After the First Task

By: Sheltie

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Chapter 19: the Final Battle and Epilogue

Voldemort had gathered all of his forces for his assault on Hogwarts. He had giants, Dementors and his loyal Death Eaters. He knew if he could overwhelm the castle then they'd have to surrender. Mainly because they had students there and would fear for them. Yes, the plan was perfect. He didn't care about Potter's little army he had. That would be easily dealt with. According to his spies the group was not very organized. He was going savor this moment where he'd take down his two main enemies at once. When the battle ends both Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter will be no more.

/Scene Break/

The first day of exams had just been taken and a lot of the students just wanted to relax. But a violent shaking broke that. Many of the students had fallen to the floor from the shaking and were now wondering what was going on. They got their answer from an announcement.

"All students please return to your dorms immediately!"

Many students went to their dorms except for ones who felt a certain galleon begin to burn in their pockets. They left quickly to the meeting area. There they found Harry standing there looking very alert. By his side was Hermione, who was looking over something along with Daphne. Neville was pacing back and forth. Luna was sitting in a chair swinging her legs without a care in the world. Susan looked very serious as she kept checking her wand. Hermione tapped Harry on the shoulder letting him know that everyone was there.

"I'm glad you all could make it. Voldemort is attacking Hogwarts as I speak" Harry said.

Gasps were heard.

"That was the shaking you felt before. He and other Death Eaters are attacking the wards. The wards are still holding, but for how long I have no idea. Now I know I trained you all, but if anyone of you wants to leave now Then go. I will not hold it against you" Harry said.

No one moved a muscle. This made Harry smiled a bit.

"Good, Dumbledore's Order is here also and with them we are coordinating attack plans. Go to Hermione and Daphne for your assignments" Harry said.

Soon movement was made and students, no warriors began to find out what and where they'd be defending. They were well organized and soon everyone was ready.

"Before you all go I want to wish you all the best of luck and that I am very proud of you all. With that I want to remind you all to fight with all your heart. You will be shown no mercy with the Death Eaters. They are here to torture and kill they will not give you any mercy whatsoever," Harry said.

Every student nodded, they all had grim looks of their faces.

/Scene Break/

Voldemort finally made it through the wards and was pleased at the open field in front of him. This was going to easier than he thought. He began striding forward like he already owned the castle when all of the sudden some of the giants leading the way fell into pit traps. You could hear them roaring in pain and one of the Death Eaters who were close by the giants fell in also. In the pits were sharpened pikes. Voldemort was a bit amused by this and was somewhat happy that there was going to be a fight. He'd hate to just storm in without any opposition.

/Scene Break/

"Harry, we just got word that giants have fallen into some of our traps" Susan said.

"Good, that should help us some" Harry said.

"Giants" one of the DA members said stunned.

"Yeah, looks like Voldemort is going all out on this" Harry said with a sigh.

"Everyone get to where you are supposed to be then wait for the signal" Hermione said taking charge.

This got everyone moving until the only ones left were Harry, Hermione, Susan, Daphne, Neville, and Luna.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore had the Order gathered and what he could get from the auror corp. in his office. It wasn't many, but there were ones who volunteered. Dumbledore rose and stared at those waiting for him. He looked at every single one and saw that there was a mix of emotions on display. Some were scared, others were anxious, but all had determination in their eyes. This lighten the old wizard's heart a bit.

"My friends, today is the day I feared of. Voldemort has decided to strike Hogwarts. We must do our best to defend this school as we know that if Hogwarts falls the Ministry will fall next. We must not let that happen. Together along with select students here will defend the castle," the aged headmaster said, "I wish you all the best and want to thank you for what you've all sacrificed."

/Scene Break/

Many of the giants were lost in the pit traps, but the Dementors were coming and soon they were reaching the castle when several Patronuses met them. A large stag, an otter, a bear, an asp, a badger, a hare, and a phoenix appeared and stopped the Dementors cold. Soon the seven silver animals charged at the cloaked figures and all you could hear was the horrible screams on agony when one of the silver animals attacked a Dementor. The remaining Dementors fled for their lives leaving only the Death Eaters and Voldemort standing.

Voldemort glared and ordered his Death Eaters to attack anyways. There was hesitancy and Voldemort killed one of his own to motivate the others. Soon the Death Eaters charged at the castle.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile Harry and the others watched. They were drained slightly from their patronuses, but they trained a lot so they could hold their patronus for a long period of time.

"Well that takes care of the heavy hitters, now all that is left are they Death Eaters" Neville said wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Still best be careful, Death Eaters throw a lot dark curses without hesitation," Daphne said.

The others agreed.

"Well then, the rest is left for the DA, Order and aurors" Susan said.

"We should help them," Neville said.

