Wow. I haven't uploaded a story in a long long long time...
Well, here's a fluffy little one-shot. I hope my writing skills havent gotten so rusty. D:


"You don't make wishes on a rosary, idiot."

"Really? Why not?"

"Because, they don't grant wishes."

Matt peered up at his blonde roommate, crimson beads still resting in his palm.

"I thought you Catholics believed in some magical god who goes around granting people's wishes."

"He's not a genie, Matt." Mello scoffed and glared down at the younger boy; wishing his redheaded companion would stop strangling the rosary around his neck.

"What are you doing now?"

The boy simply hummed a short tune through crooked lips, face still unmoving and hovering mere inches away from Mello's necklace.

"Just lookin'."

There was a short pause as Mello realized the gamer was far too interested in his rosary to let go. He gave a short warning tug.

"Hey, let go. I have a biology test tomorrow and I haven't even started studying."

Matt gave an indifferent shrug, running his thumb over the silver crucifix in his hand.

"You know, it'd actually be quite pretty without the half-dead naked man nailed to the hunk of wood."

"I swear, if I fail this test because of your stupid atheistic views, I'm going to kill you."

"Hey, that's not very Christian of you."

"Okay, that's it. I'm going to kick your - "

"Fine, fine." The redhead chuckled. "So, I'd wish for you to ace your bio test."

A single red bead was engulfed between the redhead's long fingers. One less bead between the two.

Matt's eyes shot up to meet Mello's before his lips curved into an airy smile.

"That wish was for you, ya know."

Mello tossed matt an incredulous look.

"Didn't you hear me the first time? You can't make wishes on a - "

"And I'd wish for Mrs. Briggs to trip and break a hip."

Matt tugged another bead into his hand, another sign of a used wish. He threw Mello a wink.

"That was for the both of us."

"You never learn, do you?"

The crimson haired boy delivered a lazy gaze to Mello; a tiny smile crept on to his face.

"Oh, what they hey. I'd wish for a kiss."

A swift and final tug of the rosary brought their lips together.

The kiss was simple, neat, and lasted a fraction of a second. A few more seconds went by, Matt having torn his glance away from the other boy in either boredom or embarrassment; Mello, having finally registered what had happened, fixated his eyes on Matt. Slowly; slowly but surely, a rosy hue crept upon Mello's pale face. The blonde caught himself.

"Matt, what the Hell!?"

He shrugged and tweaked his lips.


Mello, never being the one to hang around during awkward moments, decided to take his leave early. He forced out a dormant threat for appearance's sake and rounded the nearest corner. The boy then took a moment to check left and right, up and down before allowing a giddy smile to envelope his face. Ever so gently he cupped the ornament of his rosary into his hands and pressed it to his mouth; whispering wishes on his way to class.

"Another kiss."