Finally Happy

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If you haven't read A Different Life and Second Chance, this may be a bit confusing (for in my story, no Lucifer Rising). This is just a small drabble from Dean's point of view. Just what's going through his mind seeing Sam and Alayna after Brian is born…

(Takes place in the middle of Chapter 15 in Second Chance)

I walked into the hospital room quietly on the day after we'd came to the small town Alayna had been in for the past few months. Sam was beside Alayna on the hospital bed, both speaking quietly to the small bundle in Alayna's arms.

Brian. Sam and Alayna's son.

My nephew.

The past few days have been all but normal for the Winchester family. When Sam had told me that he wanted to go to Memphis, Alayna's hometown, to find her, I couldn't bring myself to tell him it was no good. We'd been there four times in the past three months, and still hadn't been able to find her. After she'd left Bobby's that night…the night Sam was locked in the panic room, she'd literally gone off the grid. Sure, Bobby, Ellen, and Jo knew where she was, but they weren't about to tell us. Granted Sam…on some level deserved it after what he'd done, but I would have thought with the future of their child at stake being at risk would have made them see that.

I was just glad that Alayna did forgive Sam. Even though the two of us started on a rocky page, I thought she was a perfect match for my little brother. Both hunters, both stubborn, both happy together.


I mentally shook my head and looked up at Sam and Alayna. It had been Sam who addressed me, looking from me to Alayna. "Yeah, Sammy?"

"You want to hold your nephew?"

I broke into a small smile and slowly walked to the edge of the bed. Alayna handed Brian to Sam, who had to show me how to hold him. At first, it was awkward; I'd never held something this small…something so alive and…normal. He was sleeping thankfully; I was sure that if he'd been awake he would have begun to scream and cry, and I would have panicked. I finally relaxed and looked at the small child in my hands. All I could hope for was that he didn't fall victim to the Winchester curse.

"For the record," I said, looking at Sam and Alayna with a small smile on my face, "you two are going to have a great kid…maybe he won't have a hellish childhood like we did."

"Thanks, Dean," Alayna said softly. I nodded and handed Brian back to Sam, afraid I'd drop him if I held him any longer. Sam took his son in his arms and looked down him with a pride I'd never seen in him before. It was hard to believe that after the past year, that the three of us were together. When I had been sent to hell, I was worried for Sammy…being the last Winchester, destined to fight this war alone. But when Castiel brought me back, and Sam had Alayna, I figured maybe there was a chance for us to survive this. I was sure Sam was waiting for the opportune moment to finally ask her hand, and I approved. We would have two more members of the Winchester family. The war for heaven and hell was over (in the sense that Lillith was dead and Lucifer was still in hell), and Sam finally got the family he'd been wanting since college.

For the first time…we were all finally happy.

Just something that was running through my head…hope it isn't too cheesy.

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