people including Mr. Moesby, the Martin twins and - if Ms. Tutweiller was being truthful - herself, cared very much for the slightly ditzy raven haired girl. But at the moment Ms. Tutweiller, found the direction this assignment seemed to heading slightly odd and uncomfortable. " That says brain surgeon. And even though this is pretend, that makes me more nervous then Zack giving people advice on their mental health." She took the paper from London and ripped it in two. " Why don't you be a house wife?"

" Can I be a mansion wife?"

" Sure why not."

She then passed the bucket to Woody who ( much to his delight and Addison's dismay) picked hotdog salesman. Addison picked a Teacher.

Finally Ms. Tutweiller turned to her last and most promising couple, Cody and Bailey. Cody eagerly put his hand in the jar, muttering as he did so. " Please pick doctor lawyer in space. Please pick doctor lawyer in space."

Ms. Tutweiller eyes him suspiciously. " Cody, I don't think there is such a job as a doctor lawyer in space."

" Oh, I know. I'm going to be the first one."

Ms. Tutweiller had to admit she admired his enthusiasm. Still, that was odd choice of dream job.

Cody pulled out the paper, a disgruntled look forming on his face as soon as he read what it said. " You have got to be kidding me! Sanitation Engineer. Is this some kind of weird twist of fate?" This was the second time this job and been " recommend" for Cody. The first time being when he did an aptitude test when he was 13.

" Hey, you get to be an Engineer. That's right up your alley, isn't it?" Zack replied, trying to be somewhat encouraging.

Cody rolled his eyes at his brother and then let out a sigh. Having to explain things to his somewhat dim-witted sibling was often tiresome. " Sanitation Engineer is a euphemism for Garbage Man."

Zack burst into laughter then he sobered up as soon as something dawned on him. "Wait, you get to drive a truck…that crushes things? All I get to do is listen to people complain about their problems. Lucky."

Woody nodded in agreement. Cody just rolled his eyes, but didn't respond.

Bailey patted his arm sympathetically. " You could always quit your job."

Cody shook his head. He was not one to quit, even if the job was make believe. "Nah. I'll live, for now. Let's see what you're doing with your life, sweetie. Hopefully something that makes a little bit more money."

Bailey smiled at him. She knew that picking that job really bothered him, but she was glad that he was being mature about it. She just hoped that she didn't pick a job he wanted. She knew that Cody could sometimes be a little whiney and that might push him in that direction.

She took a deep breath and pulled out the paper. Slowly she opened it and inwardly cursed. She just had to jinks it. " Um…" she cleared her throat, " I got Gourmet Chef." She gave her boyfriend a empathetic look. She knew that besides studying science, cooking and baking was Cody's life.

" What?" Cody snapped, just as Bailey predicted he might.

Zack let out a low whistle. " Ladies and Gentlemen, this just became a little bit more fun-tertaining."

Okay, so I know this chapter ( and probably the next couple of chapters too) have a light more comical and episody ( huh….I think I just made up a word….anyways) feel. But I think that it will start to get more serious and deep once Zack and London start to take this assignment - and essentially their relationship- a bit more seriously.

Oh and for those of you who are reading my story Blissfully Pathetic and are anxiously awaiting chapter 4, me and Bliss are going through a little rough patch in our relationship. But don't worry I am not abandoning it, just trying to work out some kinks.