"We will Neville, but we've got to rest a bit. Those patronuses took a lot out of us and we'd be no good at half strength," Luna said.

Neville sighed and nodded.

/Scene Break/

Soon the Death Eaters met resistance in the form of the Hogwarts students, the Order and some aurors. The battle was on and hexes were flying everywhere. Hermione and Daphne had grouped students together so each member of the group had strength in something like charms, transfiguration, and healing. They worked in these groups and watched one another's back at all times, just like practiced.

The Order and aurors were taking on more of the senior members of the Death Eaters, but still were having trouble with them. Mainly because the aurors weren't using spells to cause injuries to their opponent, the same with the Order. The DA were taking down Death Eaters and made sure they stayed down.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile the professors had gathered all the students who were not in the fight and placed in the Great Hall. They then left Professors Sinistra, Burbage, and Trelawney in charge while they went to help the defenders. When the professors entered the fight the momentum swayed in favor of the light. But soon Voldemort appeared and began hexing everyone insight.

Dumbledore took this as his cue and entered the fray facing off against Voldemort. Harry and the others also joined the battle and helped the DA fight back the Death Eaters. Susan, Neville, Luna, and Daphne worked together in taking down Death Eaters. Harry and Hermione were their own team and were doing well on their own.

/Scene Break/

"You can't destroy me Dumbledore" Voldemort taunted as he shot a stream of fire from his wand.

Dumbledore blocked it with a giant piece of ice.

"No I can't Tom, but I can tire you out" Dumbledore said as he fired silver spears out of his wand.

"Potter is no match against me, even if you do succeed" Voldemort said arrogantly as he created a silver shield that had the Slytherin emblem on it to block the spears.

"We shall see Tom, we shall see" Dumbledore said.

Voldemort hissed and fired off another hex and Dumbledore twirled out of the way. Showing that he may look quite old, but he still could move quickly.

"Admit defeat Dumbledore. I'm far superior" Voldemort said as he fired off several dark curses in a row.

Dumbledore blocked them all, but knew he was tiring. He wasn't as strong as he once was. The Patronus he did early didn't help any either. Unlike Harry and the others who regained most of their magic after a short rest he needed more given his age. And both he and Tom knew that. He just needed to buy as much time in hopes to have weaken Tom enough so Harry can finish the job.

/Scene Break/

Meanwhile the battle was going on neither side had the advantage. Susan had a broken leg, but refused to leave her friends, so Hannah, who saw her friend in pain, rushed over from her group and healed her. Susan thanked her than went back to fighting with Hannah going back to her group to help out. Luna had scratches on her face from flying shrapnel, but otherwise doing fine. Neville was leading the charge for the DA and kept pushing the Death Eaters back.

The Order was now straggling since they had restricted numbers and had to count on the students to do the bulk of the fighting. They did provide support for them, as did the professors and aurors there.

The Death Eaters were amazed how their opposition was faring. They thought this would be a walk in the park and would have time to torture blood traitors and Mudbloods. But no, they were fighting for their lives. Most Death Eaters had no real experience when their victims fought back. They relied on scare tactics mostly and most couldn't throw up a decent shield up. While most used Unforgivables, which took a lot of magic to use and drained them considerable.

/Scene Break/

Dumbledore and Voldemort fought on both using every spell in their arsenal as they tried to outdo the other. It was an amazing sight if there had been an audience. But most were focused on their own battles to see the spectacular battle going on near them.

"Just admit defeat old man, you're finished" Voldemort sneered as he fired off a dark curse.

Dumbledore was very tired and was unable to put up a shield in time, but was save by a conjured piece of furniture.

"Potter" Voldemort hissed.

"Hey Tommy, I thought you forgot all about me" Harry said cheerfully.

Hermione sighed at her boyfriend's cheerfulness at this time.

"I've not forgotten about you Potter. And what's this, ah the Mudblood whom you love. I'm going to enjoy her very soon" Voldemort said with a sneer.

Harry's eyes harden, "you'll not touch her Tom."

Voldemort fired of a Cruciatus at Hermione, but she dodged it and fired off a hex of her own. Voldemort easily blocked it.

"Pathetic" he sneered.

"Really Tom, you must've taught Snape that sneer since he did the same" Harry taunted and fired off a Reducto.

Voldemort flicked the spell aside and focused on Harry.

"Once I'm done with you Potter, nothing will stand in my way," the dark lord crowed.

"Geez Tom, counting your eggs before they hatch. Arrogant much?" Harry said.

This infuriated Voldemort and he began firing curse after curse at Harry, who dodged all of them. While that was going on Hermione got to Dumbledore.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes I am Miss Granger, though I realize I am not as young as I used to be" Dumbledore said.

"Come on, I'll take you to safety" Hermione said.

