Chapter Seven


Now Or Never

He stared at the ceiling. He had fell into a light sleep with Angelina when they had went to bed. It shouldn't have been hard for him staying asleep send he slept most of the day for the last month but instead he had woke up a few hours into the sleep. He turned his head to the side and saw that the clock on his bedside table said it was just after two in the morning. Angelina rolled over slightly in her sleep and George took this opportunity to pull his arm away from her. It was starting to cramp from the weight on it. He slipped gently out of the covers and pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shoes. He felt full of energy as glanced at Angelina one last time and walked through the flat and downstairs to the shop. He flicked on the lights and the still disasterous shop appeared. He was reminded vividly of the nights when if he or Fred had had a bright idea and couldn't sleep. They would work all night on their ideas and finally crash into their beds around dawn, only to get up to open the shop as usual. George smiled as he walked past a bucket of fizzling fireworks, their garish colourful packages fading. George pulled his wand out and began the process of cleaning the shop again.

He was tired now, his arms and fingers ached from scrubbing. Skin was wrinkling from all the time spent using water. He had gotten used to the smell of disenfectant hours ago and was in his own little world as he polished the floor. George jumped as a hand fell onto his back. He spun around and smiled at a tired Angelina.

"Morning." She said to him. She was wearing her dress from last night and her hair looked slightly damp. "I better go home and change for today. I can't turn up like this."

"Why not?" George asked frowing. He pulled her closer and kissed her. She tasted of his toothpaste.

Angelina rolled her eyes and George couldn't help but laugh at her. He kissed her nose and let her go. She pulled on her cardigan and looked around the shop.

"It's looking really good." She complimented him. "It doesn't smell so musty anymore."

"An improvement." George laughed and dropped the sponge in his hand. Angelina gave a proud glance and kissed him again.

"I'll see you later." She promised. "It's after ten, you better go get some sleep before we go."

George nodded, his bed seemed like such a good idea now. They kissed once more before she stepped back.

"I really have to go now." Angelina told him. "I'll see you at five to 12."

"Ok." He nodded and lent in for another kiss. Angelina smirked and dodged his lips. George's face fell and with a sigh he picked up his sponge again.

"Keep up the good work." She smiled and disappeared out of the shop. George watched her leave and turned back to the work in hand.

Angelina met him at the bottom of the stairs to the flat at 11.55 on the dot. She was wearing a pretty set of dark green robes and her short hair was magically pulled straight and swept down across her forehead where it was pinned into place by a green clasp. She looked beautiful and George just wanted to stand and stare at her forever. She rolled her eyes at his greeting. He pulled her into a sort of hug and kissed her forehead.

"I missed you." George told her and his stomach flipped with her laugh.

"You saw me a few hours ago." She reminded him. "If you had stayed in bed with me last night you would've had more time with me."

George sighed and pulled her into another hug. "We can go back to bed now if you want."

"And blow off your mother?" She asked, her eyebrows raising as she took in the thought of angering an already upset Molly Weasley.

"I take your point." George backtracked and kissed her properly this time on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him as the kiss turned heated and she braced her against the wall in the front hall of the building. They pulled apart and breathed deeply.

"We better go." Angelina told him and he nodded numbly in response. Her soft lips landed on his again and her fingers disappeared into his hair, pulling it and messaging his head.

"Are you sure you don't want to go upstairs." George laughed when she pulled back again, gasping for breath. She grinned at him and gripped his hand. George pulled her close and turned on the spot, thinking hard of his childhood home.

They landed just outside the back gate to the Burrow. George kept Angelina's fingers tightly wrapped in his and pushed the gate open. George felt himself be enveloped by the security bounds still in place and Angelina slipped safely inside them after him. The Burrow appeared in front of him and George took a deep breath to steady himself. He was quite scared now at the prospect of seeing his family all at once after such a long time.

"What if they don't approve?" Angelina asked him as they walked slowly up the path to the door.

"Why wouldn't they?" George asked and out of the corner of his eye he saw Angelina's shoulders fall. He stopped walking and pulled her round to look at him. "Mum and dad never really knew to the extent of you and Fred really. And as for Ron, he was just angry, he'll get over it."

"Get over it." She asked skeptically and George nodded.

"Anyway, I thought we didn't care what people thought?"

"I suppose." Angelina muttered and squeesed his hands.

"You suppose correct." George smiled and pushed open the door that led into the kitchen. He pulled her inside and came face to face with his mother. There was a silent pause as his mother took him in before her face cracked into a large smile.

"Georgie." Mrs Weasley cooed and grabbed him into a hug. "It's been so long. Look how thin you are."

It was a half scold but her relief was too prominant in her tone for to be really strict. Her arms squeesed him tight and George felt Angelina's hand slip out of his own. George stood for a second before he let his arms wrap around her back. He felt her shake and as she pulled back he saw her wipe a tear from her cheek. She looked at him for another moment before she turned to Angelina, a smile on her face.

"Angelina!" She smiled and pulled Angelina into a hug. "It's lovely to see you dear." Her voice trailed off as she saw George grab her hand again and Angelina's fingers wrap around his. A faint frown set in her face. George cleared his throat and her eyes snapped upwards again taking in his determined face.

"Come in, come in." She smiled and ushered them into the kitchen. She pushed George into a seat at the table and pulled the kitchen door open to shout to the rest of the house. "Dinner's ready!"

Angelina sat beside him. He heard footsteps above him as people moved from the upstairs rooms to downstairs. The door to the living room opened and chatter filtered into the silent kitchen. Molly stared at George and Angelina for a moment before flicking her wand and plates shot out of the cupboard and landed on the table with ferocious speed. She threw a fertive glance back at George and set to work mashing the potatoes in a large saucepan. George tightened his fingers around Angelina's as the first red headed sibling entered the kitchen. He fought the urge to run into the garden and Apparate right then. Angelina gave him a wide eyed smile before turning to those coming into the kitchen.