After Ari's death and Bridget comes along I ask him who does he love more well he didn't give me an answer so I ask him either Bridget goes or I go then what shocked me was that he said "then go" I was in total awe. So I just erupted and flew out of there.

4yrs after that I lived by myself I get by because I could play the Violin and people hired me to play in Orchestras and fancy parties and I lived in a house by myself and my

disguise name was Madison Clark. One day I get a call and was asked to play at a party for the Lerner School for Special Kids and I as I arrived I saw a boy 18yrs old who was gorgeous he was hanging out with a 18,14,12, and 10 yr old kids It reminded me of the flock and the ten yr old came up to me and said "Hi Max"

I answered "my name is Madison Clark sweetie"

"no I can read minds you should know that Max" she whispered and smiled

"Angel" I said

"yep the one and only" she answered

" hello sweetie I've got to go but don't tell anyone I was here and well talk later" I said

She nodded and went back to her friends


"Who were you talking to" I asked

She said "she told me her name was Madison Clark and she was the Violinist who was hired to celebrate the opening of the school"

I nodded and we walked to class after class was gym I loved and so did max but she left before it opened and I was very lonely after she left everyone missed her and blamed me for her leaving but calmed down after a few yrs. My phone rang after class in the bathroom I opened it said that "I was back love Max". my heart stopped and it felt like I was dying I went to check the caller id it said anonymous and I felt dead to the world I told the group to meet me later. Later that evening

"alright role" I said

"here" said angel

"here" whispered nudge

"here" yelled Iggy

"here" said Gasman

"okay I called this meeting to tell you I think I got a text message from Max and I want to know if any of you know sent this message as a prank" then every shook there heads no so the I figured Max is back so I thought to myself "maybe I can rekindle what I broke 4yrs ago" and then I forge where the heck was she and who the heck was she disguised as and then it hit me Angel might be able to help since she could read minds.

"Angel dear can you help me find max" I asked

She answered "no you have figure it out yourself"

"why" I asked

"because if you recognize her she might think you actually loved her to be able to recognize her after three years its like being able to tell a 19 yr old that she is 19 without you knowing her age"

"oh" I told her then I thought "will I ever be able to tell her apart since its been 4yrs" and so I spent my day hanging out with the Flock then I hear we are getting a new gym teacher her name is Madison Clark "Nice to meet you' she yelled.