"No, you must be here for Harry. He's going to need you to defeat Tom. I'll make it back on my own," Dumbledore said firmly.

Hermione looked ready to argue, but the look in Dumbledore's eyes told her that she wasn't going to win this one.

"Alright, but be careful sir. We will need your help after this" Hermione said.

"Of course Miss Granger, and good luck" Dumbledore said then left.

Hermione rushed back to Harry's side.

/Scene Break/

"Well lookie here, little Nevie poo has grown up" Bellatrix said in a childish tone.

Neville froze for a second upon hearing Bellatrix's voice, but Luna gripped his arm, which made him return to normal.

"This one's for you Luna" he said then pecked his girlfriend on the lips.

Neville came forward and faced off against Bellatrix. The two exchanged taunts and spell-fire with one another. Neville knew that he had no chance against the cackling Death Eater.

"Ready to join your parents Nevie poo" she cackled.

Neville didn't have a chance as Bellatrix fired off a Cruciatus at him. He braced himself for pain, but felt none. When he opened his eyes he found that Luna had conjured a table and used it to protect him.

"Oh, this gets better Nevie poo is saved by the loon" Bellatrix shrieked.

"You will stay away from my Neville" Luna said harshly.

Luna looked at the Death Eater with hard eyes. Never before had she ever felt such rage course through her. Not even when she was being made fun of or even when that toad of a woman used a blood quill on Neville. But this witch was going to use the same curse on her Neville that she used on her father and his parents. She wasn't going to let that happen. She was going to take down this bitch even if it killed her.

"Make the first move" Luna said coldly.

Bellatrix fired off a dark curse that Luna dodged then fired of a combination of charms and transfiguration spells. It was an odd sort of combo, but Bellatrix blocked most of them and the ones she didn't block she dodged.

"It seems the loon has some skill apparently," Bellatrix said with amusement.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Luna said with a snarl.

/Scene Break/

Back with Harry, Hermione and Voldemort. The three were dueling. Voldemort was holding his own against Harry and Hermione, but the tandem was slowly gaining the upper hand.

I must end this quickly Voldemort thought.

Harry and Hermione both had the same thought since they were tiring also. Voldemort fired off two Avada Kedavra at the couple. Harry pushed Hermione out of the way with Hermione shooting a spell that pushed Harry out of the way too. They fell to the ground letting the two green streaks of light fly over their heads.

"Let's end this Potter" Voldemort said.

"Alright Tom, lets" Harry said getting up.

/Scene Break/

Luna and Bellatrix were firing hexes at one another and it seemed that Bellatrix was winning, but Luna was just luring the Death Eater into her trap. Bellatrix fired off several dark curses and one hit Luna hard. She fell to the ground. Neville was shocked then angered as this woman had taken another person he loved. He was about to charge at the cackling woman when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright Neville" Luna said serenely.

Neville was shocked. He turned to the body on the field then back to the girl beside him.

"How?" he asked.

Luna just smiled. She had created a mannequin double of herself, which took the curse while she was safe. She then fired off a Reducto with all of her strength. It hit Bellatrix dead center and created a hole through the mad woman. Her face was frozen in shock then fell to the ground dead.

Neville smiled and kissed his girlfriend before he started fighting again. Luna had to lean behind a conjured boulder to rest since that Reducto took a lot out of her. Susan and Daphne flanked her to protect her.

/Scene Break/

Voldemort and Harry were now exchanging spell fire with neither one letting up.

"Give it up Potter and I'll spare your precious Mudblood" the dark lord said.

"No way Tom, I'll never give up. I'm stubborn that way," Harry said with a smirk.

Voldemort snarled as he let loose a killing curse. Harry dodged out of the way fired off a powerful Lumos, which blinded the dark lord for a second. When he got his sight back he couldn't find Harry.

"Where are you Potter? Come and face me," the dark lord hissed.

"Right here Tom," Harry said.

Voldemort turned around to find Harry with the Sword of Gryffindor in his hand. Harry swung the sword with all his might and beheaded the dark lord.

Screams echoed throughout as Death Eaters fell from the excruciating pain the mark on their arm was giving off. They all collapsed clutching their arm.

They won the war and Harry with Hermione met their friends and went in for a good night's rest. Leaving everyone else to celebrate.

/Scene Break/


Exams were canceled indefinitely because of the final battle. The exams would be rescheduled for later in the summer. The losses weren't as bad and they only lost five students. Most were injured so that meant madam Pomfrey was kept quite busy for a while. Though Amelia had healers from St. Mungo's help the matron out with the more severe injuries.

They found out the spy for Voldemort was Pansy and Nott. They were arrested and tried as Death Eaters though they never fought in the final battle. They were found hidden in a secret passage waiting out the siege.

