Okay, so this is my first attempt at doing a Zelda fic on this site. I always said I was a huge Zelda fan yet no fictions so here it is. Please be nice and enjoy! The first chapter is basically just intro so bear with me… 'sigh' Here goes…

Hey, my name's Link. You may know me from the ever popular Legend of Zelda franchise or perhaps from the Super Smash Brothers series. Yeah, you could say I get around, but that isn't the half of it. You see, I'm not the only 'Link' around.

I'm Lord of the Pen Link, and sadly, I'm not in this fic. But some of my other incarnations are. And let me tell you, they're a real handful. Facing penguins and leoplurodons are nothing compared to these guys.

First, there's the very first Link. He has, how do you say, anger management problems? He's completely obsessed with being acknowledged as the best since he was here before all of us, but no one takes him seriously.

The guy from A Link to the Past is completely opposite of him. He seems fine with just going with whatever everyone else wants. He acts all friendly but I swear something's wrong with the guy. You know what they say: Watch out for the short ones and the quiet ones.

I guess that means Lord Hiei is rightfully feared… But why did he have to get the K.O? Why?-! I wanted to kill him! I- 'ahem' Moving on…

Then there's Ocarina of Time Link. Everyone knows this guy. He's probably the most popular out of all of us. He tends to assume the 'Leader' role which gets on Brunette's nerves since he wants to be number one. Can't say I blame the guy; I'm a little jealous of him too. Still, his skills and abilities are some of the best.

The odd thing about Majora's Mask Link is that he's Ocarina of Time Link. Confusing? Not really… They're like total opposites. I guess seven years is a big difference. Where Ocarina is calm and outgoing, Majora over here is rash and impulsive. I guess you can blame it on his age. But I'd watch out if I were you… Ocarina ticked him off once… It wasn't pretty…

It was like when Sesshomaru destroyed Isengard. He completely transformed and BAM! Total destruction! Of course OOT Link is okay; otherwise he wouldn't be in this fic.

The Oracle guy is…different. Since none of his adventures took place in Hyrule, he's a little off… At least he knows what the Triforce is, thank the goddesses. You could call him the 'smart guy' of the group. Some people even say he's Zelda's favorite. But how can that be? Im the favorite, right? I mean, so what if Zelda and Squall were kinda close in the end! It doesn't matter, right? Right?-!

I'm sorry; it seems I've done it again… Moving along here we have:

Wind Waker Link. The rest of us really don't associate with him. Sure, he's one of us but… Just Look at him! He's so weird! Yes, he's killed Ganon, and yes, he's a formidable opponent but, I just can't take him seriously. Maybe when he gets older? He is the youngest one here.

Twilight Princess Link, on the other hand, has earned our respect, er, not all of ours but who's counting? He's the new kid on the block so it gets kinda 'awkward' when he hangs with the older Links. Can you imagine a Link that doesn't know what an Octorock is? Even Wind Boy knows what that is! Despite his clueless-ness, he's a pretty good fighter. Majora seems to like him which upsets Ocarina but who am I to judge? I'm not even in this fic!

I may not be in the fic, but some major baddies are. Starting at the top of the list is Ganon or Ganondorf or Prince of Darkness or whatever he's calling himself these days…

He started messing with Zelda a few years back and it really started to get on our nerves. I mean, leave the girl alone already! Sure, she's easy to kidnap but that doesn't mean you have to do it 24/7! Get a hobby already! The guy is obsessed with gaining the power of the Triforce and destroying the world or something. Can't he think of anything more original than that?

Eventually our good ole pals down at Nintendo got bored and stuck us with another villain.

Vaati is, well, I don't know. But at least he's not after the Triforce. He wants something called the 'Light Force' or whatever. Personally, I think he's just a pervert who gets off by kidnapping young maidens. Come to think of it, Ganon used to do the same thing… Huh, I guess they're both perverts. Anyway, he's a big fan of 'Capture the Zelda' so we don't like him that much.

Dark Link on the other hand, could care less about the Princess. He's a true villain through and through. I have nightmares about this guy… 'shudders' He may share our name but he's nothing like us! All he cares about is destroying us for good. I don't know why… It's not like we ever did anything to him…

But enough about these villains… Time to talk about our female lead: Zelda.

Every Link knows her. Knows her for her lame habit of always getting kidnapped…or put under a spell…or getting sealed in stone…or being possessed…or getting kidnapped again…or just plain out being stupid. But we love her for it. It gives us something to do on weekends.

Speaking of that, she's invited us all to her castle for a huge Legend of Zelda party. Unfortunately, I can't go because there are hints of a sequel to the triquel so yeah…

Why don't you stick with this fic and continue to the next chapter? Then you can tell me all about it! Sounds like a good deal to me.

Lord of the Pen Link, signing out~

Okay, so you know all the characters now but what happens when you put seven different Links in a room with one Zelda? And what of the baddies? You'll just have ta wait and find out!
Srry bout the shortness but its just an intro so yeah... Next will be longer, promise!

Till next Chap!