The aftermath of the final battle brought many changes. Harry got Fudge to do something right and had all the Death Eaters who were in the battle charged and thrown into a newly secured Azkaban with Goblin wards and traps. Harry had a long talk with the goblins after the battle and they came to an agreement, which was the goblin got a bigger percent of what was in the Death Eater vaults in exchange for helping ward Azkaban. Fudge wasn't happy with this since he wanted the money in those vaults, but Harry gave the Minister good publicity for it. Which in turned helped goblin wizard relations immensely.

With many of the members of the Wizengamot either dead or in jail Sirius, Amelia, and Adrian passed through many new laws to help muggle-borns and other magical creatures. They knew these laws were going to take time to change attitudes in the wizarding world, but it was a start. Dumbledore worked on the Hogwarts end of things and began working new programs in to help new muggle-borns adapt to their new life and to squash all that pureblood supremacy propaganda.

What happened to Malfoy, well as he and many of the students who were not fighting were in the Great Hall he decided to attack some second years. This caused a mini battle inside the castle though it was Malfoy against the rest of the students. The group of second years hexed Malfoy so badly that he is still in St. Mungo's to this day, but no one knows for sure. No one decided to press any charges against Malfoy since him being beaten by students younger than him was punishment enough that and being confined to St. Mungo's for who knows how long.

Harry and Hermione and their friends had a peaceful time for the rest of their time at Hogwarts. Though they did find Luna and Neville in the occasional broom closet at times.

They graduated with honors and Luna was able to graduate with them because she worked hard and ahead of her year mates. Very rarely has this ever happened in Hogwarts history.

/Scene Break/

Neville and Luna were engaged at the graduation with their thoughts of their wedding would be in the spring. Their wedding was lavish and a great moment was that Xeno was able to walk his daughter down the aisle. He had recovered enough to be released though he would still get muscle spasms every now and again, which would slow down his newspaper somewhat. But Luna stepped in to help her father and Neville joined in also. Luna had many followers because she was able to take down the most cruel witch ever known. She thought the attention was odd and shied away just like Harry did.

When Neville wasn't working at his father-in-law's paper he was running his own greenhouses, which supplied many prominent potion masters due to the exotic ingredients Neville had. Though Neville could charge any price for his plants, he kept them reasonable, which only heighten his renowned fame as a hero of the war.

The Longbottoms had two girls that looked like their mother and a boy who looked like his father. Luna is said to be expecting another child, which she says is a boy and no one questioned her about this.

/Scene Break/

Susan became Chief Witch of the Wizengamot when she took over her house seat. Dumbledore vacated the position to her. She had many supporters along with her close friends. She was a just and firm in her position and let nothing slide when it came to crimes. She was also quite fair and listened to all sort of problems and helped resolve them. Some called her a almost carbon copy of her aunt, who was renown for this, but Susan ignored this since she wasn't one for gossip. She married a muggle-born and had four kids. She had a boy and three girls.

/Scene Break/

Daphne remained single, but she didn't care. She became the Harry's political advisor since Harry had no interest at all playing politics and found it downright boring and annoying. She was a great force and helped pass many new laws. She held the Potter seat by proxy. When she wasn't serving as proxy she helped her father in the Greengrass business and took over when he passed away. She did have a son, who mysteriously had green eyes that matched Harry's. Many questioned if the boy's father was Harry Potter, but neither Daphne, nor Harry and Hermione denied or confirmed these and soon they became whispers.

/Scene Break/

As for Harry and Hermione. Well they became engaged on Harry's sixteenth birthday, and planned for a wedding for the following summer after Harry's seventeenth birthday. Neither wanted to wait til after graduation since they felt like their lives were starting now. The wedding was spectacular and many of the wizarding public saw the pictures. Harry had Colin take pictures and Luna wrote the article, which was printing in the Quibbler. Harry and Hermione spent many years after graduation traveling since Harry had never been out of Britain ever and they both needed a long-awaited vacation. They went to France and visited the Delacours.

Fleur was a gracious host took them around to many sights in the magical part of France. Her relationship with Bill had ended due to one overbearing mother. The couple traveled for a good part of three years before returning back home feeling refreshed and ready to settle down. Though Harry still had no idea on what to do. He was offered many jobs, but Harry turned them down since they only wanted him to increase their own prestigious of having the Harry Potter working for them. So in the end Harry took the empty vacancy as DADA professor at Hogwarts.

Even after the war and all the revolutions the school had made DADA was still lacking and Harry took up the challenge to help mold the future. As for Hermione, she took over as Charms professor when Flitwick wanted to retire. The two Potters were the favorite amongst students since they had their two heroes as teachers. Harry and Hermione had four kids, twin boy and girl, and another boy then a girl.

The couple thought back to how this all started, right after the first task.

The End

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